Cisco IOS Switching Services Command Reference, Release 12.2
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Table Of Contents

Symbols - A - B - C - D - E - F - H - I - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - X -



<cr>     xv

? command     xiv


access-list rate-limit command     XR-3

access lists, creating     XR-433

addresses, exchanging     XR-201

address-family command     XR-5

affinity, configuring     XR-480

append-after command     XR-7

ARP table


dynamic entries, clearing     XR-33


interface     XR-108

interface, creating     XR-61

interface information, displaying     XR-245

LC encapsulation     XR-64

MPLS subinterface     XR-461

subinterface     XR-461

virtual circuit     XR-429

atm-address command     XR-8

attribute flags, setting     XR-175



changing     XR-458

link threshold, setting     XR-176

required bandwidth, configuring     XR-485

time and length for RSVP messages, setting     XR-178

XTagATM, displaying on     XR-445

bgp default route-target filter command     XR-9

BGP neighbor connections     XR-267

bgp scan-time command     XR-10

bit settings     XR-16


cable bundle command     XR-12

cable helper-address command     XR-14

cache command     XR-15

CAR (committed access rate)

CAR policies, configuring     XR-207

carriage return (<cr>)     xv

cautions, usage in text     x

cell rate     XR-247

changed information in this release     ix

cidr-only     XR-267

Cisco 7500 series routers, subinterface numbers     XR-61

Cisco IOS configuration changes, saving     xviii

Cisco LightStream 1010 ATM switch, subinterface     XR-158

class (MPLS) command     XR-16

clean vlan mapping command     XR-40

clear adjacency command     XR-18

clear atm vc command     XR-19

clear cef linecard command     XR-21

clear ip cef event-log command     XR-23

clear ip cef inconsistency command     XR-24

clear ip cef prefix-statistics command     XR-25

clear ip flow stats command     XR-26

clear ip mds command     XR-27

clear ip mds forwarding command     XR-29

clear ip mroute command     XR-30

clear ip pim interface count command     XR-31

clear ip route vrf command     XR-32

clear lane le-arp command     XR-33

clear lane server command     XR-35

clear mpoa client cache command     XR-37

clear mpoa server cache command     XR-38

clear vlan command     XR-39

client-atm-address name command     XR-41

command modes, understanding     xiii to  xiv


context-sensitive help for abbreviating     xiv

default form, using     xvii

no form, using     xvii

command syntax

conventions     ix

displaying (example)     xv

community-list     XR-267

configurations, saving     xviii


TCP and BGP     XR-267

cos-map, viewing     XR-429

cos-map function     XR-16, XR-429


table, displaying     XR-446

cross-connects, displaying     XR-245, XR-264


DCAR (Distributed CAR) policies, configuring     XR-207

default-name command     XR-43

default RD     XR-330


conventions     ix

feedback, providing     xi

modules     v to  vii

online, accessing     x

ordering     xi

Documentation CD-ROM     x

documents and resources, supporting     viii

dynamic label switching, enabling     XR-161

dynamic routing protocols     XR-107


edge LSR, disabling     XR-459

enabled command     XR-45

encapsulation dot1q command     XR-47

encapsulation isl command     XR-48

encapsulation sde command     XR-49

encapsulation tr-isl trbrf-vlan command     XR-50

exit-address-family command     XR-51

explicit paths, displaying     XR-138

export destination command     XR-52

export map command     XR-54

extended-port command     XR-56


family submode     XR-51

Feature Navigator

See platforms, supported

filtering output, show and more commands     xviii

flap-statistics     XR-267


flooded records, displaying     XR-336

interval, setting     XR-179

flow switching

See switching

forwarding table     XR-32


hardware platforms

See platforms, supported

headend LVC, disabling     XR-459

help command     xiv

holding-time command     XR-58


IGP (Interior Gateway Protocol)

administrative weight of link, overriding     XR-173

announced tunnels, displaying     XR-376

neighbors, displaying     XR-384

IGRP (Interior Gateway Routing Protocol)     XR-325

implicit-null, signaling messages     XR-188

import map command     XR-59

InBytes     XR-227

index command     XR-60

indexes, master     viii

ingress     XR-247

interface atm command     XR-61

interface configuration mode, summary of     xiv

interface fastethernet command     XR-62


creating     XR-158

dynamic label switching, enabling     XR-161

MTU size, setting     XR-169

VPI range, assigning     XR-160

interface XTagATM command     XR-64


access lists     XR-325


explicit paths, specifying     XR-206

IP addresses

explicit paths, displaying     XR-296

ip cache-invalidate-delay command     XR-65

ip cef accounting command     XR-69

ip cef command     XR-67

ip cef linecard ipc memory command     XR-71

ip cef load-sharing algorithm command     XR-72

ip cef table adjacency-prefix override command     XR-74, XR-76

ip cef table consistency-check     XR-77

ip cef table event-log command     XR-79

ip cef table resolution-timer     XR-81

ip cef traffic-statistics command     XR-82

ip dhcp relay information option     XR-84

ip explicit-path command     XR-85

IP explicit paths, creating     XR-85

IP explicit paths, modifying     XR-85

ip flow-aggregation cache command     XR-86

ip flow-cache entries command     XR-87

ip flow-export command     XR-89

ip flow-export source command     XR-91

ip load-sharing command     XR-93

ip mroute-cache command     XR-95

IP multicast routing

enabling     XR-97

fast-switching cache, displaying     XR-300

IP multicast routing table

clearing     XR-30

displaying     XR-309


enabling on interface     XR-95

interface status, displaying     XR-304

line card packet counts, clearing     XR-31

line card packet counts, displaying     XR-305

MFIB table, displaying     XR-302

MFIB table summary, displaying     XR-307

packet statistics, displaying     XR-261


information, displaying     XR-321

RPF     XR-309

ip multicast-routing command     XR-97

ip route-cache command     XR-98

ip route-cache policy command     XR-105

ip route vrf command     XR-106

IPv4 packets

forwarding     XR-161

MTU size, setting     XR-169

ip vrf command     XR-109

ip vrf forwarding command     XR-108

IS-IS (Intermediate System-To-Intermediate System)

adjacency changes, displaying     XR-335

information about the database, displaying     XR-332

information about tunnels, displaying     XR-338

link information into database, flooding     XR-172


keepalive-lifetime command     XR-110

keepalive-time command     XR-111


label forwarding information base, displaying     XR-369


distribution, enabling     XR-163

free local labels, displaying     XR-375

specifying the range for local labels     XR-167


ATM addresses

automatic assignment     XR-112

configuration server     XR-112

fixed assignment     XR-128

manual assignment     XR-122

templates, ESI     XR-115

templates, prefix     XR-115

broadcast-and-unknown server

ATM address, manually specifying     XR-114

different address to client, providing     XR-114


address to database, adding     XR-41

ATM address     XR-117

emulated LAN exiting and rejoining     XR-19

one per subinterface     XR-116

subinterface, activating     XR-116

configuration server

ATM address, assigning     XR-112

ATM address, identifying server and client     XR-122

ATM address, specifying     XR-122

default LAN name in configuration server database     XR-43

emulated LAN

client exiting and rejoining     XR-19

client to join new, forcing     XR-35

one per subinterface     XR-116

LE ARP table

entries, clearing     XR-19, XR-33


list of LECS addresses, specifying     XR-131


ELAN ID     XR-196

simple LANE service replication     XR-199


data direct     XR-119

lane auto-config-atm-address command     XR-112

lane bus-atm-address command     XR-114

lane client-atm-address command     XR-117

lane client command     XR-116

lane client flush command     XR-119

lane client mpoa client name command     XR-120

lane client mpoa server name command     XR-121

lane config-atm-address command     XR-122

lane config database command     XR-124

lane database command     XR-126

lane fixed-config-atm-address command     XR-128

lane fssrp command     XR-130

lane global-lecs-address command     XR-131

lane le-arp command     XR-132

lane server-atm-address command     XR-134

lane server-bus command     XR-136

LC-ATM encapsulation     XR-64

LC-ATM interface

L VCs, preventing     XR-161

learned routes     XR-211

LE ARP table

dynamic entries, clearing     XR-33

link information

available links, displaying     XR-319

local, displaying     XR-388

summary, displaying     XR-382

list command     XR-138

LocPrf     XR-268, XR-269


LSP events     XR-182

traffic engineering tunnel events     XR-183

loopback message     XR-227

LSAs, displaying opaque LSAs     XR-317

LSPs (link-state packets)

checking for better LSPs     XR-186

LSP events, logging     XR-182

LVC (label switched controlled virtual circuit)     XR-429, XR-461, XR-465

active state     XR-423

bindwait state     XR-423

quantity, assigning     XR-429


mask destination command     XR-139

masks, specifying     XR-32, XR-106, XR-267

mask source command     XR-140

maximum routes command     XR-141


See IP multicast routing, MDS

MEMD buffer     XR-266

metric-style narrow command     XR-143

metric-style transition command     XR-144

metric-style wide command     XR-145

MIB, descriptions online     viii

MLSP (Multilayer Switching Protocol)     XR-171

mls rp ip command     XR-147

mls rp ip multicast command     XR-148

mls rp ip multicast management-interface command     XR-149

mls rp ipx (global) command     XR-151

mls rp ipx (interface) command     XR-152

mls rp locate ipx command     XR-153

mls rp management-interface command     XR-154

mls rp nde-address command     XR-155

mls rp vlan-id command     XR-156

mls rp vtp-domain command     XR-157


See command modes

mpls atm control-vc command     XR-158

mpls atm vpi command     XR-160

mpls ip (global configuration) command     XR-161

mpls ip (interface configuration) command     XR-162

mpls ip default-route command     XR-163

mpls ip propagate-ttl command     XR-164

mpls ip ttl-expiration pop command     XR-165

mpls label range command     XR-167

mpls mtu command     XR-169

mpls netflow egress command     XR-171

mpls traffic-eng administrative-weight command     XR-173

mpls traffic-eng area     XR-174

mpls traffic-eng area command     XR-174

mpls traffic-eng attribute-flags command     XR-175

mpls traffic-eng command     XR-172

mpls traffic-eng flooding thresholds command     XR-176

mpls traffic-eng link-management timers bandwidth-hold command     XR-178

mpls traffic-eng link-management timers periodic-flooding command     XR-179

mpls traffic-eng link timers bandwidth-hold command     XR-180

mpls traffic-eng link timers periodic-flooding command     XR-181

mpls traffic-eng logging lsp command     XR-182

mpls traffic-eng logging tunnel command     XR-183

mpls traffic-eng reoptimize command     XR-184

mpls traffic-eng reoptimize events command     XR-185

mpls traffic-eng reoptimize timers frequency command     XR-186

mpls traffic-eng router-id command     XR-187

mpls traffic-eng signaling advertise implicit-null command     XR-188

mpls traffic-eng signalling advertise implicit-null command     XR-188

mpls traffic-eng tunnels (configuration) command     XR-189

mpls traffic-eng tunnels (interface) command     XR-190

MPOA (Multiprotocol over ATM)

LANE client     XR-196

mpoa client config name command     XR-191

mpoa client name command     XR-192

mpoa server config name command     XR-193

mpoa server name command     XR-194

mpoa server name trigger ip-address command     XR-195

MTU (maximum transmission unit)

specifying     XR-169

multicast distributed switching

See IP multicast routing, MDS

multicast MLSP

management interface     XR-149

Multilayer Switching Protocol


multi-VC mode     XR-461


name elan-id command     XR-196

name local-seg-id command     XR-197

name preempt command     XR-198

name server-atm-address command     XR-199

neighbor activate command     XR-201

neighbor allowas-in command     XR-202

neighbor as-override command     XR-204

NetFlow switching

exporting cache entries     XR-89

flow switching     XR-89

network-id command     XR-205

new information in this release     ix

next-address command     XR-206

next hop gateway address     XR-106, XR-268, XR-269

NLRI (Network Layer Reachability Information)     XR-267

notes, usage in text     x


OSPF (Open Shortest Path First)     XR-325

traffic engineering, flooding     XR-174

OutBytes     XR-227



forwarding     XR-165

input     XR-227

output     XR-227

rerouting     XR-107

setting the MTU size     XR-169


index, inserting or modifying     XR-60

index number, inserting after     XR-7

path options, configuring     XR-488

peer-group     XR-267

platforms, supported

Feature Navigator, identify using     xix

release notes, identify using     xix

precedence assignments     XR-16

prefix     XR-106

prefix map     XR-433

privileged EXEC mode, summary of     xiv

process name     XR-269, XR-324

prompts, system     xiv


QoS (quality of service)

bandwidth, displaying     XR-445

configuring bandwidth for     XR-458

maps     XR-433

question mark (?) command     xiv


rate-limit command     XR-207

rate queue     XR-227

rd command     XR-210

release notes

See platforms, supported


events, turning on     XR-185

traffic engineering tunnels, forcing     XR-184

reservation priority, configuring     XR-489

Reverse Path Forwarding (RPF)     XR-309


full text, obtaining     viii

ROM monitor mode, summary of     xiv

route distinguisher     XR-330

router identifier     XR-187

routers, protocol information     XR-323

router subinterface     XR-461


filtering     XR-59

removing     XR-32

route-target, configuring     XR-211

route-target command     XR-211

routing table     XR-106

RPF (Reverse Path Forwarding)     XR-309

RSVP (Resource Reservation Protocol)

how long bandwidth is held, setting     XR-178

terminal point information, displaying     XR-327


session number     XR-254

set ip next-hop verify-availability command     XR-213

set mpls experimental command     XR-215

set ospf router-id command     XR-216

setup priority, configuring     XR-489

shortcut-frame-count command     XR-221

shortcut-frame-time command     XR-222

show adjacency command     XR-223

show atm vc command     XR-225

show cable bundle command     XR-228

show cef drop command     XR-229

show cef events command     XR-231

show cef interface command     XR-233

show cef interface policy-statistics command     XR-237

show cef linecard command     XR-239

show cef not-cef-switched command     XR-242

show cef timers command     XR-244

show controllers vsi control-interface command     XR-245

show controllers vsi descriptor command     XR-246

show controllers vsi session command     XR-248

show controllers vsi status command     XR-252

show controllers vsi traffic command     XR-254

show controllers XTagATM command     XR-258

show interface stats command     XR-261

show interface XTagATM command     XR-263

show ip bgp vpnv4 command     XR-267

show ip cache command     XR-270

show ip cache flow aggregation command     XR-280

show ip cache flow command     XR-273

show ip cef adjacency command     XR-287

show ip cef command     XR-283

show ip cef events command     XR-289

show ip cef exact-route command     XR-291

show ip cef inconsistency command     XR-292

show ip cef traffic prefix-length command     XR-294

show ip explicit-paths command     XR-296

show ip flow export command     XR-298

show ip mcache command     XR-300

show ip mds forwarding command     XR-302

show ip mds interface command     XR-304

show ip mds stats command     XR-305

show ip mds summary command     XR-307

show ip mroute command     XR-309

show ip ospf database opaque-area command     XR-317

show ip ospf mpls traffic-eng command     XR-319

show ip pim interface command     XR-321

show ip protocols vrf command     XR-323

show ip route vrf command     XR-325

show ip rsvp host command     XR-327

show ip vrf command     XR-329

show isis database verbose command     XR-332

show isis mpls traffic-eng adjacency-log command     XR-335

show isis mpls traffic-eng advertisements command     XR-336

show isis mpls traffic-eng tunnel command     XR-338

show lane bus command     XR-342

show lane client command     XR-344

show lane command     XR-339

show lane config command     XR-348

show lane database command     XR-350

show lane default-atm-addresses command     XR-352

show lane le-arp command     XR-354

show lane server command     XR-356

show mls rp command     XR-359

show mls rp interface command     XR-361

show mls rp ip multicast command     XR-362

show mls rp ipx command     XR-365

show mls rp vtp-domain command     XR-367

show mpls forwarding-table command     XR-369

show mpls interfaces command     XR-372

show mpls label range command     XR-375

show mpls traffic-eng autoroute command     XR-376

show mpls traffic-eng link-management admission-control command     XR-378

show mpls traffic-eng link-management advertisements command     XR-380

show mpls traffic-eng link-management bandwidth-allocation command     XR-382

show mpls traffic-eng link-management igp-neighbors command     XR-384

show mpls traffic-eng link-management interfaces command     XR-386

show mpls traffic-eng link-management summary command     XR-388

show mpls traffic-eng topology command     XR-390

show mpls traffic-eng topology path command     XR-392

show mpls traffic-eng tunnels command     XR-394

show mpls traffic-eng tunnels summary command     XR-397

show mpoa client cache command     XR-401

show mpoa client command     XR-399

show mpoa client statistics command     XR-403

show mpoa default-atm-addresses command     XR-404

show mpoa server cache command     XR-408

show mpoa server command     XR-406

show mpoa server statistics command     XR-410

show pxf accounting command     XR-412

show pxf crash command     XR-415

show pxf feature cef command     XR-417

show pxf feature nat command     XR-418

show pxf interface command     XR-419

show route-map ipc command     XR-420

show tag-switching atm-tdp bindings command     XR-422

show tag-switching atm-tdp bindwait command     XR-424

show tag-switching atm-tdp capability command     XR-425

show tag-switching atm-tdp summary command     XR-427

show tag-switching cos-map command     XR-429

show tag-switching forwarding-table command     XR-430

show tag-switching forwarding vrf command     XR-431

show tag-switching interfaces command     XR-432

show tag-switching prefix-map command     XR-433

show tag-switching tdp bindings command     XR-434

show tag-switching tdp discovery command     XR-437

show tag-switching tdp neighbors command     XR-438

show tag-switching tdp parameters command     XR-440

show tag-switching tsp-tunnels command     XR-442

show vlans command     XR-443

show xtagatm cos-bandwidth-allocation XTagATM command     XR-445

show xtagatm cross-connect command     XR-446

show xtagatm vc command     XR-450


device, enabling     XR-189

interface, enabling     XR-190

static routes     XR-32, XR-106, XR-107, XR-325

subinterface     XR-461

supernet entries     XR-325


flow switching     XR-89


Tab key, command completion     xiv

tag-control-protocol vsi command     XR-452

tag-switching advertise-tags command     XR-454

tag-switching atm allocation-mode command     XR-456

tag-switching atm cos command     XR-458

tag-switching atm disable-headend-vc command     XR-459

tag-switching atm maxhops command     XR-460

tag-switching atm multi-vc command     XR-461

tag-switching atm vc-merge command     XR-462

tag-switching atm vp-tunnel command     XR-464

tag-switching cos-map command     XR-465

tag-switching ip (global configuration) command     XR-466

tag-switching ip (interface configuration) command     XR-467

tag-switching ip default-route command     XR-468

tag-switching mtu command     XR-469

tag-switching prefix-map command     XR-470

tag-switching request-tags for command     XR-471

tag-switching tag-range downstream command     XR-472

tag-switching tdp discovery command     XR-473

tag-switching tdp holdtime command     XR-474

tag-switching tsp-tunnels (global configuration) command     XR-475

tag-switching tsp-tunnels (interface configuration) command     XR-476

tag-VC     XR-429

TCP connections     XR-267

time to live

expired packets     XR-165

TLVs (type, length, and value objects)

new style, generating and accepting     XR-145

old style, generating and accepting     XR-143

old style and new style, generating and accepting     XR-144


global topology, displaying     XR-390

trap filter     XR-251

tunnel flow egress-records command     XR-477

tunnel interface     XR-64

tunnel mode mpls traffic-eng command     XR-478

tunnel mode tag-switching command     XR-479

tunnel mpls traffic-eng affinity command     XR-480

tunnel mpls traffic-eng autoroute announce command     XR-482

tunnel mpls traffic-eng autoroute metric command     XR-483

tunnel mpls traffic-eng bandwidth command     XR-485

tunnel mpls traffic-eng load-share command     XR-486

tunnel mpls traffic-eng path-option command     XR-488

tunnel mpls traffic-eng priority command     XR-489


information about tunnels, displaying     XR-394

local admittance     XR-378

mode, setting     XR-478

required bandwidth, configuring     XR-485

setup and reservation priority, configuring     XR-489

summary information, displaying     XR-397

tunnel metric, specifying     XR-483

tunnel tsp-hop command     XR-491


user EXEC mode, summary of     xiv


virtual channel identifier, specifying     XR-158

VLANs (virtual LANs), monitoring     XR-443

VPI (virtual path identifier)

creating     XR-158

values, specifying     XR-160

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

address information     XR-267

extended community     XR-211

VPNv4 information. displaying     XR-268

VP tunnel, specifying     XR-464

VRF (VPN routing/forwarding instance)

configuring     XR-109

importing a route map     XR-109

routing table     XR-109

specifying name     XR-330

up/down status     XR-330

VSI (Virtual Switch Interface)

configuring     XR-452

descriptor string     XR-56

sessions, defining     XR-248

sessions, displaying     XR-248

status, displaying     XR-252

traffic information, displaying     XR-254


XtagATM (extended tag ATM)

associating with a switch     XR-56

information, displaying     XR-258

interfaces, configuring     XR-64

VCs, displaying     XR-450