Cisco IOS Multiprotocol Label Switching Command Reference
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address-family l2vpn
auto-bw (LSP Attributes)
autodiscovery (MPLS)


backup delay (L2VPN local switching)
backup peer
bandwidth (LSP Attributes)
bgp default ipv4-unicast
bgp default route-target filter
bgp log-neighbor-changes
bgp next-hop
bgp scan-time


class (MPLS)
clear ip route vrf
clear ip rsvp hello bfd
clear ip rsvp hello instance counters
clear ip rsvp hello instance statistics
clear ip rsvp hello statistics
clear ip rsvp msg-pacing
clear l2vpn atom fsm
clear l2vpn service
clear mpls counters
clear mpls ip iprm counters
clear mpls ldp checkpoint
clear mpls ldp neighbor
clear mpls ldp nsr statistics
clear mpls traffic-eng auto-bw timers
clear mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel backup tunnel
clear mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel mesh tunnel
clear mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel primary tunnel
clear mpls traffic-eng tunnel counters
clear pw-udp vc
clear xconnect
connect (Frame Relay)
connect (L2VPN local switching)
control-word (MPLS)


description (L2VPN)
description (l2 vfi)


encapsulation (Any Transport over MPLS)
encapsulation (Layer 2 local switching)
encapsulation (pseudowire)
encapsulation dot1q
exit (LSP Attributes)
export map


flow-label enable
forward permit l2protocol all


import map
instance (VLAN)
interface auto-template
interface tunnel-tp
interface virtual-ethernet
interface xtagatm
interval (MPLS-TP)
ip explicit-path
ip flow-cache mpls label-positions
ip multicast mpls traffic-eng
ip path-option
ip route static inter-vrf
ip route vrf
ip rsvp msg-pacing
ip rsvp signalling hello (configuration)
ip rsvp signalling hello (interface)
ip rsvp signalling hello bfd (configuration)
ip rsvp signalling hello bfd (interface)
ip rsvp signalling hello dscp
ip rsvp signalling hello refresh interval
ip rsvp signalling hello refresh misses
ip rsvp signalling hello statistics
ip vrf
ip vrf forwarding (interface configuration)
ip vrf receive
ip vrf select source
ip vrf sitemap


l2 pseudowire routing
l2 vfi autodiscovery
l2 vfi manual
l2 vfi point-to-point
l2vpn pseudowire static-oam class
l2vpn pseudowire tlv template
l2vpn subscriber
l2vpn vfi context
l2vpn xconnect context
label (pseudowire)
list (LSP Attributes)
load-balance flow
local interface
lockdown (LSP Attributes)
logging (MPLS-TP)
logging pseudowire status
logging redundancy


match cos
match mpls experimental topmost
match mpls-label
maximum routes
medium p2p
member (bridge-domain)
member (l2vpn vfi)
member (xconnect)
metric-style narrow
metric-style transition
metric-style wide
mls ipv6 vrf
mls mpls
mls mpls (guaranteed bandwidth traffic engineering)
mls mpls (recirculation)
mls mpls qos input uniform-mode
monitor event-trace (EXEC)
monitor event-trace (global)
monitor peer bfd
mpls atm control-vc
mpls atm cos
mpls atm disable-headend-vc
mpls atm multi-vc
mpls atm vp-tunnel
mpls atm vpi
mpls bgp forwarding
mpls control-word
mpls cos-map
mpls experimental
mpls export interval
mpls export vpnv4 prefixes
mpls forwarding bgp
mpls ip (global configuration)
mpls ip (interface configuration)
mpls ip default-route
mpls ip encapsulate explicit-null
mpls ip propagate-ttl
mpls ip ttl-expiration pop
mpls ipv6 source-interface
mpls l2transport route
mpls label
mpls label mode
mpls label mode (6VPE)
mpls label protocol (global configuration)
mpls label protocol (interface configuration)
mpls label range
mpls ldp address-message
mpls ldp advertise-labels
mpls ldp advertise-labels old-style
mpls ldp atm control-mode
mpls ldp atm vc-merge
mpls ldp autoconfig
mpls ldp backoff
mpls ldp discovery
mpls ldp discovery transport-address
mpls ldp explicit-null
mpls ldp graceful-restart
mpls ldp graceful-restart timers forwarding-holding
mpls ldp graceful-restart timers max-recovery
mpls ldp graceful-restart timers neighbor-liveness
mpls ldp holdtime
mpls ldp igp autoconfig
mpls ldp igp sync
mpls ldp igp sync holddown
mpls ldp label
mpls ldp logging neighbor-changes
mpls ldp logging password configuration
mpls ldp logging password rollover
mpls ldp loop-detection
mpls ldp maxhops
mpls ldp neighbor implicit-withdraw
mpls ldp neighbor labels accept
mpls ldp neighbor password
mpls ldp neighbor targeted
mpls ldp nsr
mpls ldp password fallback
mpls ldp password option
mpls ldp password required
mpls ldp password rollover duration
mpls ldp path-vector maxlength
mpls ldp router-id
mpls ldp session protection
mpls ldp sync
mpls ldp tcp pak-priority
mpls load-balance per-label
mpls mtu
mpls netflow egress
mpls oam
mpls prefix-map
mpls request-labels for
mpls static binding ipv4
mpls static binding ipv4 vrf
mpls static crossconnect
mpls tp
mpls tp link
mpls tp lsp
mpls tra
mpls traffic-eng
mpls traffic-eng administrative-weight
mpls traffic-eng area
mpls traffic-eng atm cos global-pool
mpls traffic-eng atm cos sub-pool
mpls traffic-eng attribute-flags
mpls traffic-eng auto-bw timers
mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel backup
mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel backup config
mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel backup config affinity
mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel backup nhop-only
mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel backup srlg exclude
mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel backup timers
mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel backup tunnel-num
mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel mesh
mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel mesh tunnel-num
mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel primary config
mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel primary config mpls ip
mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel primary onehop
mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel primary timers
mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel primary tunnel-num
mpls traffic-eng backup-path
mpls traffic-eng backup-path tunnel
mpls traffic-eng ds-te bc-model
mpls traffic-eng ds-te mode
mpls traffic-eng fast-reroute backup-prot-preemption
mpls traffic-eng fast-reroute promote
mpls traffic-eng flooding thresholds
mpls traffic-eng interface
mpls traffic-eng link timers bandwidth-hold
mpls traffic-eng link timers periodic-flooding
mpls traffic-eng link-management timers bandwidth-hold
mpls traffic-eng link-management timers periodic-flooding
mpls traffic-eng logging lsp
mpls traffic-eng logging tunnel
mpls traffic-eng lsp attributes
mpls traffic-eng mesh-group
mpls traffic-eng multicast-intact
mpls traffic-eng passive-interface
mpls traffic-eng path-option list
mpls traffic-eng path-selection metric
mpls traffic-eng reoptimize
mpls traffic-eng reoptimize events
mpls traffic-eng reoptimize timers delay
mpls traffic-eng reoptimize timers frequency
mpls traffic-eng router-id
mpls traffic-eng scanner
mpls traffic-eng signalling advertise explicit-null
mpls traffic-eng signalling advertise implicit-null
mpls traffic-eng srlg
mpls traffic-eng topology holddown sigerr
mpls traffic-eng tunnels (global configuration)
mpls traffic-eng tunnels (interface configuration)
mpls ttl-dec


name (MST)
neighbor (MPLS)
neighbor (VPLS transport mode)
neighbor (VPLS)
neighbor activate
neighbor allowas-in
neighbor as-override
neighbor inter-as-hybrid
neighbor override-capability-neg
neighbor remote-as
neighbor send-community
neighbor send-label
neighbor send-label explicit-null
neighbor suppress-signaling-protocol
neighbor update-source
network (IPv6)


oam retry
oam-ac emulation-enable


passive-interface (IPv6)
ping mpls
ping mpls tp
ping vrf
platform mpls load-balance ingress-port
priority (LSP Attributes)
protection (LSP Attributes)
protection local-prefixes
psc refresh interval
pseudowire routing
pseudowire type
pseudowire-static-oam class
pseudowire-tlv template


rd (VPLS)
record-route (LSP Attributes)
redundancy delay (xconnect)
route-target (VPLS)
router bgp


set cos
set extcomm-list delete
set ipv6 default next-hop
set ipv6 next-hop (PBR)
set mpls experimental
set mpls experimental imposition
set mpls experimental topmost
set mpls-label
set ospf router-id
set vrf
show acircuit checkpoint
show atm cell-packing
show atm vc
show bridge-domain
show connection
show controllers vsi control-interface
show controllers vsi descriptor
show controllers vsi session
show controllers vsi status
show controllers vsi traffic
show controllers xtagatm
show interface pseudowire
show interface tunnel configuration
show interface virtual-ethernet
show interface xtagatm
show ip bgp l2vpn
show ip bgp labels
show ip bgp neighbors
show ip bgp vpnv4
show ip explicit-paths
show ip multicast mpls vif
show ip ospf datab
show ip ospf mpls ldp interface
show ip ospf mpls traffic-eng
show ip protocols vrf
show ip route
show ip route vrf
show ip rsvp fast bw-protect
show ip rsvp fast detail
show ip rsvp hello
show ip rsvp hello bfd nbr
show ip rsvp hello bfd nbr detail
show ip rsvp hello bfd nbr summary
show ip rsvp hello instance detail
show ip rsvp hello instance summary
show ip rsvp hello sta
show ip rsvp high-availability database
show ip rsvp host
show ip rsvp interface detail
show ip traffic-engineering
show ip traffic-engineering configuration
show ip traffic-engineering routes
show ip vrf
show ipv6 cef vrf
show ipv6 route vrf
show isis database verbose
show isis mpls ldp
show isis mpls traffic-eng adjacency-log
show isis mpls traffic-eng advertisements
show isis mpls traffic-eng downstream-tree
show isis mpls traffic-eng tunnel
show issu clients
show issu entities
show issu message types
show issu negotiated
show issu sessions
show l2vpn atom binding
show l2vpn atom checkpoint
show l2vpn atom hw-capability
show l2vpn atom memory
show l2vpn atom pwid
show l2vpn atom static-oam
show l2vpn atom summary
show l2vpn atom vc
show l2vpn pwmib
show l2vpn rib
show l2vpn service
show l2vpn signaling rib
show l2vpn vfi
show mls cef mpls exact-route
show mpls atm-ldp bindings
show mpls atm-ldp bindwait
show mpls atm-ldp capability
show mpls atm-ldp summary
show mpls cos-map
show mpls flow mappings
show mpls forwarding vrf
show mpls forwarding-table
show mpls infra lfd block-database
show mpls interfaces
show mpls ip binding
show mpls ip iprm counters
show mpls ip iprm ldm
show mpls ip iprm statistics
show mpls l2 vc detail
show mpls l2transport binding
show mpls l2transport checkpoint
show mpls l2transport hw-capability
show mpls l2transport static-oam
show mpls l2transport summary
show mpls l2transport vc
show mpls label range
show mpls ldp backoff
show mpls ldp bindings
show mpls ldp capabilities
show mpls ldp checkpoint
show mpls ldp discovery
show mpls ldp graceful-restart
show mpls ldp igp sync
show mpls ldp neighbor
show mpls ldp neighbor password
show mpls ldp nsr
show mpls ldp parameters
show mpls memory
show mpls oam echo statistics
show mpls platform
show mpls prefix-map
show mpls static binding
show mpls static crossconnect
show mpls tp link-management admission-control failures
show mpls traffic tunnel backup
show mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel backup
show mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel mesh
show mpls traffic-eng auto-tunnel primary
show mpls traffic-eng autoroute
show mpls traffic-eng destination list
show mpls traffic-eng exp
show mpls traffic-eng fast-reroute database
show mpls traffic-eng fast-reroute log reroutes
show mpls traffic-eng forwarding path-set
show mpls traffic-eng forwarding statistics
show mpls traffic-eng forwarding-adjacency
show mpls traffic-eng link-management
show mpls traffic-eng link-management admission-control
show mpls traffic-eng link-management advertisements
show mpls traffic-eng link-management igp-neighbors
show mpls traffic-eng link-management interfaces
show mpls traffic-eng link-management summary
show mpls traffic-eng lsp attributes
show mpls traffic-eng process-restart iprouting
show mpls traffic-eng topology
show mpls traffic-eng topology path
show mpls traffic-eng tunnels
show mpls traffic-eng tunnels statistics
show mpls traffic-eng tunnels summary
show mpls ttfib
show platform software ethernet f0 efp
show platform software ethernet f1 efp
show platform software mpls
show platform software vpn
show policy-map interface
show pw-udp vc
show running interface auto-template
show running-config vrf
show spanning-tree mst
show tech-support mpls
show vfi
show vrf
show xconnect
show xtagatm cos-bandwidth-allocation
show xtagatm cross-connect
show xtagatm vc
shutdown (mpls)
signaling protocol
snmp mib mpls vpn
snmp-server community
snmp-server enable traps (MPLS)
snmp-server enable traps mpls p2mp-traffic-eng
snmp-server enable traps mpls rfc ldp
snmp-server enable traps mpls rfc vpn
snmp-server enable traps mpls traffic-eng
snmp-server enable traps mpls vpn
snmp-server group
snmp-server host
source template type pseudowire
spanning-tree mode
spanning-tree mst configuration
status (pseudowire class)
status control-plane route-watch
status protocol notification static
status redundancy
switching tlv


tag-control-protocol vsi
terminating-pe tie-breaker
tlv template
traceroute mpls
traceroute mpls multipath
traffic-engineering filter
traffic-engineering route
transport vpls mesh
tunnel destination access-list
tunnel destination list mpls traffic-eng
tunnel destination mesh-group
tunnel flow egress-records
tunnel mode mpls traffic-eng
tunnel mode mpls traffic-eng point-to-multipoint
tunnel mpls traffic-eng affinity
tunnel mpls traffic-eng autoroute announce
tunnel mpls traffic-eng autoroute destination
tunnel mpls traffic-eng autoroute metric
tunnel mpls traffic-eng backup-bw
tunnel mpls traffic-eng bandwidth
tunnel mpls traffic-eng exp
tunnel mpls traffic-eng exp-bundle master
tunnel mpls traffic-eng exp-bundle member
tunnel mpls traffic-eng fast-reroute
tunnel mpls traffic-eng forwarding-adjacency
tunnel mpls traffic-eng interface down delay
tunnel mpls traffic-eng load-share
tunnel mpls traffic-eng name
tunnel mpls traffic-eng path-option
tunnel mpls traffic-eng path-option protect
tunnel mpls traffic-eng path-selection metric
tunnel mpls traffic-eng priority
tunnel mpls traffic-eng record-route
tunnel tsp-hop
tunnel vrf
type copy


udp port


vpn id
vpn id (mpls)
vrf definition
vrf forwarding
vrf selection source
vrf upgrade-cli


xconnect logging pseudowire status