Cisco IOS Quality of Service Solutions Configuration Guide, Release 12.2
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Index: Cisco IOS Quality of Service Solutions Configuration Guide, Release 12.2

Table Of Contents

Index: Cisco IOS Quality of Service Solutions Configuration Guide, Release 12.2

Symbols   A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W


<cr> xxxvii

? command xxxvi


access-list (extended) command QC-57

access-list (standard) command QC-50

access-list rate-limit command QC-57

access lists

GTS, configuring QC-224

Policy Propagation via BGP feature QC-47

admission control QC-246



configuration (example) QC-334

configuringQC-328to QC-330

fragment size for QC-328, QC-329

monitoring QC-332

overview QC-315

verifying QC-332

RSVP considerations QC-265

RSVP over ATM network

See RSVP-ATM QoS Interworking

RSVP reservations, handling QC-249

static maps, displaying QC-362


circuit bumping QC-353

IP to ATM CoS, configuring QC-357, QC-362

per-VC CBWFQ, configuring QC-362

See also ATM VC bundles

ATM VC bundles

attributes, configuring QC-358

bundle management

benefits QC-351

differentiated service QC-349

IP Precedence, matching QC-349

multiple VCs QC-350

VC bundle members QC-348, QC-359

class assignment QC-359

creating QC-357


adding QC-359

attributes, configuring QC-360

configuring QC-360

VC class, applying to QC-360

monitoring QC-362

parameters, configuring QC-358

VC class

attaching QC-359

attributes QC-358

configuring QC-358

average rate shaping, configuring QC-230


backbone routers, QoS functions QC-2

bandwidth (policy-map class) command QC-89, QC-136

bandwidth command

service policies QC-125

traffic classes QC-188, QC-192, QC-404




IP RTP Priority QC-94


changing QC-238

management QC-112

maximum reserved QC-95, QC-112

priority command, guaranteeing with QC-102

RSVP considerations QC-263

BECN (backward explicit congestion notification)


GTS QC-214

best-effort service, defined QC-4

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), policy propagation

See Policy Propagation via BGP

bgp-policy command QC-48

broadcast command QC-358

bump command QC-360

bundle command QC-357

bundles, VCs

See ATM VC bundles

burst factor, configuring QC-276

burst size, configuring QC-140


CAR (committed access rate)

classification QC-26

policy examples QC-7

summary QC-7

configuration (example) QC-59

configuring QC-55

conform and exceed actions QC-57

IP Precedence, setting QC-244

monitoring QC-59

multiple rate policies QC-208

overview QC-26

packet classification, methods QC-26

policies, configuring QC-57

policy requirements QC-58

rate-limit command action keywords QC-57

rate limits

average rate, defined QC-206

excess burst size, defined QC-206

extended burst size, defined QC-206

normal burst size, defined QC-206

overview QC-204

recommended burst sizes QC-207

summary QC-13

restrictions QC-209

traffic rate limitation QC-55

See also DCAR

carriage return (<cr>) xxxvii

cautions, usage in text xxxii

CBWFQ (class-based WFQ)

average rate shaping, configuring QC-230

bandwidth allocation QC-90, QC-91

class queue packet limit, configuring QC-119, QC-364

configuration (example) QC-143

configuring QC-117

enabling QC-122, QC-139, QC-363

GTS, configuration (example) QC-230, QC-231

IP RTP Priority, configuration (example) QC-149

overview QC-89

peak rate shaping, configuring QC-230

per-VC QC-350, QC-362

policy maps QC-230

prerequisites QC-180

restrictions QC-91

service policies, attaching QC-363

strict priority queueing QC-94

VCs, CoS supported QC-363

See also class policies

CELP (code excited linear prediction compression) QC-338

Cisco IOS configuration changes, saving xl

class (policy-map) command QC-121, QC-138, QC-364

class-based packet marking

configuration (example) QC-67

configuring QC-63

prerequisites QC-29

restrictions QC-29

verifying QC-66

class-based shaping

buffers, configuring QC-230

configuring QC-229

feature description QC-215

class-based WFQ


class-bundle command QC-359

class command

bandwidth, modifying for a service policy QC-125

IP Precedence value, configuring QC-64

queue limit, modifying for service policy QC-126

traffic classes, configuring QC-75

traffic policies, configuring QC-188, QC-189



CAR QC-6, QC-26

defined QC-21

IP Precedence QC-22

methods QC-21


class-map command

bandwidth, PQ, configuring QC-133

class-based shaping QC-229

class maps, defining QC-118

class policies, configuring QC-136

GTS QC-230

NBAR QC-73, QC-74


class maps

configuration (example) QC-144

configuring QC-118

match criteria, configuring QC-118, QC-136

class policies

bandwidth, configuring QC-125

CBWFQ, configuring QC-90

default class, configuring QC-121, QC-138, QC-364

information, displaying QC-124, QC-139, QC-230

LLQ priority queue, configuring QC-137

queue packet limit, configuring QC-123, QC-126

tail drop, configuring QC-119

WRED packet drop, configuring QC-120, QC-188

class-vc command QC-361

command modes, understandingxxxvto xxxvi


context-sensitive help for abbreviating xxxvi

default form, using xxxix

no form, using xxxix

command syntax

conventions xxxi

displaying (example) xxxvii

configurations, saving xl

congestion avoidance

defined QC-171

flow-based WRED QC-181

global synchronization QC-172

IP to ATM CoS QC-352

RED QC-172

summary QC-11

tail drop QC-171


congestion management

defined QC-79

IP to ATM CoS QC-352


CQ QC-80


PQ QC-80


summary QC-8

uses QC-80

Controlled Load Service

peak rate limit QC-296

RSVP-ATM QoS Interworking QC-249

COPS (Common Open Policy Service), used with RSVP

feature description QC-252

verifying QC-305

CoS (class of service), defining classes QC-22

CQ (custom queueing)

bandwidth allocation QC-109

behavior QC-106

byte count QC-108

configuration (example) QC-162

configuring QC-159

considerations QC-110

default priority, assigning QC-161

how it works (figure) QC-107

output queues QC-106

overview QC-106

window size QC-109

CRTP (Compressed Real-Time Protocol)

configuring QC-337

overview QC-316

summary QC-16

crypto map command QC-70

custom-queue-list command QC-160


DCAR (Distributed CAR)

class-based policy, configuring QC-58

configuration (example) QC-59

monitoring QC-59

platform support QC-26

restrictions QC-209

See also CAR

DCBWFQ (distributed class-based WFQ)

benefits QC-92

configuration (example) QC-147

configuring QC-125

description QC-91

prerequisites QC-93

restrictions QC-93

RSVP interaction QC-92

DE (discard eligible) lists, traffic shaping QC-212

debug atm bundle errors command QC-362

debug atm bundle events command QC-362

debug priority command QC-133

differential services, supporting QC-347

differentiated service model

classification QC-22

defined QC-4





DiffServ (Differentiated Services)

components QC-379

DSCP setting QC-375

DS field definition QC-376

feature sets QC-379

implementation (sample) QC-380

overview QC-375


assured forwarding QC-377

class-selector QC-377

default QC-376

expedited forwarding QC-378

troubleshooting log (sample) QC-388

Distributed CRTP

benefits QC-319

configuration (example) QC-342

configuring QC-341

description QC-16

prerequisites QC-320

restrictions QC-320


conventions xxxi

feedback, providing xxxiii

modulesxxviito xxix

online, accessing xxxii

ordering xxxiii

Documentation CD-ROM xxxii

documents and resources, supporting xxx

DSBM (designated SBM)

candidate, configuring QC-308

definition QC-258

DSCP (differentiated services code point) value

defined QC-182

use with WRED, configuring QC-190

dscp command QC-191

DTS (Distributed Traffic Shaping)

See traffic shaping, Distributed

DWFQ (distributed WFQ)

configuration (example) QC-142

configuring QC-114

drop policy QC-88

monitoring QC-115

platform support QC-87

requirements QC-87

restrictions QC-88

DWRED (distributed WRED)

configuration (example) QC-192

exponential weight factor, configuring QC-188, QC-189

group definitions, attaching QC-250

packet drop in traffic policies QC-188


configuring QC-296

drop policy, supporting QC-250

packet drop QC-250

platform support QC-177

restrictions QC-180, QC-185

uses QC-179

See also WRED


edge routers, QoS functions QC-2

encapsulation command QC-358

exponential-weighting-constant command QC-356

Express RTP and TCP Header Compression QC-318


fair-queue (class-default) command QC-89, QC-136, QC-364

fair-queue (DWFQ) command QC-116

fair-queue (WFQ) command QC-114

fair-queue aggregate-limit command QC-116, QC-117

fair-queue command QC-188

fair-queue individual-limit command QC-116, QC-117

fair queueing


fair-queue limit command QC-116, QC-117

fair-queue qos-group command QC-116

fair-queue tos command QC-117

fair-queue weight command QC-116, QC-117

Feature Navigator

See platforms, supported

FECN (forward explicit congestion notification), FRTS QC-218

FIFO (First In First Out) queueing QC-83

filtering output, show and more commands xl

flow-based WRED

benefits QC-181

configuration (example) QC-196

configuring QC-190

enabling QC-190

flow count value, setting QC-190

flow threshold scaling factor, configuring QC-190

overview QC-181

See also WRED

flow classification, configuring QC-276

Frame Relay

FRF.12 fragmentation QC-316

GTS, configuring QC-224


configuration (example) QC-333

configuringQC-328to QC-330

monitoring QC-332

overview QC-315

verifying QC-332


enabling QC-139

prerequisites QC-105

verifying QC-139

VoFR, effect on QC-105

PIPQ (PVC Interface Priority Queueing)

configuration (example) QC-152

description QC-96

enabling QC-130

FIFO queueing, effect on QC-96

Frame Relay traffic shaping, effect on QC-96

FRF.12 fragmentation, effect on QC-96

monitoring QC-131

prerequisites QC-97

PVC priority, configuring QC-130

queue size, configuring QC-130

restrictions QC-97

verifying QC-131

PVC Interface Priority Queueing

See Frame Relay, PIPQ


configuration (example) QC-287

configuration tasks QC-281

considerations QC-264

described QC-247

monitoring QC-287

verifying QC-285

frame-relay interface-queue priority command QC-130

frame-relay ip rtp header-compression command QC-338

Frame Relay IP RTP Priority

configuring QC-128

feature description QC-11, QC-96

monitoring QC-129

verifying QC-129

frame-relay ip rtp priority command QC-128

frame-relay map ip compress command QC-338

frame-relay map ip rtp header-compression command QC-338

FRF.12 Fragmentation QC-316

FRTS (Frame Relay Traffic Shaping) QC-217


global configuration mode, summary of xxxvi

GTS (Generic Traffic Shaping)

configuration (example) QC-225

configuring QC-223

how it works (figure) QC-215

monitoring QC-225

overview QC-214

guaranteed bandwidth, reserved flows



hardware platforms

See platforms, supported

hashed queues, reserving QC-188

help command xxxvi

hold queue on ATM adapter

configuration (example) QC-158

configuring QC-141

verifying QC-141


ICA traffic, classification by NBAR QC-33

inarp command QC-358

indexes, master xxx

integrated service models, defined QC-4

intelligent queueing mechanisms

Controlled Load Service QC-4

guaranteed rate service QC-4

interface command QC-70

interface configuration mode, summary of xxxvi


priority groups, assigning QC-167

queueing priority, assigning QC-161

ip as-path access-list command QC-49

ip bgp-community new-format command QC-48

ip community-list command QC-48

IP DSCP (differentiated services code point) value

configuration (example) QC-67

configuring QC-64

ip local policy route-map command QC-45

IP multicast routing, RTP header compression QC-317

ip nbar port-map command QC-76

ip nbar protocol-discovery command QC-76

ip policy route-map command QC-44

IP precedence

bit values, displaying QC-297

CAR QC-205

configuration (example) QC-67

configuring QC-64

overview QC-22

packet classification QC-22

queueing mechanisms used QC-244

RSVP-ATM QoS Interworking feature QC-250

setting QC-244

signaling QC-243

ToS field QC-22

values (table) QC-23

VC bundle members QC-349

where used QC-22


ip route-cache policy command QC-45

ip rsvp atm-peak-rate-limit command QC-296

ip rsvp bandwidth command QC-265, QC-294

ip rsvp burst policing command QC-276

ip rsvp dsbm candidate command QC-308

ip rsvp dsbm non-resv-send-limit command QC-308

ip rsvp flow-assist command QC-267

ip rsvp neighbor command QC-267

ip rsvp policy cops command QC-304

ip rsvp policy cops minimal command QC-304

ip rsvp policy cops report-all command QC-305

ip rsvp policy cops servers command QC-304

ip rsvp policy cops timeout command QC-305

ip rsvp policy default-reject command QC-304

ip rsvp pq-profile command QC-276

ip rsvp precedence command QC-268

ip rsvp reservation command QC-266

ip rsvp reservation-host command QC-266

ip rsvp sender command QC-266

ip rsvp sender-host command QC-266

ip rsvp svc-required command QC-294

ip rsvp tos command QC-268

ip rsvp udp-multicasts command QC-267

ip rtp compression-connections command QC-339, QC-342

ip rtp header-compression command QC-338

IP RTP Priority

bandwidth allocation QC-94

configuration (example) QC-148

configuring QC-127

overview QC-93

restrictions QC-95

ip rtp priority command QC-93, QC-127

ip rtp reserve command QC-323

ip tcp compression-connections command QC-342

IP to ATM class of service (CoS)

bandwidth, maximum available QC-363

benefits QC-351

circuit bumping QC-353

configuration (example) QC-365

features QC-352

overview QC-347


configuring QC-362

support QC-350

prerequisites QC-362

restrictions QC-354

VC bundles

configuring QC-357

support QC-348

See also ATM VC bundles


LFI (Link Fragmentation and Interleaving)

configuration (example) QC-324, QC-333

configuringQC-328to QC-330

defined QC-321

interleaving statistics, displaying QC-323

monitoring QC-332

overview QC-313, QC-315

summary QC-15

verifying QC-332

See also Frame Relay, LFI; ATM, LFI

link efficiency mechanisms


LFI QC-313

LLQ (low latency queueing)

bandwidth allocation QC-98

burst size, configuring QC-140

configuring QC-131


benefits QC-102

configuration (examples) QC-155

configuring QC-133

description QC-101

prerequisites QC-104

restrictions QC-103

verifying QC-135

Frame Relay

enabling QC-139

prerequisites QC-105

verifying QC-139

VoFR, effect on QC-105

overview QC-97

restrictions QC-101

verifying QC-132


match access-group command QC-118, QC-136

match any command QC-402

match as-path command QC-49

match class-map command QC-402

match community-list command QC-48

match cos command QC-402

match destination-address mac command QC-402

match input-interface command QC-118, QC-136

match ip address command QC-44, QC-50

match ip dscp command QC-403

match ip precedence command QC-403

match ip rtp command QC-403

match length command QC-44

match mpls experimental command QC-118

match not command QC-403

match protocol command QC-74, QC-118, QC-136

match qos-group command QC-403

match source-address mac command QC-403

maximum reserved bandwidth QC-95, QC-112

max-reserved-bandwidth command QC-95, QC-127, QC-132

MBONE (multicast backbone), RTP header compression QC-318

memory management, NBAR QC-35

MIB, descriptions online xxx

MLP (Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol)

configuration (example) QC-324

defined QC-321


configuring QC-322

packets QC-321

monitoring QC-323

WFQ QC-321


See command modes

Modular QoS Command-Line Interface

configuration (example) QC-406

configuration, verifying QC-406

configuring QC-401

description QC-397

MIB supported QC-399

multilink virtual-template command QC-323


NBAR (Network-Based Application Recognition)

benefits QC-31

configuration (examples) QC-76

configuring QC-73

description QC-8, QC-30

memory management QC-35


restrictions QC-40

supported protocols QC-36

traffic classification QC-33

used with Protocol Discovery feature QC-34

verifying QC-76

NetFlow services, RSVP attachment to QC-267

network congestion, defined QC-9

NonResvSendLimit object, configuring QC-308

notes, usage in text xxxii


oam-bundle command QC-358

oam retry command QC-358


packet classifications

See classification

packet loss prevention, traffic shaping QC-211

paths, configuring QC-276

PBR (policy-based routing)

classification QC-6

configuration (example) QC-46

configuring QC-43

enabling QC-43

features QC-24

IP precedence, setting QC-244

overview QC-24

route maps QC-24

when to use QC-25

PDLM (Packet Description Language Module), described QC-35

peak rates

DSBM candidate, configuring QC-308

limiting QC-296, QC-297

shape, configuring QC-230

PHB (Per-Hop Behavior)

assured forwarding QC-377

class-selector QC-377

default QC-377

definition QC-376

expedited forwarding QC-378

See also DiffServ

platforms, supported

Feature Navigator, identify using xli

release notes, identify using xli


CAR QC-204

defined QC-203

token bucket QC-204

used with shaping, summary QC-13

policy-map command

bandwidth, configuring for service policies QC-125, QC-133, QC-361

class-based shaping, configuring QC-229

classes, deleting QC-124

DSCP value, configuring QC-64

DTS QC-238

DWRED QC-188, QC-189

flow-based WFQ QC-364

GTS QC-230


queue limit, setting QC-126

traffic policies, configuring QC-75

WRED QC-120, QC-191

policy maps

class, attaching QC-230

class-based shaping, configuring QC-229

configuration (example) QC-144, QC-145


bandwidth QC-125

queue limit QC-126

default class QC-119, QC-137

deleting QC-124

flow-based WFQ QC-364

GTS QC-230

information, displaying QC-124, QC-139

LLQ priority queue, configuring QC-137

service policies, configuring QC-119

VCs, attaching QC-363, QC-364

verifying QC-230

Policy Propagation via BGP

access lists, using QC-50

autonomous system paths, using QC-49

community lists, using QC-48

configuration (examples) QC-51

configuring QC-47

monitoring QC-50

overview QC-25

packet classification, methods QC-25

ppp multilink fragment-delay command QC-323

ppp multilink interleave command QC-323

PQ (priority queueing)

behavior QC-110

configuration (example) QC-167

configuring QC-165

default, assigning QC-166

filters QC-110

group QC-167

how it works (figure) QC-110

lower-priority traffic, effect on QC-111

maximum number of packets QC-160, QC-166

monitoring QC-161, QC-167

overhead QC-111

overview QC-110

packet classification QC-111

restrictions QC-111


See IP RTP Priority; LLQ

traffic prioritization QC-110

uses QC-111

precedence (VC bundle) command QC-360

precedence (WRED group) command QC-356

priority command

bandwidth, configuring QC-133, QC-140

LLQ QC-97, QC-132

priority-group command QC-167

priority-list default command QC-166

priority-list interface command QC-166

priority-list protocol command QC-166

priority-list queue-limit command QC-166

priority lists, description QC-111

priority queue QC-246

privileged EXEC mode, summary of xxxvi

prompts, system xxxvi

protect command QC-360

protocol (ATM) command QC-358

Protocol Discovery, NBAR QC-34


queueing priority, assigning QC-161

supported by NBAR QC-36

pvc-bundle command QC-359


QoS (quality of service)

characteristics QC-1, QC-3

defined QC-1

end-to-end QC-1


classification QC-5, QC-21

congestion avoidance QC-11

congestion management QC-8, QC-79

link efficiency mechanisms QC-15

policing and shaping QC-13

signalling QC-14

for VPNs

benefits QC-29

configuration (examples) QC-71

configuring QC-69

description QC-8

restrictions QC-30

verifying QC-70

group value

configuration (examples) QC-68

configuring QC-65

SDM (Security Device Manager) QC-415

service models QC-3

qos pre-classify command QC-70

question mark (?) command xxxvi


comparison QC-81

comparison (table) QC-82

methods, default QC-86

per-VC QC-352

strict priority QC-10, QC-93, QC-97

See also CQ; FIFO; PQ; WFQ

queue-limit command

class policies, configuring QC-136


flow-based WFQ QC-364

queue limit, modifying QC-126

traffic classes QC-404

queue-list default command QC-161

queue-list interface command QC-161

queue-list protocol command QC-161

queue-list queue byte-count command QC-160

queue-list queue limit command QC-160

queues, strict priority, reserving QC-132

queue sizes, exponential weight factor QC-188, QC-189


random-detect (interface) command QC-136, QC-191, QC-364

random-detect (per VC) command QC-296

random-detect command QC-404

random-detect dscp command QC-191

random-detect exponential-weighting-constant command

class policies QC-122

DWRED QC-188, QC-189

WRED QC-120, QC-187

random-detect flow command QC-190

random-detect flow count command QC-190

random-detect-group command QC-191, QC-356

random-detect precedence command

class-based DCAR policies, configuring QC-59


WRED QC-120, QC-187

rate-limit command QC-56, QC-57, QC-58

rate limits, CAR QC-204, QC-206

real-time traffic QC-245

Real-Time Transport Protocol

See RTP header compression

RED (Random Early Detection)

background QC-172

how it works QC-172

packet drop probability QC-173


congestion control mechanism QC-172

traffic loss strategy QC-174

release notes

See platforms, supported


See also RSVP

reservation, configuring QC-277


full text, obtaining xxx

RFC 724, NAME/FINGER Protocol QC-31

RFC 759, Internet Message Protocol QC-31

RFC 792, Internet Control Message Protocol QC-31

RFC 793, Transmission Control Protocol QC-31

RFC 821, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol QC-31

RFC 827, Exterior Gateway Protocol QC-31

RFC 854, Telnet Protocol Specification QC-31

RFC 888, STUB Exterior Gateway Protocol QC-31

RFC 904, Exterior Gateway Protocol formal specification QC-31

RFC 951, Bootstrap Protocol QC-31

RFC 959, File Transfer Protocol QC-31

RFC 977, Network News Transfer Protocol QC-31

RFC 1001, Protocol Standard for a NetBIOS Service on a TCP/UDP Transport (Concepts and Methods) QC-31

RFC 1002, Protocol Standard for a NetBIOS Service on a TCP/UPD Transport (Detailed Specification) QC-31

RFC 1057, Remote Procedure Call QC-31

RFC 1094, Network File System Protocol Specification QC-31

RFC 1112, Host Extension for IP multicasting QC-31

RFC 1144, Compressing TCP/IP Headers for Low-Speed Serial Links QC-319

RFC 1144, TCP header compressions QC-318

RFC 1157, Simple Network Management Protocol QC-31

RFC 1282, BSD Rlogin QC-31

RFC 1288, The Finger User Information Protocol QC-31

RFC 1305, Network Time Protocol QC-31

RFC 1350, The TFTP Protocol (Revision 2) QC-31

RFC 1436, The Internet Gopher Protocol QC-31

RFC 1459, Internet Relay Chat Protocol QC-31

RFC 1510, The Kerberos Network Authentication Service QC-31

RFC 1542, Clarifications and Extensions for the Bootstrap Protocol QC-32

RFC 1579, Firewall-Friendly FTP QC-32

RFC 1583, OSPF Version 2 QC-32

RFC 1657, Definitions of Managed Objects for the Fourth Version of the Border Gateway Protocol QC-32

RFC 1701, Generic Routing Encapsulation QC-32

RFC 1730, Internet Message Access Protocol - Version 4 QC-32

RFC 1771, A Border Gateway Protocol 4 (BGP-4) QC-32

RFC 1777, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol QC-32

RFC 1831, Remote Procedure Call Protocol Specification Version 2 QC-32

RFC 1889, RTP QC-316

RFC 1928, SOCKS Protocol Version 5 QC-32

RFC 1939, Post Office Protocol - Version 3 QC-32

RFC 1945, Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.0 QC-32

RFC 1964, The Kerberos Version 5 GSS-API Mechanism QC-32

RFC 1990, The PPP Multilink Protocol (MP) QC-316

RFC 2060, Internet Message Access Protocol - Version 4rev1 QC-32

RFC 2068, Hyptertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1 QC-32

RFC 2131, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol QC-32

RFC 2205, Resource Reservation Protocol QC-32, QC-249, QC-253

RFC 2206, RSVP Management Information Base using SMIv2 QC-249

RFC 2210, RSVP with IETF Integrated Services QC-246, QC-249

RFC 2211, Controlled-Load Network Element Service QC-249

RFC 2212, Specification of Guaranteed Quality of Service QC-249

RFC 2215, General Characterization Parameters for Integrated Service Network Elements QC-249

RFC 2236, Internet Group Management Protocol, Version 2 QC-32

RFC 2251, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3) QC-32

RFC 2252, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3) - Attribute Syntax Definitions QC-32

RFC 2253, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3) - UTF-8 String Representation of Distinguished Names QC-32

RFC 2326, Real Time Steaming Protocol (RTSP) QC-32

RFC 2401, Security Architecture for the Internet Protocol QC-32

RFC 2406, IP Encapsulating Security Payload QC-32

RFC 2453, RIP Version 2 QC-32

RFC 2474, Definition of the Differentiated Services Field (DS Field) in the IPv4 and IPv6 Headers QC-26, QC-182, QC-376

RFC 2475, An Architecture for Differentiated Services Framework QC-26, QC-182, QC-376

RFC 2507, IP Header Compression QC-319

RFC 2508, Compressing IP/UDP/RTP Headers for Low-Speed Serial Links QC-319

RFC 2597, Assured Forwarding PHB QC-26, QC-182, QC-376

RFC 2598, An Expedited Forwarding PHB QC-26, QC-182, QC-376

RFC 2616, Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1 QC-32

RFC 2697, A Single Rate Three Color Marker QC-209, QC-376

RFC 2748, The COPS Protocol QC-253

RFC 2749, COPS Usage for RSVP QC-253

ROM monitor mode, summary of xxxvi

route-map (IP) command QC-44, QC-48

route maps

defining QC-44


router bgp command QC-48

RSVP (Resource Reservation Protocol)

ATM considerations QC-265


considerations QC-263

restricting QC-294

configuring QC-265


configuring QC-303

feature description QC-252, QC-303

functionality QC-253

verifying QC-305

enabling QC-265, QC-276, QC-294

filters and bandwidth, displaying QC-269

Frame Relay support

configuration (example) QC-287

configuring QC-281

considerations QC-264

described QC-247

monitoring QC-287

verifying QC-285

how it works QC-245

implementation considerations QC-264

interface information, displaying QC-268, QC-269, QC-297

LAN resource support QC-258


destinations, specifying QC-267

session, configuration (example) QC-269

neighbor reservations, limiting QC-267

neighbors, displaying QC-269

overview QC-244

planning QC-263

real-time traffic problems QC-262

receiver information, displaying QC-269

RED, relationship with QC-262

request information, displaying QC-269

SBM, configuring QC-308

scalability QC-244

sender information, displaying QC-269

Shared Explicit reservation QC-263

traps, enabling QC-268

uses QC-87

WFQ, relationship with QC-87, QC-262

Wild Card Filter QC-263


RSVP-ATM QoS Interworking feature

configuration (example) QC-297

connection over ATM cloud (figure) QC-251

data path QC-251

example scenario QC-251

IP Precedence value

configuring QC-268

setting QC-250

monitoring QC-297

NetFlow attachment QC-267

overview QC-249, QC-293

peak rate limit, setting QC-296

per-VC DWRED, configuring QC-296

prerequisites QC-293

restrictions QC-293


bandwidth, restricting QC-294

enabling QC-294

ToS bits, setting QC-250

ToS value, configuring QC-268

RTP header compression

configuration (example) QC-339

connections supported QC-339, QC-342

enabling QC-338

express QC-318

Frame Relay

encapsulation, using QC-338

statistics, displaying QC-339

how it works (figure) QC-317

passive QC-338

PPP encapsulation (example) QC-342, QC-343

prerequisites QC-338

RTP header QC-317

statistics, displaying QC-339

See also CRTP


SBM (Subnetwork Bandwidth Manager)

configuration (example) QC-310

configuring QC-275, QC-303, QC-307

interface information, displaying QC-309

overview QC-258

prerequisites QC-308

restrictions QC-258

SBM state configuration, verifying QC-309

See also DSBM

SDM (Security Device Manager) QC-415

service models, end-to-end

best-effort service QC-4

differentiated service QC-4

integrated service QC-4

service policies

attaching QC-363, QC-364

CBWFQ, enabling QC-122, QC-363

classes, deleting QC-124

configuration (example) QC-144

information, displaying QC-124, QC-139, QC-230

LLQ, enabling for Frame Relay QC-139

service-policy command

CBWFQ QC-122, QC-363

GTS QC-230

LLQ for Frame Relay QC-139


policy maps, attaching QC-192

traffic policies

DTS QC-238

interfaces, attaching QC-405

WFQ QC-364, QC-365

service-policy input command QC-75, QC-405

service-policy output command QC-75, QC-405

set atm-clp command QC-66

set cos command QC-65

set default interface command QC-44

set interface command QC-44

set ip default next-hop command QC-44

set ip dscp command QC-64, QC-405

set ip next-hop command QC-44

set ip precedence command

DSCP value, configuring QC-64

IP Precedence value, configuring QC-64


policy propagation QC-48

set qos-group command QC-65, QC-66, QC-405

shape command QC-230, QC-238

shape max-buffers command QC-230

shaping, token bucket QC-204

Shared Explicit reservation, RSVP QC-263

show access-lists command QC-59

show access-lists rate-limit command QC-59

show atm bundle command QC-362

show atm bundle statistics command QC-362

show atm map command QC-362

show class-map command QC-75, QC-406

show cops servers command QC-305

show frame-relay ip rtp header-compression command QC-339

show frame relay pvc command QC-129

show interface command QC-239

show interfaces command QC-117, QC-161

show interfaces fair-queue command QC-115, QC-117

show interfaces rate-limit command QC-59

show ip bgp command QC-50

show ip bgp community-list command QC-50

show ip cache policy command QC-45

show ip cef command QC-50

show ip interface command QC-50

show ip local policy command QC-45

show ip nbar port-map command QC-76

show ip nbar protocol-discovery command QC-76

show ip route command QC-50

show ip rsvp atm-peak-rate-limit command QC-297

show ip rsvp command QC-297

show ip rsvp installed command QC-269, QC-278

show ip rsvp interface command QC-269, QC-297

show ip rsvp neighbor command QC-269

show ip rsvp policy command QC-305

show ip rsvp policy cops command QC-305

show ip rsvp request command QC-269

show ip rsvp reservation command QC-269

show ip rsvp sbm command QC-309

show ip rsvp sender command QC-269

show ip rtp header-compression command QC-339

show policy class command QC-230

show policy command QC-230, QC-239

show policy interface command QC-135, QC-230

show policy-map class command QC-124

show policy-map command

class-based packet marking QC-66



LLQ burst size QC-140


policy maps QC-124


classes QC-406

policing QC-221

show policy-map interface command

class-based packet marking QC-66


DSCP value, configuration, verifying QC-192



burst size, verifying QC-140

monitoring QC-133


policy maps QC-124


classes QC-406

policing QC-220, QC-221

show ppp multilink QC-323

show queue command

CQ lists, monitoring QC-161

fair queueing, monitoring QC-115

Frame Relay IP RTP Priority, verifying QC-129

LLQ, monitoring QC-133

policy maps and classes, verifying configuration QC-124

PQ lists, monitoring QC-167

WRED and DWRED, monitoring QC-187

show queueing command

CQ lists, monitoring QC-161

fair queueing, monitoring QC-115

PQ lists, monitoring QC-167

WRED and DWRED, monitoring QC-187

WRED parameters, displaying QC-356

show queueing interface command

DSCP value configuration, verifying QC-192

per-VC hold queue, verifying configuration QC-141

per-VC WFQ and CBWFQ, monitoring QC-365

queueing statistics, displaying QC-356

WRED and DWRED, monitoring QC-187

show traffic-shape command QC-225

show traffic-shape queue command QC-129

show traffic-shape statistics command QC-225


defined QC-243

differentiated QoS QC-243

guaranteed QoS QC-243

in-band QC-243

out-of-band QC-243


RSVP-ATM QoS Interworking feature QC-249

SBM QC-258

summary QC-14

snmp-server enable traps command QC-268

static maps, ATM, displaying QC-362

strict priority queueing QC-10, QC-93, QC-97

SVCs (switched virtual circuits)

creating for RSVP reservations QC-294

peak rate limit, setting QC-296

RSVP-ATM reservations QC-249


Tab key, command completion xxxvi

table-map command QC-48, QC-50

tail drops, defined QC-171

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) header compression

connections supported QC-342

described QC-318

token buckets

burst size QC-204

CAR QC-205

compounded debt QC-206

conform and exceed actions QC-208

defined QC-204

extended burst size QC-206

mean rate QC-204

RSVP-ATM QoS Interworking feature QC-251

time interval QC-204

ToS (type of service)

bit values, displaying QC-297

CAR, rate limiting QC-205

ToS (type of service) field

defined (figure) QC-244

RSVP-ATM QoS Interworking feature QC-250

signalling QC-243

traffic classes

configuration (example) QC-147

creating QC-237

defining QC-401

NBAR, configuring with QC-76

traffic classification, with NBAR QC-33

traffic policer, defined QC-21

traffic policies

attaching (examples) QC-148

bandwidth, configuring QC-188

configuring QC-75

creating QC-148, QC-403

DTS QC-238

DTS, attaching and enabling QC-238

DWRED QC-188, QC-189

hashed queues, configuring QC-188

interfaces, attaching QC-75, QC-405

IP Precedence, specifying QC-189

See also service policies

traffic policing

benefits QC-210

configuration, verifying QC-220, QC-221

configuring QC-219

prerequisites QC-210

restrictions QC-210

traffic priority management, WFQ QC-113

traffic regulation mechanisms

policing, CAR rate limiting QC-203

traffic shaping


GTS QC-203

traffic-shape adaptive command QC-224

traffic-shape fecn-adapt command QC-224

traffic-shape group command QC-224

traffic-shape rate command QC-224

traffic shaping

defined QC-203, QC-211


benefits QC-216

configuring QC-237

prerequisites QC-217

restrictions QC-217

excess burst size QC-212

feature summary QC-14


GTS QC-214

queueing QC-214

rate of transfer QC-212

uses QC-211

See also GTS

tx-ring-limit command QC-101


ubr+ command QC-360

ubr command QC-360

user EXEC mode, summary of xxxvi


vbr-nrt command QC-360

VC classes, assignment

VC bundle QC-358

VC bundle member QC-360

vc-hold-queue command QC-141

VCs (virtual circuits)

ATM, circuit bumping QC-353


See ATM VC bundles

VIP-distributed CAR


VIP-distributed WRED


virtual template interfaces

IP RTP Priority, configuration (examples) QC-149

LLQ, configuration (examples) QC-153

Voice over Frame Relay, Frame Relay fragmentation methods QC-316

Voice over IP, strict priority queueing QC-10, QC-93, QC-97

voice traffic, requirements QC-245


WFQ (weighted fair queueing)



comparison (table) QC-83

configuring QC-114

considerations QC-86

default queueing method QC-86

effect of custom queueing on QC-115

effect of priority queueing on QC-115

enabling QC-276, QC-364, QC-365


configuration (example) QC-141

overview QC-84


high-bandwidth traffic QC-85

low-bandwidth traffic QC-85

Frame Relay QC-87

how it works (figure) QC-85

IP Precedence QC-86

monitoring QC-115

overview QC-83


classes of service supported QC-363

configuring QC-364

policy maps, attaching to VCs QC-365

restrictions QC-86


service policies, attaching QC-365

strict priority queueing QC-94

traffic priority management QC-113

types QC-79

uses QC-86


Wild Card Filter, RSVP QC-263

WRED (Weighted Random Early Detection)

average queue size QC-176

behavior QC-175

configuration (example) QC-192

congestion avoidance mechanism QC-186

DiffServ compliance

configuring QC-183, QC-190

usage scenarios QC-183

verifying QC-192

DSCP value

configuration (example) QC-198

configuring QC-190

verifying QC-192

effect on packet flows QC-181

exponential weight factor, configuring QC-120, QC-122, QC-356

IP Precedence QC-175

overview QC-172, QC-175

packet drop QC-175


defining QC-356

displaying QC-356

platform support QC-177

restrictions QC-185


TCP QC-176

uses QC-175

VC bundles QC-349