Cisco IOS IP Application Services Command Reference
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clear ip accounting
clear ip icmp rate-limit
clear ip sctp statistics
clear ip tcp header-compression
clear ip traffic
clear ip wccp
clear mls acl counters
clear platform software wccp
clear sctp statistics
clear sockets
clear tcp statistics
clear time-range ipc
clear wccp


default (tracking)
delay (tracking)




ip accountin
ip accounting
ip accounting mac-address
ip accounting precedence
ip accounting-list
ip accounting-transits
ip broadcast-address
ip casa
ip cef traffic-statistics
ip directed-broadcast
ip forward-protocol
ip forward-protocol spanning-tree
ip forward-protocol turbo-flood
ip header-compression special-vj
ip helper-address
ip icmp rate-limit unreachable
ip icmp redirect
ip information-reply
ip mask-reply
ip mtu
ip redirects
ip sctp asconf
ip sctp authenticate
ip tcp adjust-mss
ip tcp chunk-size
ip tcp compression-connections
ip tcp ecn
ip tcp header-compression
ip tcp keepalive
ip tcp mss
ip tcp path-mtu-discovery
ip tcp queuemax
ip tcp selective-ack
ip tcp synwait-time
ip tcp timestamp
ip tcp window-size
ip unreachables
ip vrf
ip vrf (tracking)
ip wccp
ip wccp check acl outbound
ip wccp check services all
ip wccp enable
ip wccp group-listen
ip wccp outbound-acl-check
ip wccp redirect
ip wccp redirect exclude
ip wccp redirect-list
ip wccp source-interface
ip wccp version
ip wccp web-cache accelerated
ipv6 route vrf
ipv6 tcp adjust-mss


mls ip install-threshold
mls ip reflexive ndr-entry tcam


object (tracking)


platform trace runtime process forwarding-manager module wccp


show debugging
show interface mac
show interface precedence
show ip accounting
show ip casa affinities
show ip casa oper
show ip casa stats
show ip casa wildcard
show ip helper-address
show ip icmp rate-limit
show ip redirects
show ip sctp association list
show ip sctp association parameters
show ip sctp association statistics
show ip sctp errors
show ip sctp instances
show ip sctp statistics
show ip sockets
show ip tcp header-compression
show ip traffic
show ip wccp
show ip wccp global counters
show ip wccp web-caches
show platform hardware qfp active feature wccp
show platform software wccp
show sctp association
show sctp association list
show sctp association parameters
show sctp association statistics
show sctp errors
show sctp instance
show sctp instances
show sctp statistics
show sockets
show tcp
show tcp brief
show tcp statistics
show time-range ipc
show track
show track resolution
show track route
show udp
show wccp
show wccp global counters


threshold metric
threshold percentage
threshold weight
track abcd
track application
track interface
track ip route
track ip sla
track list
track resolution
track rtr
track stub-object
track timer