Cisco IOS IP Addressing Services Command Reference
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accounting (DHCP for
accounting (DHCP)
address client-id
address hardware-address
address range
alg sip
application redundancy
arp (global)
arp (interface)
arp access-list
arp authorized
arp log threshold entries
arp packet-priority enable
arp probe interval
arp timeout
authorization method (DHCP)
authorization shared-password
authorization username (DHCP)
auto-ip-ring server




class (DHCP)
clear arp interface
clear arp-cache
clear arp-cache counters ha
clear host
clear ip arp inspection log
clear ip arp inspection statistics
clear ip arp poll statistics
clear ip dhcp binding
clear ip dhcp conflict
clear ip dhcp limit lease
clear ip dhcp server statistics
clear ip dhcp snooping binding
clear ip dhcp snooping database statistics
clear ip dhcp snooping statistics
clear ip dhcp subnet
clear ip interface
clear ip nat translation
clear ip nat translation redundancy
clear ip nhrp
clear ip route
clear ip route dhcp
clear ip snat sessions
clear ip snat translation distributed
clear ip snat translation peer
clear ip translation peer
clear ipv6 dhcp
clear ipv6 dhcp binding
clear ipv6 dhcp client
clear ipv6 dhcp conflict
clear ipv6 dhcp relay binding
clear ipv6 dhcp route
clear ipv6 nat translation
clear logging ip access-list cache
clear mdns
clear mdns cache
clear nat64
clear nat64 ha statistics


ddns (DDNS-update-method)
device-role (DHCPv6 Guard)
dns forwarder
dns forwarding
dns forwarding source-interface
dns-server (IPv6)
dns-server (config-dhcp-global-options)
domain list
domain lookup
domain multicast
domain name
domain name-server
domain name-server interface
domain retry
domain round-robin
domain timeout
domain-name (DHCP)
domain-name (IPv6)


group (firewall)


host (host-list)


import all
import dns-server
import domain-name
import information refresh
import nis address
import nis domain-name
import nisp address
import nisp domain-name
import sip address
import sip domain-name
import sntp address
information refresh
internal (DDNS-update-method)
interval maximum
interval minimum
ip address
ip address dhcp
ip address pool (DHCP)
ip arp entry learn
ip arp gratuitous
ip arp incomplete
ip arp inspection filter vlan
ip arp inspection limit (interface configuration)
ip arp inspection log-buffer
ip arp inspection trust
ip arp inspection validate
ip arp inspection vlan
ip arp inspection vlan logging
ip arp poll
ip arp proxy disable
ip arp queue
ip classless
ip ddns update hostname
ip ddns update method
ip default-gateway
ip dhcp aaa default username
ip dhcp bootp ignore
ip dhcp class
ip dhcp client
ip dhcp client authentication key-chain
ip dhcp client authentication mode
ip dhcp client broadcast-flag (interface)
ip dhcp client class-id
ip dhcp client client-id
ip dhcp client default-router distance
ip dhcp client hostname
ip dhcp client lease
ip dhcp client mobile renew
ip dhcp client request
ip dhcp client route
ip dhcp client update dns
ip dhcp compatibility lease-query client
ip dhcp compatibility suboption link-selection
ip dhcp conflict logging
ip dhcp conflict resolution
ip dhcp database
ip dhcp debug ascii-client-id
ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp global-options
ip dhcp limit lease
ip dhcp limit lease log
ip dhcp limit lease per interface
ip dhcp limited-broadcast-address
ip dhcp ping packets
ip dhcp ping timeout
ip dhcp pool
ip dhcp relay bootp ignore
ip dhcp relay forward spanning-tree
ip dhcp relay information check
ip dhcp relay information check-reply
ip dhcp relay information option
ip dhcp relay information option server-id-override
ip dhcp relay information option subscriber-id
ip dhcp relay information option vpn-id
ip dhcp relay information option-insert
ip dhcp relay information policy
ip dhcp relay information policy-action
ip dhcp relay information trust-all
ip dhcp relay information trusted
ip dhcp relay prefer known-good-server
ip dhcp route connected
ip dhcp server use subscriber-id client-id
ip dhcp smart-relay
ip dhcp snooping
ip dhcp snooping binding
ip dhcp snooping database
ip dhcp snooping detect spurious
ip dhcp snooping detect spurious interval
ip dhcp snooping detect spurious vlan
ip dhcp snooping information option
ip dhcp snooping limit
ip dhcp snooping packets
ip dhcp snooping verify mac-address
ip dhcp snooping vlan
ip dhcp subscriber-id interface-name
ip dhcp support tunnel unicast
ip dhcp update dns
ip dhcp use
ip dhcp use subscriber-id client-id
ip dhcp-client broadcast-flag
ip dhcp-client default-router distance
ip dhcp-client forcerenew
ip dhcp-client network-discovery
ip dhcp-client update dns
ip dhcp-relay information option server-override
ip dhcp-relay source-interface
ip dhcp-server
ip dhcp-server query lease
ip dns name-list
ip dns primary
ip dns server
ip dns server queue limit
ip dns server view-group
ip dns spoofing
ip dns view
ip dns view-group
ip dns view-list
ip domain list
ip domain lookup
ip domain multicast
ip domain name
ip domain recursive
ip domain retry
ip domain round-robin
ip domain timeout
ip gratuitous-arps
ip host
ip host-list
ip hostname strict
ip local-proxy-arp
ip mobile arp
ip name-server
ip nat
ip nat create flow-entries
ip nat enable
ip nat inside
ip nat inside source
ip nat log translations flow-export
ip nat log translations syslog
ip nat outside source
ip nat piggyback-support
ip nat pool
ip nat service
ip nat service dns-reset-ttl
ip nat service enable-sym-port
ip nat service pptp
ip nat settings mode
ip nat settings pap
ip nat settings support mapping outside
ip nat sip-sbc
ip nat source
ip nat stateful id
ip nat switchover replication http
ip nat translation
ip nat translation (timeout)
ip nat translation max-entries
ip netmask-format
ip nhr
ip nhrp authentication
ip nhrp group
ip nhrp holdtime
ip nhrp interest
ip nhrp map
ip nhrp map group
ip nhrp map multicast
ip nhrp map multicast dynamic
ip nhrp max-send
ip nhrp network-id
ip nhrp nhs
ip nhrp record
ip nhrp redirect
ip nhrp registration
ip nhrp registration no-unique
ip nhrp responder
ip nhrp server-only
ip nhrp shortcut
ip nhrp use
ip options
ip proxy-arp
ip route
ip route vrf
ip routing
ip source binding
ip source-route
ip sticky-arp (global configuration)
ip sticky-arp (interface configuration)
ip subnet-zero
ip unnumbered
ip verify source vlan dhcp-snooping
ipv6 address autoconfig
ipv6 address dhcp
ipv6 address dhcp client request
ipv6 dhcp binding track ppp
ipv6 dhcp client information refresh minimum
ipv6 dhcp client pd
ipv6 dhcp database
ipv6 dhcp debug redundancy
ipv6 dhcp framed password
ipv6 dhcp guard attach-policy
ipv6 dhcp guard policy
ipv6 dhcp iana-route-add
ipv6 dhcp iapd-route-add
ipv6 dhcp ldra attach-policy (VLAN)
ipv6 dhcp ping packets
ipv6 dhcp pool
ipv6 dhcp relay destination
ipv6 dhcp server
ipv6 dhcp server vrf enable
ipv6 dhcp-ldra attach-policy
ipv6 dhcp-relay bulk-lease
ipv6 dhcp-relay option vpn
ipv6 dhcp-relay show bindings
ipv6 dhcp-relay source-interface
ipv6 inspect tcp finwait-time
ipv6 nd managed-config-flag
ipv6 nd other-config-flag


local-ip (IPC transport-SCTP local)
logging (DNS)
logging (cfg-dns-view)
logging server-arp


mac packet-classify
mac packet-classify use vlan
match location
match message-type
match reply prefix-list
match server access-list
match service-instance
match service-type
mode (nat64)


nat64 enable
nat64 logging
nat64 logging translations
nat64 map-t
nat64 prefix
nat64 prefix stateful
nat64 route
nat64 service ftp
nat64 settings
nat64 settings eif
nat64 settings flow-entries disable
nat64 settings mtu minimum
nat64 switchover replicate http
nat64 translation
nat64 v4
nat64 v4v6
nat64 v6v4
network (DHCP)
nhrp group
nhrp map group
nis address
nis domain-name
nisp address
nisp domain-name


odap client
odap server
option ext
option hex
override default-router
override utilization high
override utilization low


preference (DHCPv6 Guard)
prefix-delegation aaa
prefix-delegation pool
priority (firewall)


rate-limit (mDNS)
rbe nasip
redundancy asymmetric-routing enable
redundancy group
redundancy group (interface)
relay agent information
relay destination
relay source
relay target
relay-information hex
release dhcp
remote command
remote login
remote-ip (IPC transport-SCTP remote)
renew deny unknown
renew dhcp
restrict authenticated
restrict name-group
restrict source access-group


service dhcp
service-list mdns-sd
set ip next-hop dynamic dhcp
set platform
show alg
show arp
show arp application
show arp ha
show arp summary
show auto-ip-ring
show hosts
show ip aliases
show ip arp
show ip arp inspection
show ip arp inspection log
show ip arp poll
show ip ddns update
show ip ddns update method
show ip dhcp binding
show ip dhcp conflict
show ip dhcp database
show ip dhcp import
show ip dhcp limit lease
show ip dhcp pool
show ip dhcp relay information trusted-sources
show ip dhcp server statistics
show ip dhcp snooping
show ip dhcp vrf
show ip dns name-list
show ip dns primary
show ip dns statistics
show ip dns view
show ip dns view-list
show ip host-list
show ip interface
show ip interface unnumbered
show ip irdp
show ip masks
show ip nat
show ip nat limits all-host
show ip nat limits all-vrf
show ip nat nvi statistics
show ip nat nvi translations
show ip nat redundancy
show ip nat statistics
show ip nat translations redundancy
show ip nhrp
show ip nhrp group-map
show ip nhrp multicast
show ip nhrp nhs
show ip nhrp summary
show ip nhrp traffic
show ip route dhcp
show ip snat
show ip source binding
show ip verify source
show ipv6 dhcp
show ipv6 dhcp binding
show ipv6 dhcp conflict
show ipv6 dhcp database
show ipv6 dhcp guard policy
show ipv6 dhcp interface
show ipv6 dhcp pool
show ipv6 dhcp relay binding
show ipv6 dhcp route
show ipv6 dhcp-ldra
show ipv6 nat statistics
show ipv6 nat translations
show logging ip access-list
show mdns
show mdns cache
show mdns cache mac
show mdns requests
show nat64
show nat64 adjacency
show nat64 aliases
show nat64 ha status
show nat64 limits
show nat64 map-t
show nat64 mappings dynamic
show nat64 pools
show nat64 prefix
show nat64 prefix stateful
show nat64 routes
show nat64 services
show nat64 statistics
show nat64 timeouts
show nat64 translations
show nat64 translations entry-type
show nat64 translations redundancy
show nat64 translations time
show nat64 translations total
show nat64 translations v4
show nat64 translations v6
show nat64 translations verbose
show nhrp debug-condition
show nhrp group-map
show platform
show platform hardware qfp feature
show platform software trace message
show redundancy application control-interface group
show redundancy application data-interface
show redundancy application faults group
show redundancy application group
show redundancy application if-mgr
show redundancy application protocol
show redundancy application transport
show running-config mdns-sd
show running-config vrf
sip address
sip domain-name
snmp-server enable traps dhcp
subnet prefix-length


term ip netmask-format
timers hellotime
trusted-port (DHCPv6 Guard)


update arp
update dns
utilization mark high
utilization mark low


view (DNS)
vrf (DHCP pool)
vrf (DHCPv6 pool)