Cisco IOS Terminal Services Command Reference, Release 12.2
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Table Of Contents

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<cr>     xv

? command     xiv


absolute-timeout command     TR-2

access-class (LAT) command     TR-3

access control

ARA     TR-7, TR-9, TR-14


access conditions     TR-39

connections     TR-3

group list     TR-47

group list name assignments     TR-42

ARA (AppleTalk Remote Access)

access control     TR-7, TR-9, TR-14

monitoring     TR-92

arap dedicated command     TR-5

arap enable command     TR-6

arap net-access-list command     TR-7

arap network command     TR-9

arap noguest command     TR-10

arap require-manual-password command     TR-11

arap timelimit command     TR-12

arap warningtime command     TR-13

arap zonelist command     TR-14

async default ip address command

See peer default ip address command

authentication translate option

virtual interface template, mapping to     TR-171, TR-196

autocommand command     TR-16


baud rates

transmit line speed, configuring     TR-208


XRemote size     TR-224

busy-message command     TR-17


callback, enabling     TR-85

carriage return (<cr>)     xv

cautions, usage in text     x

changed information in this release     ix

character mapping

configuring     TR-153

displaying TN3270     TR-121

chat scripts, SLIP and PPP backward compatibility     TR-86

Cisco IOS configuration changes, saving     xviii

clear entry command     TR-18

command modes, understanding     xiii to  xiv


context-sensitive help for abbreviating     xiv

default form, using     xvii

no form, using     xvii

command syntax

conventions     ix

displaying (example)     xv

configurations, saving     xviii

connect command     TR-19, TR-37, TR-137


display open     TR-209

LAT     TR-37, TR-38

NASI client     TR-27

notification of pending output     TR-76

queued host-initiated entries, clearing     TR-18

refuse full duplex     TR-142

rlogin     TR-78, TR-80, TR-135 to  TR-138

SLIP     TR-133

switching between     TR-74, TR-77

Telnet     TR-135 to  TR-138

line, configuring     TR-143

TN3270     TR-150

transparent, local     TR-19, TR-78, TR-135

X.3 PAD     TR-217

XRemote     TR-219, TR-223, TR-227

console port

configuration (example)     TR-63




disconnect warning time, configuring     TR-13

dispatch-timeout command     TR-120


conventions     ix

feedback, providing     xi

modules     v to  vii

online, accessing     x

ordering     xi

Documentation CD-ROM     x

documents and resources, supporting     viii


escape character

EXEC prompt     TR-219

exec-timeout command     TR-120


Feature Navigator

See platforms, supported

filtering output, show and more commands     xviii

flush-at-activation command     TR-24


global configuration mode, summary of     xiv


allowing     TR-10

disallowing     TR-10


hardware platforms

See platforms, supported

header compressions

virtual interface template, translate map to     TR-171, TR-196

help command     xiv

host-failed message, configuring     TR-17


indexes, master     viii

interface configuration mode, summary of     xiv

IP addresses

TCP port assignment     TR-26

ip alias command     TR-26

ip-pool translate option

map to virtual interface template     TR-171, TR-196

IPX (Internet Packet Exchange)

loopback interfaces     TR-166, TR-167, TR-176, TR-177, TR-187, TR-188

loopback translate option

virtual interface template, mapping to     TR-171, TR-196

ipx nasi-server enable command     TR-27


keepalive translate option

virtual interface template, mapping to     TR-171, TR-196

keyboard mapping charactersitics     TR-29

keymap command     TR-29


custom     TR-31

default     TR-31

special characters     TR-30

syntax     TR-31

keymap-type command     TR-36

keys, Break     TR-69


LAT (local-area transport)

access control

access conditions     TR-39

group list     TR-47

group list name assignments     TR-42

on connections     TR-3

active sessions     TR-101

associate rotary group with a service     TR-58

available services list     TR-37, TR-100

connection queue entry, clearing     TR-18

connections     TR-37 to  TR-38

description     TR-37

enabling     TR-41

group code mask, configuring     TR-53

inbound connections, enabling     TR-52

keepalive timer, configuring     TR-45

learned services     TR-100, TR-115

list of services, defining     TR-146

maximum number of sessions, configuring     TR-60

multiple connections     TR-37

node name     TR-46

password for a service, configuring     TR-55

pattern matching symbols (table)     TR-39

proxy node, configuring     TR-57

receive buffers

host     TR-44

server     TR-50

remotely modifiable line, configuring     TR-147

service advertisement timer     TR-59

service announcements

configuring     TR-51

reenabling     TR-51

service identification, configuring     TR-54

static service rating, configuring     TR-56

transmission interval, configuring     TR-61

lat access-list command     TR-39

lat command     TR-37

lat enabled command     TR-41

lat group-list command     TR-42

lat host-buffers command     TR-44

lat ka-timer command     TR-45

lat node command     TR-46

lat out-group command     TR-47

lat remote-modification command     TR-48

lat retransmit-limit command     TR-49

lat server-buffers command     TR-50

lat service-announcements command     TR-51

lat service enabled command     TR-52

lat service-group command     TR-53

lat service ident command     TR-54

lat service password command     TR-55

lat service rating command     TR-56

lat service-responder command     TR-57, TR-59

lat service rotary command     TR-58

lat service-timer command     TR-59

lat vc-sessions command     TR-60

lat vc-timer command     TR-61

line command     TR-62


ARA connections, configuring     TR-5, TR-6

auxiliary port absolute line number     TR-63

characteristics, configuring     TR-48

console port     TR-63

dedicated ARA-only, configuring     TR-5

line configuration mode     TR-61, TR-62

relative line number     TR-62

session limits     TR-89

status     TR-126


(table)     TR-63

specifying     TR-62

virtual terminal     TR-64

logging in

Break key     TR-69

username, configuring     TR-65

login (EXEC) command     TR-65

login (line) command     TR-67

login-string command     TR-69



failed connection     TR-17

login     TR-17, TR-69

successful connection     TR-17, TR-69

MIB, descriptions online     viii

modem answer-timeout command     TR-120


See command modes

mtu translate option

virtual interface template, mapping to     TR-171, TR-196


NASI (NetWare Access Server Interface)

clients, enabling     TR-27

TTY lines, connecting through     TR-27

virtual terminal lines, connecting through     TR-27

new information in this release     ix

node name

LAT, changing     TR-46

notes, usage in text     x


PAD (packet assembler/disassembler)

log in     TR-70


(table)     TR-73

parameters, configuring     TR-217

parameters, setting     TR-72 to  TR-74

See also X.3 PAD

pad command     TR-70

password command     TR-72


ARAP     TR-11

line assignment     TR-72

platforms, supported

Feature Navigator, identify using     xix

release notes, identify using     xix

ppp use-tacacs translate option

virtual interface template, mapping to     TR-171, TR-196

privileged EXEC mode, summary of     xiv

prompts, system     xiv

protocols, terminal transport     TR-148

protocol translations

ARA outgoing connection     TR-163, TR-174, TR-184

(example)     TR-192

global options

LAT     TR-164, TR-170

LAT virtual access interface     TR-170

TCP     TR-181

TCP virtual access interface     TR-181

X.25     TR-185

x.25 virtual access interface     TR-181

LAT     TR-163

LAT options, displaying     TR-164

LAT virtual access interface     TR-170

outgoing options

LAT-to-TCP     TR-167

LAT-to-X.25     TR-168

TCP-to-LAT     TR-176

TCP-to-PPP     TR-176

TCP-to-SLIP     TR-177

TCP-to-X.25     TR-178

X.25-to-LAT     TR-186

X.25-to-PPP     TR-187

X.25-to-SLIP     TR-188

X.25-to-TCP     TR-188

TCP     TR-173

TCP options, displaying     TR-175

TCP virtual access interface     TR-180

virtual interface template, mapping outgoing options to     TR-171, TR-196

X.25     TR-183

X.25 connections, swapping     TR-174, TR-185

X.25 interface assignments     TR-191

X.25 options, displaying     TR-185

X.25 PVCs

configuring     TR-189

removing     TR-190

X.25 virtual access interface     TR-194

proxy, configuring for LAT     TR-57


question mark (?) command     xiv


receive buffers

LAT host     TR-44

LAT server     TR-50

release notes

See platforms, supported

resume (setting X.3 parameters) command     TR-72

resume (switching sessions) command     TR-76

retransmission limit, LAT     TR-49


full text, obtaining     viii

RFC 1144, TCP/IP header compression     TR-133


connections, local transparent     TR-78

login string     TR-69

server connections     TR-82

username authentication     TR-80

rlogin command     TR-78

rlogin trusted-localuser-source command     TR-80

rlogin trusted-remoteuser-source local command     TR-82

ROM monitor mode, summary of     xiv

routing translate option

virtual interface template, mapping to     TR-171, TR-196

rxspeed command     TR-84


server connections

LAT     TR-37 to  TR-38

rlogin     TR-80, TR-138

SLIP     TR-133 to  TR-134

Telnet     TR-135, TR-138

TN3270     TR-150

transparent, local     TR-135

XRemote     TR-219, TR-223, TR-227

service advertisement timer, configuring     TR-59

service announcements, reenabling LAT     TR-51

service exec-callback command     TR-85

service old-slip-prompts command     TR-86

service pt-vty-logging command     TR-87

session-limit command     TR-89

session-timeout command     TR-90

setenv command     TR-220, TR-222

show arap command     TR-92

show entry command     TR-94

show keymap command     TR-95

show lat advertised command     TR-96

show lat groups command     TR-97

show lat nodes command     TR-98

show lat services command     TR-100

show lat sessions command     TR-101

show lat traffic command     TR-105

show line command     TR-107

show node command     TR-112

show service command     TR-115

show terminal command     TR-117

show tn3270 ascii-hexval command     TR-121

show tn3270 character-map command     TR-122

show translate command     TR-123

show ttycap command     TR-125

show users command     TR-126

show x25 pad command     TR-128

show xremote command     TR-130

show xremote line command     TR-132

signals, Break

generating     TR-140

SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol), server connections     TR-133, TR-134

slip command     TR-133


Tab key, command completion     xiv


rlogin connections     TR-78, TR-80, TR-82

Telnet connections     TR-135

transparent connections     TR-78, TR-135


Break signal     TR-140

connections     TR-135 to  TR-138

line, configuring     TR-143

transparent, local     TR-135

description     TR-137

login string     TR-69

notification of pending output     TR-76

protocol translation     TR-177, TR-188

Remote Echo option     TR-142

special commands (table)     TR-137

Suppress Go Ahead option     TR-142

telnet break-on-ip command     TR-140

telnet command     TR-135

telnet refuse-negotiations command     TR-142

telnet speed command     TR-143

telnet sync-on-break command     TR-144

telnet transparent command     TR-145

terminal lat out-group command     TR-146

terminal lat remote-modification command     TR-147


baud rates, configuring     TR-208

session limits, setting     TR-89

session timeout interval, setting     TR-90

transport protocol     TR-148

terminal transport preferred command     TR-148

time limits

sessions, configuring     TR-12


absolute     TR-2

session, setting     TR-90


service advertisement, configuring     TR-59


character mapping, configuring     TR-153

character mapping, monitoring     TR-121, TR-122

data character bits, setting     TR-151, TR-152

default keymaps     TR-31

description     TR-150

extended feature mode     TR-157

international characters     TR-153

monitoring     TR-121

null processing handling     TR-158

require reset after user error     TR-160

server connections     TR-150

special characters     TR-30

tn3270 8bit display command     TR-151

tn3270 8bit transparent-mode command     TR-152

tn3270 character-map command     TR-153

tn3270 command     TR-150

tn3270 datastream command     TR-157

tn3270 null-processing command     TR-158

tn3270 optimize-cursor-move command     TR-159

tn3270 reset-required command     TR-160

tn3270 status-message command     TR-161

tn3270 typeahead command     TR-162

translate lat (virtual access interfaces) command     TR-170

translate lat command     TR-163

translate tcp (virtual access interfaces) command     TR-180

translate tcp command     TR-173

translate x25 (virtual access interfaces) command     TR-194

translate x25 command     TR-183

translation options

LAT     TR-163, TR-170, TR-176, TR-186

LAT service advertisements, preventing     TR-176, TR-186

TCP     TR-173


binary mode     TR-180

incoming address     TR-180

Telnet binary mode     TR-173

virtual interface template, mapping outgoing options to     TR-171, TR-196

X.25     TR-183

outgoing connections, swapping     TR-195

(example)     1

transport input command     TR-198

transport output command     TR-200

transport preferred command     TR-202

ttycap command     TR-204

ttycap support     TR-205

txspeed command     TR-208


user EXEC mode, summary of     xiv


virtual interface template

LAT protocol translation on     TR-170, TR-195

TCP protocol translation on     TR-180

virtual terminal lines

configuring     TR-64

loopback interfaces for translation     TR-166, TR-167, TR-176, TR-177, TR-187, TR-188


where command     TR-209



pad connections display     TR-128

X.29, SET PARAMETER packet     TR-72, TR-217


connections     TR-217

description     TR-217

X.3 PAD parameters

change dynamically     TR-72

default values     TR-72, TR-217

setting     TR-217

settings display     TR-128

X.28 mode     TR-211

x25 subaddress command     TR-210

x28 command     TR-211

x3 command     TR-217

XDMCP (X Display Manager Control Protocol)

XRemote, starting     TR-227


automatic session startup     TR-223

buffer size, configuring     TR-224

clients, starting     TR-219

connections, monitoring     TR-132

description     TR-219, TR-223, TR-227

EXEC prompt     TR-219

font server identification     TR-225

host computer connections     TR-219

manual session startup     TR-219

reenabling manually     TR-219

server connections     TR-219

server sessions     TR-221

terminal, configuring     TR-220

terminal line statistics     TR-132

terminate session     TR-219

X display location, configuring     TR-219

xremote command     TR-219

xremote lat command     TR-223

xremote tftp buffersize command     TR-224

xremote tftp host command     TR-225

xremote tftp retries command     TR-226

xremote xdm command     TR-227

X Window System

display location, configuring     TR-219