Cisco IOS Interface Command Reference, Release 12.2
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<cr>     xvii

? command     xvi


100VG AnyLAN port adapter

configuring     IR-166

information about, displaying     IR-340


AMI (alternate mark inversion) line coding     IR-538


tunneling, Cayman     IR-561

APS (automatic protection switching)     IR-10

protect interface     IR-10, IR-14

aps authenticate command     IR-2

aps force command     IR-3

aps group command     IR-5

aps lockout command     IR-7

aps manual command     IR-8

aps protect command     IR-10

aps revert command     IR-11

aps timers command     IR-12

aps unidirectional command     IR-13

aps working command     IR-14

ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)

accounting information, displaying     IR-369

ARP type     IR-453

asynchronous interfaces

compression, ignore-pfc option for async drivers     IR-68

groups, designating     IR-158

Asynchronous Transfer Mode-Data Exchange Interface


ATM-DXI (ATM-Data Exchange Interface)     IR-103

atm sonet command     IR-15


automatic receiver polarity reversal     IR-16

auto-polarity command     IR-16


B8ZS line coding     IR-538

bandwidth, setting     IR-17

bandwidth interface command     IR-17

bert abort command     IR-19

bert controller command     IR-20

bert pattern command     IR-23

bert profile command     IR-25


cable length     IR-27

cablelength command     IR-27

cablelength long command     IR-28

cablelength short command     IR-31

carriage return (<cr>)     xvii

carrier-delay command     IR-33

cautions, usage in text     x

Cayman tunneling, AppleTalk     IR-561

channel-group (Fast EtherChannel) command     IR-34

channelized E1

controller statistics     IR-76

channelized T1, loopback     IR-219, IR-220

channelized T3     IR-77, IR-81, IR-542

Channelized T3 Interface Processor (CT3IP)

See T3

channel service unit/data service unit


Cisco IOS configuration changes, saving     xx

clear aim command     IR-36

clear controller command     IR-37

clear controller lex command     IR-38

clear counters command     IR-40

clear dsip tracing command     IR-570

clear hub command     IR-43

clear hub counters command     IR-44

clearing counters     IR-40

clear interface command     IR-45

clear interface fastethernet command     IR-48

clear interface serial command     IR-49

clear service-module serial command     IR-50

clock rate, (examples)     IR-52

clock rate command     IR-51

clock signal, inverting     IR-173

clock source

T1     IR-533

T3     IR-58

clock source (Cisco AS5200) command     IR-55

clock source (Cisco MC3810) command     IR-62

clock source (controller) command     IR-56

clock source (CT3IP) command     IR-58

clock source (interface) command     IR-60

clock source command     IR-53 to  IR-54

cmt connect command     IR-63

cmt disconnect command     IR-65

command execution

multiple interfaces simultaneously     IR-163

command modes, understanding     xv to  xvi


context-sensitive help for abbreviating     xvi

default form, using     xix

no form, using     xix

command syntax

conventions     ix

displaying (example)     xvii

compress command     IR-67


LAPB, encapsulation     IR-68

RAND compression algorithm     IR-68

service adapter     IR-67


configuring     IR-67

HDLC encapsulation     IR-68

LAPB encapsulation     IR-68

MPPC, ignore-pfc option     IR-68

PPP encapsulation     IR-68

statistics, displaying     IR-285

compress mppc command     IR-72

compress predictor command

See compress command

compress stac caim command     IR-74

concentrator port, enabling     IR-239

Configuration Management, FDDI MAC-level connection     IR-399

configurations, saving     xx

controller command     IR-76



configuring     IR-76


configuring     IR-76

controller t3 command     IR-76, IR-80

copy flash lex command     IR-82

copy tftp lex command     IR-83

counters, clearing     IR-40, IR-508

CRC (cyclic redundancy check)

G.703/G.704     IR-85

setting     IR-84

crc4 command     IR-85

crc bits 5 command     IR-86

crc command     IR-84


Cisco 2524 or Cisco 2525, resetting     IR-50

CSU/DSU (channel service unit/data service unit)

loopback     IR-217

cut-through command     IR-86

cyclic redundancy check



data, inverting     IR-169

data compression     IR-70


clock rate     IR-51

timing     IR-89

dce-terminal-timing enable command     IR-89

debug dsc clock command     IR-571

debug dsip command     IR-572

default (interface) command     IR-90

delay (interface) command     IR-92

description (controller) command     IR-93

dial shelf controllers

stopping and restarting     IR-576

dial-tdm-clock command     IR-574

Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol


distributed compression     IR-67

DLCI (data-link connection identifier)

interface statistics, displaying     IR-429

multicast mechanism, displaying statistics about     IR-429


conventions     ix

feedback, providing     xii

online, accessing     xi

ordering     xi

Documentation CD-ROM     xi

documentation modules     v to  vii

down-when-looped command     IR-94

DS-3 link, loopback     IR-219, IR-220

DSU (data service unit)

configuration information, displaying     IR-312

interoperability mode, setting     IR-96

maximum bandwidth, setting     IR-95

dsu bandwidth command     IR-95

dsu mode command     IR-96

dte-invert-txc command     IR-98

DTR (dedicated Token Ring), signal pulsing     IR-254

duplex command     IR-99

DVMRP (Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol)     IR-561


e2-clockrate command     IR-101

early-token-release command     IR-102

EEPROM     IR-342

electrically erasable programmable read-only memory


encapsulation command     IR-103


atm-dxi     IR-103

bstun     IR-103

hdlc     IR-103

lapb     IR-103

ppp     IR-103


100VG AnyLAN port adapter     IR-166, IR-340

bandwidth     IR-17

extending twisted-pair 10BaseT capability     IR-521

FDDI, bridging from     IR-111

MOP enabled     IR-228

specifying media type     IR-224

executing a command on multiple interfaces     IR-163

external port, T1     IR-534


Fast EtherChannel     IR-34

assigning Fast Ethernet     IR-34

configuring     IR-160

Fast EtherChannel information, displaying     IR-419

Fast Ethernet

Fast EtherChannel     IR-34

Fast EtherChannel, assigning     IR-34

Fast EtherChannel information, displaying     IR-419

Fast EtherChannel interface     IR-160

FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface)

bandwidth, determining     IR-118

bit specifications     IR-109

bridging configurations     IR-111

encapsulation mode compatibility     IR-111

full-duplex     IR-134, IR-136

full-duplex status     IR-396

stopping     IR-63

transmission time, controlling     IR-116

fddi burst-count command     IR-106

fddi c-min command     IR-107

fddi cmt-signal-bits command     IR-108

fddi duplicate-address-check command     IR-110

fddi encapsulate command     IR-111

fddi frames-per-token command     IR-113

FDDI processor


fddi smt-frames command     IR-114

fddi tb-min command     IR-115

fddi tl-min-time command     IR-116

fddi token-rotation-time command     IR-118

fddi t-out command     IR-117

fddi valid-transmission-time command     IR-119

FDL (Facility Data Link), performance report     IR-544

fdl command     IR-120

Feature Navigator

See platforms, supported

filtering output, show and more commands     xx

FIP (FDDI processor) information about, displaying     IR-298

flow-based WRED

interface statistics, displaying     IR-366

framed mode, G.703-E1 interface     IR-550

framed mode on G.703-E1 interface     IR-550

Frame Relay


interface statistics     IR-429

multicast mechanism statistics     IR-429


general statistics, displaying     IR-429

frame-relay command     IR-122

frame-relay map command     IR-124

frame type, selecting     IR-128


T1     IR-537

T3     IR-131

framing (E1/T1controller) command     IR-128

framing (E3/T3 interface) command     IR-129

framing (T3 controller) command     IR-131

framing command     IR-126

full-duplex command     IR-133


G.703-E1 interface

clock source     IR-56, IR-60, IR-61

CRC     IR-85

framed mode     IR-550

time slot 16     IR-555

unframed mode     IR-550

G.704 interface

CRC     IR-85

generic route encapsulation


global configuration mode, summary of     xvi

GRE (generic route encapsulation)     IR-560, IR-564

group and member asynchronous interfaces     IR-158


half-duplex command     IR-136

half-duplex controlled-carrier command     IR-138

half-duplex timer command     IR-140

hardware compression

compression service adapter     IR-67

displaying     IR-286

hardware platforms

See platforms, supported

HDLC (High-Level Data Link Control), compression     IR-67

help command     xvi

High-Level Data Link Control


hold-queue command     IR-142

hssi external-loop-request command     IR-144

hssi internal-clock command     IR-145

hub command     IR-146

hub ports

automatic receiver polarity reversal     IR-16

clearing hub counters     IR-44

enabling     IR-146

hub statistics, displaying     IR-362

link test function     IR-202

resetting     IR-43

shutting down     IR-507

source address control     IR-518

hw-module command     IR-576

hw-module reload command     IR-576


ignore-dcd command     IR-147

ignore-hw local-loopback command     IR-148

indexes, master     viii

interface command     IR-149

interface configuration commands

serial restart-delay     IR-260

interface configuration mode, summary of     xvi

interface ctunnel command     IR-153

interface fastethernet command     IR-155

interface gigabitethernet command     IR-157

interface group-async command     IR-158

interface multilink command     IR-159

interface port-channel command     IR-160

interface pos command     IR-162

interface range command     IR-163


counters, clearing     IR-508

E1-G.703/G.704, enabling framed mode     IR-550


clock source     IR-56, IR-60, IR-61

CRC     IR-85

enabling framed mode     IR-550

time slot 16     IR-555

low-speed serial     IR-237

PA-E3 clock source     IR-56

restarting     IR-508

shutting down     IR-508

unit numbers     IR-38, IR-40, IR-45, IR-149

interface vg-anylan command     IR-166

international bit command     IR-168

invert data command     IR-169, IR-538

invert rxclock command     IR-171

invert-transmit-clock command

See invert txclock command

invert txclock command     IR-173

ip director default-weights command     IR-174

ip director dfp command     IR-177

ip director dfp security command     IR-178

ip director host priority command     IR-180

ip director host weights command     IR-183

ip director server availability command     IR-186

ip director server port availability command     IR-188


keepalive command     IR-190


LAN Extender interface

access list filtering

Ethernet packets     IR-196

MAC address     IR-195

burned-in MAC address     IR-194


from Flash     IR-82

from TFTP server     IR-83

priority output queueing     IR-197

rebooting     IR-38

retry count     IR-198

show statistics     IR-410

timeout     IR-199

Lanoptics Hub Networking Management     IR-203

LAPB (Link Access Procedure, Balanced)

compression     IR-67, IR-68

interface statistics, displaying     IR-442

lbo command     IR-192

lex burned-in-address command     IR-194

lex input-address-list command     IR-195

lex input-type-list command     IR-196

lex priority-group command     IR-197

lex retry-count command     IR-198

lex timeout command     IR-199

linecode command     IR-200

line-code type, selecting     IR-200

line coding

format     IR-236

T1     IR-538


fractional data     IR-77

line-termination command     IR-201

link-test command     IR-202

LMI (Local Management Interface)

general statistics, displaying     IR-429

local-lnm command     IR-203

logging event     IR-204


DTE     IR-216

MCI serial card     IR-206

over DS-3 or channelized T1 link     IR-219, IR-220

SCI serial card     IR-206

through CSU/DSU     IR-217

X.21 DTE limitation     IR-207

loopback (E3/T3 interface) command     IR-208

loopback (interface) command     IR-206

loopback (T1 interface) command     IR-210

loopback (T3 controller) command     IR-213

loopback applique command     IR-215

loopback dte command     IR-216

loopback interfaces     IR-151

loopback line command     IR-217

loopback remote (interface) command     IR-219

low-speed serial interfaces, physical layer     IR-237

LZS compression algorithm     IR-67


MCI interface card

loopback on serial     IR-206

pulsing DTR signal     IR-254

mdl command     IR-222

media-type command     IR-224

media-type half-duplex command

See half-duplex command


descriptions on-line     viii



MIP (MultiChannel Interface Processor), CT3IP external port     IR-534


framed     IR-550

unframed     IR-550

modem dtr-delay command     IR-227


See command modes

MOP (Maintenance Operations Protocol), enabling an interface to support     IR-228

mop enabled command     IR-228

mop sysid command     IR-229

MTU (maximum transmission unit), default values by media type (table)     IR-230

mtu command     IR-230

Multiport Communications Interface

See MCI interface card


national bit command     IR-232

national reserve command     IR-233

negotiation command     IR-234

network management hub     IR-203

nonreturn-to-zero inverted


notes, usage in text     x

NRZI (nonreturn-to-zero inverted), enabling     IR-236

nrzi-encoding command     IR-236


physical-layer command     IR-237

platforms, supported

Feature Navigator, identify using     x, xxi

release notes, identify using     xi, xxi

Point-to-Point Protocol


port command     IR-239

port range

executing     IR-163

pos ais-shut command     IR-240

pos flag command     IR-241

pos framing command     IR-243

pos framing-sdh command

See pos framing command

posi framing-sdh command

See pos framing command

pos internal-clock command

See clock source (CT3IP) command

pos report command     IR-246

pos scramble-atm command     IR-248

pos threshold command     IR-250


compression     IR-67

encapsulation     IR-103

predictor compression     IR-67, IR-68

pri-group command     IR-253

privileged EXEC mode, summary of     xvi

prompts, system     xvi

pulse-time command     IR-254


question mark (?) command     xvi


RAND compression algorithm     IR-67, IR-68

release notes

See platforms, supported

Request For Comments



obtaining full text     viii

RFC 1042, Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams Over IEEE 802 Networks     IR-111

RFC 1332, PPP Internet Protocol Control Protocol (IPCP)     IR-104

RFC 1406, Definitions of Managed Objects for DS1 and E1 Interface Types     IR-331

RFC 1407, DS3 MIB Variables     IR-330

ring-speed command     IR-255

ROM monitor mode, summary of     xvi


SCI cards, loopback on     IR-206

scramble command     IR-256

SDLC (Synchronous Data Link Control Protocol)

secondary descriptions (table)     IR-372

sdlc cts-delay command

See half-duplex timer command

sdlc hdx command     IR-258

See half-duplex command

sdlc rts-delay command

See half-duplex timer command

serial interfaces

clearing     IR-45

DTR signal pulsing     IR-254

loopback     IR-206

low-speed     IR-237

media type     IR-224

monitoring synchronous     IR-443

serial restart-delay command     IR-260

service-module 56k clock rate command     IR-261

service-module 56k clock source command     IR-263

service-module 56k data-coding command     IR-264

service-module 56k network-type command     IR-265

service-module 56k remote-loopback command     IR-267

service-module 56k switched-carrier command     IR-268

service-module t1 clock source command     IR-269

service-module t1 data-coding command     IR-270

service module t1 fdl command     IR-271

service-module t1 framing command     IR-272

service-module t1 lbo command     IR-273

service-module t1 linecode command     IR-274

service-module t1 remote-alarm-enable command     IR-275

service-module t1 remote-loopback command     IR-276

service-module t1 timeslots command     IR-279

service single-slot-reload-enable command     IR-280

set ip df command     IR-281

shelf-id command     IR-578

show aps command     IR-283

show compress command     IR-285

show controllers cbus command     IR-287, IR-288, IR-290

show controllers ethernet command     IR-293

show controllers fastethernet command     IR-295

show controllers fddi command     IR-298

show controllers gigabitethernet     IR-299

show controllers lex command     IR-302

show controllers mci command     IR-304

show controllers pcbus command     IR-306

show controllers pos command     IR-307

show controllers serial command     IR-312

show controllers t1 bert     IR-319

show controllers t1 command     IR-315

show controllers token command     IR-335

show controllers vg-anylan command     IR-340

show diagbus command     IR-360

show diag command     IR-342

show dial-shelf command     IR-580

show dsc clock command     IR-582

show dsi command     IR-584

show dsip clients command     IR-595

show dsip command     IR-591

show dsip nodes command     IR-597

show dsip ports command     IR-599

show dsip queue command     IR-602

show dsip tracing command     IR-603

show dsip transport command     IR-605

show dsip version command     IR-608

show hub command     IR-362

show interfaces

configuration statistics, displaying     IR-366

custom queueing output display     IR-368

disabled     IR-370

interfaces, configuring     IR-385

SDLC information, displaying     IR-443

show interfaces accounting command     IR-369

show interfaces command     IR-365

show interfaces ctunnel command     IR-377

show interfaces ethernet accounting command     IR-380

show interfaces ethernet command     IR-380

show interfaces fastethernet command     IR-385

show interfaces fddi accounting command     IR-394

show interfaces fddi command     IR-394

show interfaces gigabitethernet command     IR-403

show interfaces hssi command     IR-405

show interfaces lex command     IR-410

show interfaces loopback command     IR-415

show interfaces port-channel command     IR-419

show interfaces pos command     IR-424

show interfaces serial accounting command     IR-429

show interfaces serial command     IR-429

show interfaces summary command     IR-450

show interfaces tokenring command     IR-451

show interfaces tunnel command     IR-457

show interfaces vg-anylan command     IR-461

show ip director dfp command     IR-467

show pas caim command     IR-468

show pas eswitch address command     IR-479

show pas isa controller command     IR-480

show pas isa interface command     IR-481

show pci aim command     IR-484

show redundancy command     IR-610

show redundancy history command     IR-610

show service-module serial command     IR-485

show smf command     IR-490

show sntp command     IR-490

show tdm backplane command     IR-492

show tdm connections command     IR-494

show tdm connections motherboard command     IR-495

show tdm data command     IR-497

show tdm detail command     IR-500

show tdm information command     IR-502

show tdm pool command     IR-504

shutdown (controller) command     IR-506

shutdown (hub) command     IR-507

shutdown (interface) command     IR-508

signals, pulsing DTR     IR-254

smt-queue-threshold command     IR-509

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) , trap address violation     IR-516

snmp ifindex clear command     IR-510

snmp ifindex persist command     IR-512

snmp-server ifindex persist     IR-514

snmp trap illegal-address command     IR-516

software compression

displaying     IR-285

for LAPB     IR-67

source-address command     IR-518

speed command     IR-519

squelch command     IR-521

srp-deficit-round-robin command     IR-523

srp loopback command     IR-524

srp priority-map command     IR-525

srp random-detect command     IR-527

srp shutdown command     IR-528

srp tx-traffic-rate command     IR-529

ssrp buffer-size command     IR-522

Stacker compression     IR-67

subinterfaces, configuring     IR-149, IR-150, IR-152

supporting documents and resources     viii

Synchronous Data Link Control Protocol



t1 bert command     IR-531

t1 clock source command     IR-533

t1 command     IR-530

T1 controller, adding descriptive name     IR-93

t1 external command     IR-534

t1 fdl ansi command     IR-536

t1 framing command     IR-537

t1 linecode command     IR-538

t1 test command     IR-540

t1 timeslot command     IR-542

t1 yellow command     IR-544


BERT test     IR-531

cable length     IR-27

clock source     IR-58

configuration     IR-77, IR-81

display controllers     IR-322

display interface     IR-437

external port     IR-534

FDL (Facility Data Link), performance report     IR-536, IR-544

framing     IR-131

line coding     IR-538

T1 clock source     IR-533

T1 framing     IR-537

T1 test     IR-540

T1 timeslots     IR-542

Tab key, command completion     xvi

test aim eeprom command     IR-545

test interface fastethernet command     IR-547

test service-module command     IR-548

THT (token holding timer)

FDDI     IR-118

time-division multiplexing, clock source     IR-55

timers, token holding     IR-118

timeslot command     IR-550

timeslots, T1     IR-542

token rotation time


transition states, FDDI     IR-396

translational bridging     IR-111

transmit-buffers backing-store command     IR-552

transmit-clock-internal command     IR-553

transmit clock signal, inverting     IR-173

transmitter-delay command     IR-554

transparent bridging

on FDDI interface     IR-111


message, address violation     IR-516

TRT (token rotation time), FDDI     IR-118

ts16 command     IR-555

tunnel checksum command     IR-556

tunnel destination command     IR-557


AppleTalk, Cayman     IR-561

tunnel key command     IR-559

tunnel mode command     IR-560

tunnel path-mtu-discovery command     IR-562

tunnel sequence-datagrams command     IR-564

tunnel source command     IR-565

tx-queue-limit command     IR-567


unit numbers

interface     IR-38, IR-40, IR-45, IR-149

user EXEC mode, summary of     xvi


VIC (voice interface cards), slot information     IR-342

virtual interfaces

loopback interface     IR-151

tunnel interface     IR-151


Weighted Random Early Detection


WRED (Weighted Random Early Detection)

interface statistics, displaying     IR-366



interface statistics, displaying     IR-446

X3T9.5 specification     IR-118


yellow command     IR-568