Cisco IOS IPv6 Command Reference
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aaa accounting multicast default
aaa accounting send counters ipv6
aaa authorization multicast default
accounting (DHCP for
address (Mobile IPv6)
address ipv6 (TACACS+)
address prefix
address-family ipv4 (OSPFv3)
address-family ipv6
address-family ipv6 (IS-IS)
address-family ipv6 (OSPFv3)
address-family vpnv6
advertise passive-only (IPv6)
area (IPv6 address family configuration)
area authentication (IPv6)
area range
authentication (Mobile IPv6)
auto-cost (IPv6)
auto-cost (OSPFv3)


bfd all-interfaces (OSPFv3)
bgp default ipv6-nexthop
bgp recursion host


cdma pdsn ipv6
clear bgp ipv6
clear bgp ipv6 dampening
clear bgp ipv6 external
clear bgp ipv6 flap-statistics
clear bgp ipv6 peer-group
clear ipv6 access-list
clear ipv6 dhcp
clear ipv6 dhcp binding
clear ipv6 dhcp client
clear ipv6 dhcp conflict
clear ipv6 dhcp relay binding
clear ipv6 eigrp
clear ipv6 flow stats
clear ipv6 inspect
clear ipv6 mfib counters
clear ipv6 mld counters
clear ipv6 mld traffic
clear ipv6 mobile binding
clear ipv6 mobile home-agents
clear ipv6 mobile traffic
clear ipv6 mtu
clear ipv6 multicast aaa aut
clear ipv6 nat translation
clear ipv6 nd destination
clear ipv6 nd on-link prefix
clear ipv6 nd router
clear ipv6 neighbors
clear ipv6 nhrp
clear ipv6 ospf
clear ipv6 ospf counters
clear ipv6 ospf events
clear ipv6 pim counters
clear ipv6 pim limit
clear ipv6 pim reset
clear ipv6 pim topology
clear ipv6 pim traffic
clear ipv6 prefix-list
clear ipv6 rip
clear ipv6 route
clear ipv6 snooping counters
clear ipv6 spd
clear ipv6 traffic
clear ipv6 wccp
clear mls cef ipv6 accounting per-prefix
clear ospfv3 counters
clear ospfv3 force-spf
clear ospfv3 process
clear ospfv3 redistribution
clear ospfv3 traffic
compatible rfc1583
ctunnel mode


default (IPv6 OSPF)
default (OSPFv3)
default-information originate (IPv6 IS-IS)
default-information originate (IPv6 OSPF)
default-information originate (OSPFv3)
default-metric (OSPFv3)
deny (IPv6)
deny global-autoconf
distance (IPv6 EIGRP)
distance (IPv6 Mobile)
distance (IPv6)
distance (OSPFv3)
distance bgp (IPv6)
distribute-list prefix-list (IPv6 EIGRP)
distribute-list prefix-list (IPv6 OSPF)
distribute-list prefix-list (IPv6 RIP)
distribute-list prefix-list (OSPFv3)
dns-server (IPv6)
domain-name (IPv6)


evaluate (IPv6)
event-log (OSPFv3)


frame-relay map ipv6


glbp ipv6
graceful-restart helper


hardware statistics
host group


identity (IKEv2 keyring)
identity local
import dns-server
import domain-name
import information refresh
import nis address
import nis domain-name
import nisp address
import nisp domain-name
import sip address
import sip domain-name
import sntp address
information refresh
ipv6 access-class
ipv6 access-list
ipv6 access-list log-update threshold
ipv6 address
ipv6 address anycast
ipv6 address autoconfig
ipv6 address dhcp
ipv6 address dhcp client request
ipv6 address eui-64
ipv6 address link-local
ipv6 atm-vc
ipv6 authentication key-chain eigrp
ipv6 authentication mode eigrp
ipv6 bandwidth-percent eigrp
ipv6 cef
ipv6 cef accounting
ipv6 cef distributed
ipv6 cef load-sharing algorithm
ipv6 cef optimize neighbor resolution
ipv6 cga modifier rsakeypair
ipv6 cga rsakeypair
ipv6 crypto map
ipv6 destination-guard attach-policy
ipv6 destination-guard policy
ipv6 dhcp binding track
ipv6 dhcp client information refresh minimum
ipv6 dhcp client pd
ipv6 dhcp database
ipv6 dhcp debug redundancy
ipv6 dhcp framed password
ipv6 dhcp guard attach-policy
ipv6 dhcp guard policy
ipv6 dhcp ping packets
ipv6 dhcp pool
ipv6 dhcp relay destination
ipv6 dhcp relay source-interface
ipv6 dhcp server
ipv6 dhcp server vrf enable
ipv6 dhcp-relay bulk-lease
ipv6 dhcp-relay option vpn
ipv6 dhcp-relay show bindings
ipv6 dhcp-relay source-interface
ipv6 eigrp
ipv6 enable
ipv6 general-prefix
ipv6 hello-interval eigrp
ipv6 hold-time eigrp
ipv6 hop-limit
ipv6 host
ipv6 icmp error-interval
ipv6 inspect
ipv6 inspect alert-off
ipv6 inspect audit trail
ipv6 inspect max-incomplete high
ipv6 inspect max-incomplete low
ipv6 inspect name
ipv6 inspect one-minute high
ipv6 inspect one-minute low
ipv6 inspect routing-header
ipv6 inspect tcp finwait-time
ipv6 inspect tcp idle-time
ipv6 inspect tcp max-incomplete host
ipv6 inspect tcp synwait-time
ipv6 inspect udp idle-time
ipv6 local policy route-map
ipv6 local pool
ipv6 mfib
ipv6 mfib cef output
ipv6 mfib fast
ipv6 mfib forwarding
ipv6 mfib hardware-switching
ipv6 mfib-cef
ipv6 mfib-mode centralized-only
ipv6 mld
ipv6 mld access-group
ipv6 mld explicit-tracking
ipv6 mld host-proxy
ipv6 mld host-proxy interface
ipv6 mld join-group
ipv6 mld limit
ipv6 mld router
ipv6 mld snooping
ipv6 mld snooping limit
ipv6 mld snooping mrouter
ipv6 mld snooping querier
ipv6 mld snooping report-suppression
ipv6 mld ssm-map
ipv6 mld ssm-map query
ipv6 mld state-limit
ipv6 mld static-group
ipv6 mobile home-agent (global configuration)
ipv6 mobile home-agent (interface configuration)
ipv6 mobile router
ipv6 mobile router-service roam
ipv6 mode host
ipv6 mtu
ipv6 multicast
ipv6 multicast aaa account receive
ipv6 multicast group-range
ipv6 multicast limit
ipv6 multicast limit cost
ipv6 multicast limit rate
ipv6 multicast multipath
ipv6 multicast pim-passive-enable
ipv6 multicast rpf
ipv6 nat
ipv6 nat max-entries
ipv6 nat prefix
ipv6 nat prefix v4-mapped
ipv6 nat translation
ipv6 nat v4v6 pool
ipv6 nat v4v6 source
ipv6 nat v6v4 pool
ipv6 nat v6v4 source
ipv6 nd advertisement-interval
ipv6 nd autoconfig default-router
ipv6 nd autoconfig prefix
ipv6 nd cache expire
ipv6 nd cache interface-limit (global)
ipv6 nd cache interface-limit (interface)
ipv6 nd dad attempts
ipv6 nd dad time
ipv6 nd dad-proxy
ipv6 nd host mode strict
ipv6 nd inspection
ipv6 nd inspection policy
ipv6 nd managed-config-flag
ipv6 nd na glean
ipv6 nd ns-interval
ipv6 nd nud retry
ipv6 nd other-config-flag
ipv6 nd prefix
ipv6 nd prefix framed-ipv6-prefix
ipv6 nd prefix-advertisement
ipv6 nd ra dns server
ipv6 nd ra interval
ipv6 nd ra lifetime
ipv6 nd ra solicited
ipv6 nd ra suppress
ipv6 nd raguard
ipv6 nd raguard attach-policy
ipv6 nd raguard policy
ipv6 nd reachable-time
ipv6 nd resolution data limit
ipv6 nd route-owner
ipv6 nd router-preference
ipv6 nd secured certificate-db
ipv6 nd secured full-secure
ipv6 nd secured full-secure (interface)
ipv6 nd secured key-length
ipv6 nd secured sec-level
ipv6 nd secured timestamp
ipv6 nd secured timestamp-db
ipv6 nd secured trustanchor
ipv6 nd secured trustpoint
ipv6 nd suppress attach-policy
ipv6 nd suppress policy
ipv6 neighbor
ipv6 neighbor binding
ipv6 neighbor binding down-lifetime
ipv6 neighbor binding interface
ipv6 neighbor binding logging
ipv6 neighbor binding max-entries
ipv6 neighbor binding stale-lifetime
ipv6 neighbor binding vlan
ipv6 neighbor tracking
ipv6 next-hop-self eigrp
ipv6 nhrp authentication
ipv6 nhrp holdtime
ipv6 nhrp interest
ipv6 nhrp map
ipv6 nhrp map multicast
ipv6 nhrp map multicast dynamic
ipv6 nhrp max-send
ipv6 nhrp network-id
ipv6 nhrp nhs
ipv6 nhrp record
ipv6 nhrp redirect
ipv6 nhrp registration
ipv6 nhrp responder
ipv6 nhrp server-only
ipv6 nhrp shortcut
ipv6 nhrp trigger-svc
ipv6 nhrp use
ipv6 ospf
ipv6 ospf area
ipv6 ospf authentication
ipv6 ospf bfd
ipv6 ospf cost
ipv6 ospf database-filter all out
ipv6 ospf dead-interval
ipv6 ospf demand-circuit
ipv6 ospf encryption
ipv6 ospf hello-interval
ipv6 ospf mtu-ignore
ipv6 ospf name-lookup
ipv6 ospf neighbor
ipv6 ospf network
ipv6 ospf priority
ipv6 ospf retransmit-interval
ipv6 ospf transmit-delay
ipv6 pim
ipv6 pim accept-register
ipv6 pim allow-rp
ipv6 pim anycast-RP
ipv6 pim bsr border
ipv6 pim bsr candidate bsr
ipv6 pim bsr candidate rp
ipv6 pim dr-priority
ipv6 pim neighbor-filter list
ipv6 pim passive
ipv6 pim rp embedded
ipv6 pim rp-address
ipv6 pim spt-threshold infinity
ipv6 policy route-map
ipv6 port-map
ipv6 prefix-list
ipv6 redirects
ipv6 rip default-information
ipv6 rip enable
ipv6 rip metric-offset
ipv6 rip summary-address
ipv6 rip vrf-mode enable
ipv6 route
ipv6 route priority high
ipv6 route static bfd
ipv6 route static resolve default
ipv6 router eigrp
ipv6 router isis
ipv6 router nemo
ipv6 router ospf
ipv6 router rip
ipv6 routing-enforcement-header loose
ipv6 snooping attach-policy
ipv6 snooping logging
ipv6 snooping logging packet drop
ipv6 snooping policy
ipv6 source-guard attach-policy
ipv6 source-guard policy
ipv6 source-route
ipv6 spd mode
ipv6 spd queue max-threshold
ipv6 spd queue min-threshold
ipv6 split-horizon eigrp
ipv6 summary-address eigrp
ipv6 tacacs source-interface
ipv6 traffic interface-statistics
ipv6 traffic-filter
ipv6 unicast-routing
ipv6 unnumbered
ipv6 unreachables
ipv6 verify unicast reverse-path
ipv6 verify unicast source
ipv6 virtual-reassembly
ipv6 virtual-reassembly drop-fragments
ipv6 wccp
ipv6 wccp check acl outbound
ipv6 wccp group-listen
ipv6 wccp redirect
ipv6 wccp redirect exclude in
ipv6 wccp source-interface
ipv6 wccpcheck services all
isis ipv6 bfd
isis ipv6 metric
isis ipv6 tag


limit address-count
log-adjacency-changes (OSPFv3)
log-neighbor-changes (IPv6 EIGRP)


match access-group name
match identity
match ipv6
match ipv6 access-list
match ipv6 address
match ipv6 destination
match ipv6 extension map
match ipv6 fragmentation
match ipv6 length
match ipv6 next-hop
match ipv6 route-source
match ra prefix-list
maximum-paths (IPv6)
maximum-paths (OSPFv3)
mls ipv6 acl compress address unicast
mls ipv6 acl source
mls ipv6 slb search wildcard rp
mls ipv6 vrf
mls rate-limit multicast ipv6
mode dad-proxy
monitor event ipv6 static
monitor event-trace cef ipv6 (global)
monitor event-trace ipv6 spd


nai (proxy mobile IPv6)
neighbor override-capability-neg
neighbor send-label
network (IPv6)
nis address
nis domain-name
nisp address
nisp domain-name


ospfv3 area
ospfv3 authentication
ospfv3 bfd
ospfv3 cost
ospfv3 database-filter
ospfv3 dead-interval
ospfv3 demand-circuit
ospfv3 encryption
ospfv3 flood-reduction
ospfv3 hello-interval
ospfv3 mtu-ignore
ospfv3 network
ospfv3 priority
ospfv3 retransmit-interval


passive-interface (IPv6)
passive-interface (OSPFv3)
peer default ipv6 address
permit (IPv6)
permit link-local
ping ipv6
platform ipv6 acl fragment hardware
platform ipv6 acl icmp optimize neighbor-discovery
platform ipv6 acl punt extension-header
poison-reverse (IPv6 RIP)
port (IPv6 RIP)
port (TACACS+)
ppp ipv6cp address unique
ppp multilink
ppp ncp override local
prc-interval (IPv6)
prefix-delegation aaa
prefix-delegation pool
protocol (IPv6)
protocol ipv6 (ATM)


queue-depth (OSPFv3)


redistribute (IPv6)
redistribute (OSPFv3)
redistribute isis (IPv6)
register (mobile router)
remark (IPv6)
router ospfv3
router-id (IPv6)
router-id (OSPFv3)
router-preference maximum


sec-level minimum
server name (IPv6 TACACS+)
set ipv6 default next-hop
set ipv6 next-hop
set ipv6 next-hop (BGP)
set ipv6 precedence
show bgp ip
show bgp ipv6
show bgp ipv6 community
show bgp ipv6 community-list
show bgp ipv6 dampened-paths
show bgp ipv6 filter-list
show bgp ipv6 flap-statistics
show bgp ipv6 inconsistent-as
show bgp ipv6 neighbors
show bgp ipv6 paths
show bgp ipv6 peer-group
show bgp ipv6 prefix-list
show bgp ipv6 quote-regexp
show bgp ipv6 regexp
show bgp ipv6 route-map
show bgp ipv6 summary
show bgp vpnv6 unicast
show erm statistics
show fm ipv6 pbr all
show fm ipv6 pbr interface
show fm ipv6 traffic-filter
show fm raguard
show ipv6 access-list
show ipv6 cef
show ipv6 cef adjacency
show ipv6 cef events
show ipv6 cef exact-route
show ipv6 cef neighbor discovery throttling
show ipv6 cef non-recursive
show ipv6 cef platform
show ipv6 cef summary
show ipv6 cef switching statistics
show ipv6 cef traffic prefix-length
show ipv6 cef tree
show ipv6 cef unresolved
show ipv6 cef vrf
show ipv6 cef with epoch
show ipv6 cef with source
show ipv6 cga address-db
show ipv6 cga modifier-db
show ipv6 destination-guard policy
show ipv6 dhcp
show ipv6 dhcp binding
show ipv6 dhcp conflict
show ipv6 dhcp database
show ipv6 dhcp guard policy
show ipv6 dhcp interface
show ipv6 dhcp pool
show ipv6 dhcp relay binding
show ipv6 eigrp events
show ipv6 eigrp interfaces
show ipv6 eigrp neig
show ipv6 eigrp topology
show ipv6 eigrp traffic
show ipv6 flow cache aggregation
show ipv6 flow export
show ipv6 general-prefix
show ipv6 inspect
show ipv6 interface
show ipv6 local pool
show ipv6 mfib
show ipv6 mfib active
show ipv6 mfib count
show ipv6 mfib global
show ipv6 mfib instance
show ipv6 mfib route
show ipv6 mfib status
show ipv6 mld
show ipv6 mld groups
show ipv6 mld host-proxy
show ipv6 mld ssm-map
show ipv6 mld traffic
show ipv6 mobile binding
show ipv6 mobile globals
show ipv6 mobile home-agents
show ipv6 mobile host groups
show ipv6 mobile router
show ipv6 mobile traffic
show ipv6 mobile tunnels
show ipv6 mrib client
show ipv6 mrib route
show ipv6 mroute
show ipv6 mroute active
show ipv6 mtu
show ipv6 nat statistics
show ipv6 nat translations
show ipv6 nd destination
show ipv6 nd on-link prefix
show ipv6 nd raguard counters
show ipv6 nd raguard policy
show ipv6 nd secured certificates
show ipv6 nd secured counters interface
show ipv6 nd secured nonce-db
show ipv6 nd secured solicit-db
show ipv6 nd secured timestamp-db
show ipv6 neighbor binding
show ipv6 neighbors
show ipv6 nhrp
show ipv6 nhrp multicast
show ipv6 nhrp nhs
show ipv6 nhrp summary
show ipv6 nhrp traffic
show ipv6 osp
show ipv6 ospf
show ipv6 ospf border-routers
show ipv6 ospf database
show ipv6 ospf event
show ipv6 ospf flood-list
show ipv6 ospf graceful-restart
show ipv6 ospf interface
show ipv6 ospf neighbor
show ipv6 ospf retransmission-list
show ipv6 ospf statistics
show ipv6 ospf summary-prefix
show ipv6 ospf timers rate-limit
show ipv6 ospf traffic
show ipv6 ospf virtual-links
show ipv6 pi
show ipv6 pim
show ipv6 pim anycast-RP
show ipv6 pim bsr
show ipv6 pim df winner
show ipv6 pim join-prune
show ipv6 pim limit
show ipv6 pim traffic
show ipv6 pim tunnel
show ipv6 policy
show ipv6 port-map
show ipv6 prefix-list
show ipv6 protocols
show ipv6 rip
show ipv6 route
show ipv6 route shortcut
show ipv6 route summary
show ipv6 route vrf
show ipv6 routers
show ipv6 rpf
show ipv6 snooping capture-policy
show ipv6 snooping counters
show ipv6 snooping features
show ipv6 snooping policies
show ipv6 source-guard policy
show ipv6 spd
show ipv6 static
show ipv6 traffic
show ipv6 tunnel
show ipv6 virtual-reassembly
show ipv6 virtual-reassembly features
show ipv6 wccp
show ipv6 wccp global counters
show isis ipv6 rib
show monitor event-trace vpn-mapper
show ospfv3 border-routers
show ospfv3 database
show ospfv3 events
show ospfv3 flood-list
show ospfv3 graceful-restart
show ospfv3 interface
show ospfv3 max-metric
show ospfv3 neighbor
show ospfv3 request-list
show ospfv3 retransmission-list
show ospfv3 statistic
show ospfv3 summary-prefix
show ospfv3 timers rate-limit
show ospfv3 traffic
show ospfv3 virtual-links
show platform 6rd tunnel-endpt
show platform software ipv6-multicast
show platform software vpn
show tunnel 6rd
show tunnel 6rd destination
show tunnel 6rd prefix
sip address
sip domain-name
sntp address
spd extended-headroom
spd headroom
spf-interval (IPv6)
split-horizon (IPv6 RIP)
standby ipv6
summary-prefix (IPv6 IS-IS)
summary-prefix (OSPFv3)
synchronization (IPv6)


timers (IPv6 RIP)
timers lsa arrival
timers pacing flood (OSPFv3)
timers pacing lsa-group (OSPFv3)
timers pacing retransmission (OSPFv3)
timers spf (IPv6)
timers throttle lsa
timers throttle spf
trusted-port (IPv6 NDP Inspection Policy)
trusted-port (IPv6 RA Guard Policy)
tunnel 6rd br
tunnel 6rd ipv4
tunnel 6rd prefix
tunnel mode ipv6ip


validate source-mac
vrf (DHCPv6 pool)