Cisco IOS Security Command Reference: Commands S to Z
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sa ipsec
sa receive-only
sap mode-list (config-if-cts-dot1x)
search-type nested
sec-level minimum
secure boot-config
secure boot-image
secure cipher
security (Diameter peer)
security authentication failure rate
security ipsec
security passwords min-length
serial-number (ca-trustpo
serial-number (cs-server)
serial-number (pubkey)
server (CWS)
server (RADIUS)
server (TACACS+)
server (application firewall policy)
server (ldap)
server (parameter-map)
server address ipv4
server ip
server local
server name (IPv6 TACACS+)
server scansafe
server vendor
service action
service password-encryption
service password-recovery
service-module ids bootmode
service-module ids heartbeat-reset
service-policy (policy-map)
service-policy (zones)
service-policy inspect
service-policy type inspect
sessions maximum
sessions rate
set aggressive-mode client-endpoint
set aggressive-mode password
set group
set identity
set ip access-group
set isakmp-profile
set nat demux
set peer (IPsec)
set pfs
set platform
set reverse-route
set security-association
set security-association dummy
set security-association idle-time
set security-association level per-host
set security-association replay disable
set security-association replay window-size
set security-policy limit
set session-key
set transform-set
sgbp aaa authentication
show (ca-trustpool)
show (cs-server)
show aaa attributes
show aaa cache filterserver
show aaa cache group
show aaa common-criteria policy
show aaa dead-criteria
show aaa local user lockout
show aaa memory
show aaa method-lists
show aaa servers
show aaa service-profiles
show aaa subscriber profile
show aaa user
show access-group mode interface
show access-lists
show access-lists compiled
show access-session
show accounting
show appfw
show ase
show audit
show authentication
show authentication interface
show authentication registrations
show auto secure config
show call admission statistics
show class-map type inspect
show class-map type urlfilter
show content-scan
show crypto ace redundancy
show crypto ca certificates
show crypto ca crls
show crypto ca roots
show crypto ca timers
show crypto ca trustpoints
show crypto call admission statistics
show crypto ctcp
show crypto datapath
show crypto debug-condition
show crypto dynamic-map
show crypto eli
show crypto eng qos
show crypto engine
show crypto engine accelerator logs
show crypto engine accelerator ring
show crypto engine accelerator sa-database
show crypto engine accelerator statistic
show crypto gdoi
show crypto ha
show crypto identity
show crypto ikev2
show crypto ikev2 cluster
show crypto ikev2 diagnose error
show crypto ikev2 policy
show crypto ikev2 profile
show crypto ikev2 proposal
show crypto ikev2 sa
show crypto ikev2 session
show crypto ipsec client ezvpn
show crypto ipsec sa
show crypto ipsec security-association idle-time
show crypto ipsec security-association lifetime
show crypto ipsec transform-set
show crypto ipsec transform-set default
show crypto isakmp default policy
show crypto isakmp diagnose error
show crypto isakmp key
show crypto isakmp peers
show crypto isakmp policy
show crypto isakmp profile
show crypto isakmp sa
show crypto key mypubkey rsa
show crypto key pubkey-chain rsa
show crypto map
show crypto mib ipsec flow
show crypto mib ipsec flowmib endpoint
show crypto mib ipsec flowmib failure
show crypto mib ipsec flowmib global
show crypto mib ipsec flowmib history
show crypto mib ipsec flowmib history failure size
show crypto mib ipsec flowmib history tunnel size
show crypto mib ipsec flowmib spi
show crypto mib ipsec flowmib version
show crypto mib isakmp flowmib failure
show crypto mib isakmp flowmib global
show crypto mib isakmp flowmib history
show crypto mib isakmp flowmib peer
show crypto mib isakmp flowmib tunnel
show crypto pki benchmarks
show crypto pki certificates
show crypto pki certificates storage
show crypto pki counters
show crypto pki crls
show crypto pki server
show crypto pki server certificates
show crypto pki server crl
show crypto pki server requests
show crypto pki timers
show crypto pki token
show crypto pki trustpoints
show crypto pki trustpool
show crypto route
show crypto ruleset
show crypto session
show crypto session group
show crypto session summary
show crypto socket
show crypto tech-support
show crypto vlan
show cts credentials
show cts interface
show cts platform
show cts server-list
show cts sxp
show cws
show device-sensor cache
show diameter peer
show dmvpn
show dnsix
show dot1x
show dot1x (EtherSwitch)
show dss log
show eap registrations
show eap sessions
show eou
show epm session
show firewall vlan-group
show flow internal field
show fm private-hosts
show fm raguard
show fpm package-group
show fpm package-info
show idmgr
show interface virtual-access
show ip access-lists
show ip admission
show ip audit configuration
show ip audit interface
show ip audit statistics
show ip auth-proxy
show ip auth-proxy watch-list
show ip bgp labels
show ip device tracking
show ip inspect
show ip inspect ha
show ip interface
show ip ips
show ip ips auto-update
show ip ips category
show ip ips event-action-rules
show ip ips sig-clidelta
show ip ips signature-category
show ip nhrp nhs
show ip port-map
show ip sdee
show ip source-track
show ip source-track export flows
show ip ssh
show ip traffic-export
show ip trigger-authentication
show ip trm subscription status
show ip urlfilter
show ip virtual-reassembly
show ipv6 access-list
show ipv6 cga address-db
show ipv6 cga modifier-db
show ipv6 inspect
show ipv6 nd raguard counters
show ipv6 nd raguard policy
show ipv6 nd secured certificates
show ipv6 nd secured counters interface
show ipv6 nd secured nonce-db
show ipv6 nd secured solicit-db
show ipv6 nd secured timestamp-db
show ipv6 port-map
show ipv6 prefix-list
show ipv6 snooping capture-policy
show ipv6 snooping counters
show ipv6 snooping features
show ipv6 snooping policies
show ipv6 spd
show ipv6 virtual-reassembly
show ipv6 virtual-reassembly features
show kerberos creds
show lda
show ldap attributes
show logging ip access-list
show login
show mab
show mac access-group interface
show management-interface
show mls acl inconsistency
show mls rate-limit
show monitor event-trace dmvpn
show monitor event-trace gdoi
show object-group
show pa
show parameter-map type
show parameter-map type inspect-vrf
show parameter-map type inspect-zone
show parameter-map type ooo global
show parameter-map type protocol-info
show parameter-map type regex
show parameter-map type trend-global
show parameter-map type urlf-glob
show parameter-map type urlfilter
show parameter-map type urlfpolicy
show parser view
show platform
show platform hardware qfp
show platform hardware qfp act feature ipsec datapa
show platform hardware qfp feature td
show platform software ipsec f0 encryption-processor registers
show platform software ipsec fp active flow
show platform software ipsec fp active spd-map
show platform software ipsec policy statistics
show platform software urpf qfp active configuration
show policy-firewall
show policy-firewall mib
show policy-firewall session
show policy-firewall stats
show policy-firewall stats vrf
show policy-firewall stats vrf global
show policy-firewall stats zone
show policy-firewall summary-log
show policy-map type inspect
show policy-map type inspect urlfilter
show policy-map type inspect zone-pair
show policy-map type inspect zone-pair urlfilter
show port-security
show ppp queues
show pppoe session
show private-hosts access-lists
show private-hosts configuration
show private-hosts interface configuration
show private-hosts mac-list
show privilege
show radius local-server statistics
show radius server-group
show radius statistics
show radius table attributes
show redundancy application asymmetric-routing
show redundancy application control-interface group
show redundancy application data-interface
show redundancy application faults group
show redundancy application group
show redundancy application if-mgr
show redundancy application protocol
show redundancy application transport
show redundancy linecard-group
show running-config
show running-config vrf
show sasl
show secure bootset
show smm
show snmp mib nhrp status
show ssh
show ssl-proxy module state
show tacacs
show tcp intercept connections
show tcp intercept statistics
show tech-support alg
show tech-support ipsec
show tunnel endpoints
show usb controllers
show usb device
show usb driver
show usb port
show usb tree
show usb-devices summary
show usbtoken
show user-group
show users
show vasi pair
show vlan group
show vtemplate
show webvpn context
show webvpn gateway
show webvpn install
show webvpn license
show webvpn nbns
show webvpn policy
show webvpn session
show webvpn sessions
show webvpn statistics
show webvpn stats
show wlccp wds
show xsm status
show xsm xrd-list
show zone security
show zone-pair security
shutdown (cs-server)
shutdown (firewall)
slave (IKEv2 cluster)
smart-tunnel list
snmp trap ip verify drop-rate
snmp-server enable traps gdoi
snmp-server enable traps ipsec
snmp-server enable traps isakmp
snmp-server enable traps nh
source interface
source interface (Diameter peer)
source interface (ca-trustpool)
source-interface (URL parameter-map)
ssid (local RADIUS server group)
ssl encryption
ssl truspoint
ssl-proxy module allowed-vlan
subscriber access pppoe unique-key circuit-id
subscriber service
svc address-pool
svc default-domain
svc dns-server
svc dpd-interval
svc dtls
svc homepage
svc keep-client-installed
svc keepalive
svc module
svc msie-proxy
svc msie-proxy server
svc mtu
svc rekey
svc split
svc split dns
svc wins-server
switchport port-security aging
switchport port-security mac-address
switchport port-security maximum
switchport port-security violation


tacacs server
tacacs-server administration
tacacs-server directed-request
tacacs-server dns-alias-lookup
tacacs-server domain-stripping
tacacs-server host
tacacs-server key
tacacs-server packet
tacacs-server timeout
tag cts sgt
tcp finwait-time
tcp half-close reset
tcp half-open reset
tcp idle reset
tcp idle-time
tcp max-incomplete
tcp reassembly
tcp reassembly memory limit
tcp syn-flood limit
tcp syn-flood rate per-destination
tcp synwait-time
tcp window-scale-enforcement loose
template (identity policy)
template (identity profile)
template config
template file
template http admin-introduction
template http completion
template http error
template http introduction
template http start
template http welcome
template location
template username
template variable p
test aaa group
test crypto self-test
test cws
test urlf cache snapshot
threat-detection basic-threat
threat-detection rate
timeout (GTP)
timeout (TACACS+)
timeout (application firewall application-configuration)
timeout (config-radius-server)
timeout (policy group)
timeout file download
timeout login response
timeout retransmit
timer (Diameter peer)
timer reauthentication (config-if-cts-dot1x)
timers delay
timers hellotime
transfer-encoding type
transport port
transport port (ldap)
trm register
trusted-port (IPv6 NDP Inspection Policy)
trusted-port (IPv6 RA Guard Policy)
trustpoint (tti-petitioner)
trustpoint signing
tunnel mode
tunnel protection
tunnel-limit (GTP)
type echo protocol ipIcmpEcho


udp half-open
udp idle-time
url (ips-auto-update)
url rewrite
user-group logging
user-profile location
username (dot1x credentials)
username (ips-autoupdate)
username secret


validate source-mac
virtual-template (IKEv2
virtual-template (webvpn context)
vlan (local RADIUS server group)
vlan group
vpdn aaa attribute
vrf (ca-trustpoint)
vrf (ca-trustpool)
vrf (isakmp profile)


webvpn cef
webvpn context
webvpn create template
webvpn enable
webvpn gateway
webvpn impor
webvpn install
webvpn sslvpn-vif nat
wlccp authentication-server client
wlccp authentication-server infrastructure
wlccp wds priority interface


xauth userid mode
xsm dvdm
xsm edm
xsm history edm
xsm history vdm
xsm privilege configuration level
xsm privilege monitor level
xsm vdm


zone pair security
zone security
zone-member security