Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager Command Reference
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A - D - E - S - T -



action add
action append
action break
action cli
action cns-event
action comment
action context retrieve
action context save
action continue
action counter
action decrement
action divide
action else
action elseif
action end
action exit
action file
action force-switchover
action foreach
action gets
action if
action ifgoto
action increment
action info
action info type interface-names
action info type snmp getid
action info type snmp inform
action info type snmp oid
action info type snmp trap
action info type snmp var
action mail
action multiply
action policy
action publish-event
action puts
action regexp
action reload
action set (EEM)
action snmp-object-value
action snmp-trap
action string compare
action string equal
action string first
action string index
action string last
action string length
action string match
action string range
action string replace
action string tolower
action string toupper
action string trim
action string trimleft
action string trimright
action subtract
action syslog
action track read
action track set
action while
attribute (EEM)


description (EEM)


event application
event cli
event counter
event gold
event identity
event interface
event ioswdsysmon
event ipsla
event manager applet
event manager detector routing
event manager detector rpc
event manager directory user
event manager directory user repository
event manager environment
event manager history size
event manager policy
event manager run
event manager scheduler
event manager scheduler clear
event manager scheduler hold
event manager scheduler modify
event manager scheduler release
event manager scheduler script
event manager scheduler suspend
event manager session cli
event manager update user policy
event mat
event neighbor-discovery
event nf
event none
event oir
event process
event resource
event rf
event routing
event rpc
event snmp
event snmp-notification
event snmp-object
event syslog
event timer
event track
event wdsysmon


set (EEM)
show event manager
show event manager directory user
show event manager environment
show event manager history events
show event manager history traps
show event manager metric processes
show event manager policy active
show event manager policy available
show event manager policy pending
show event manager policy registered
show event manager scheduler
show event manager session cli username
show event manager statistics
show event manager version


track stub-object
trigger (EEM)