Cisco IOS Broadband Access Aggregation and DSL Command Reference
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ac name
access-list template
atm pppatm link reset
atm route-bridged


bba-group pppoe


call admission limit
call admission load
clear call admission statistics
clear ip http client cookie
clear mpf interface
clear mpf punt
clear ppp subscriber statistics
clear pppatm interface atm
clear pppatm statistics
clear pppoe
clear pppoe derived
clear pppoe relay context
clear pppoe statistics
connection request password
connection request username
control-packets vlan cos
controller shdsl
cwmp agent
cwmp wan
cwmp wan default


dsl enable-training-log
dsl equipment-type
dsl gain-setting rx-offset
dsl gain-setting tx-offset
dsl linerate
dsl lom
dsl max-tone-bits
dsl noise-margin
dsl operating-mode
dsl operating-mode (ADSL over ISDN)
dsl operating-mode gshdsl
dsl power-cutback
dsl-mode shdsl symmetric annex


ip http digest algorithm
ip mpf
ip tcp adjust-mss


limit pado service-name
logging rate-limit


management server password
management server url
max bandwidth
max vc


nas-port format d (bba)
nas-port-id format c


operating mode


parameter change notify interval
ppp ip address-save aaa-acct-vsa
ppp ipcp
ppp ipv6cp address unique
ppp lcp echo mru verify
ppp multilink
ppp multilink fragment disable
ppp multilink group
ppp ncp override local
ppp timeout ncp
ppp unique address accept-access
pppoe enable
pppoe intermediate-agent
pppoe limit max-sessions
pppoe limit per-mac
pppoe limit per-vc
pppoe limit per-vlan
pppoe max-sessions
pppoe pads
pppoe server circuit-id delay
pppoe server remote-id delay
pppoe service
pppoe-client control-packets vlan cos
pppoe-client dial-pool-number
pppoe-sessions threshold
protocol pppoe (ATM VC)
protocol pppovlan dot1q
provision code


radius-server vsa send
range pvc
rbe nasip
relay pppoe bba-group
request outstanding


service deny
service local
service name match
service netflow timeout
service profile
service relay
service vpdn group
session retry limit
sessions max limit
sessions per-mac iwf limit
sessions per-mac limit
sessions per-vc limit
sessions per-vlan limit
sessions per-vlan throttle
sessions pre-auth limit ignore
sessions threshold
sessions throttle
show access-list template
show atm svc ppp
show call admission
show ccm clients
show ccm queues
show ccm sessions
show checkpoint
show controllers shdsl
show cwmp map
show cwmp methods
show cwmp parameter
show cwmp persistent
show cwmp session
show dsl interface atm
show ip http client cookie
show mpf cpu
show mpf interface
show mpf ip exact-route
show mpf punt
show ppp atm trace
show ppp interface
show ppp subscriber statistics
show pppatm redundancy
show pppatm session
show pppatm statistics
show pppatm summary
show pppoe
show pppoe debug conditions
show pppoe derived
show pppoe redundancy
show pppoe relay context all
show pppoe session
show pppoe statistics
show pppoe summary
show pppoe throttled mac
show sss circuits
show sss session
show vpdn session
shutdown (PVC range)
shutdown (PVC-in-range)
subscriber access
subscriber authorization enable
subscriber profile
subscriber redundancy
sw-module heap fp


tag ppp-max-payload
test virtual-template subinterface


vendor-tag circuit-id service
vendor-tag circuit-id strip
vendor-tag remote-id service
vendor-tag strip
virtual-profile virtual-template
virtual-template (BBA group)
virtual-template pre-clone
virtual-template snmp
vlan-id dot1q
vlan-range dot1q
vpdn authorize domain
vpn service