Catalyst 6500 Series Switch Content Switching Module (CSM) Installation and Configuration Note, Software Release 4.2(x)
Troubleshooting and System Messages
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Troubleshooting and System Messages

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Troubleshooting and System Messages


System Messages

Troubleshooting and System Messages

This appendix describes how to troubleshoot the CSM and system messages.


When a CSM is out of service, the module still replies to ARP requests but will not reply to pings.

System Messages

This section lists the system log (syslog) messages supported in the CSM.

For Cisco IOS software, the message logs contain the warning level with this syntax:


Table B-1 lists the level codes.

Table B-1 Error Message Level Codes

Message Level


0 /* system is unusable */


1 /* action must be taken immediately */


2 /* critical conditions */


3 /* error conditions */


4 /* warning conditions */


5 /* normal but signification condition */


6 /* informational */


7 /* debug-level messages */

Error Message    CSM_SLB-3-IDB_ERROR Unknown error occurred while configuring IDB 

Explanation    The MFSC could not create the internal interfaces for the CSM.

Recommended Action    Either this version of the MFSC or the IDPROM were incorrectly programmed. Reprogram the MFSC or the IDPROM.

Error Message    CSM_SLB-3-OUTOFMEM Module [dec] memory error

Explanation    This is a general memory problem of the control module. The memory problem may lead to more serious operational problems in the CSM if it persists.

Recommended Action    Run a memory check, or increase the memory size.

Error Message    CSM_SLB-3-PORTCHANNEL Portchannel allocation failed for module [dec]

Explanation    This problem occurs when there are more CSM modules inserted into the chassis than were configured or when the slot number where the module was inserted was higher than anticipated.

Recommended Action    Move the CSM module to a lower slot number to resolve the problem.

Error Message    CSM_SLB-3-RELOAD Module [dec] configuration reload failed

Explanation    The MSFC could not reload the existing configuration into the CSM module that came online. The cause of the problem may be the CLI error checking of the CSM.

Recommended Action    Check the status of the CSM module such as diagnostic failure or version mismatch.

Error Message    CSM_SLB-3-UNEXPECTED Module [dec] unexpected error
CSM_SLB-3-REDUNDANCY Module [dec] FT error
CSM_SLB-4-REDUNDANCY_WARN Module [dec] FT warning
CSM_SLB-3-ERROR Module [dec] error
CSM_SLB-4-WARNING Module [dec] warning
CSM_SLB-6-INFO Module [dec] info

Explanation    These messages are generic headlines for error or warning messages. Additional details are located in the information string.

Recommended Action    None.

Error Message    CSM_SLB-3-VERMISMATCH Module [dec] image version mismatch

Explanation    This is a version mismatch between MFSC and the CSM code. This condition occurs only with the MFSC software releases before the Release 12.1(8)EX or CSM software releases before the 2.1(1) release.

Recommended Action    Upgrade or downgrade the MFSC release to match the CSM release to allow the CSM to come online.

Error Message    CSM_SLB-4-ARPCONFIG Module [dec] ARP configuration error

Explanation    There is an error in creating or removing static ARP configuration.

Recommended Action    Recheck your ARP configuration.

Error Message    CSM_SLB-4-ERRPARSING Module [dec] configuration warning
SLB-REGEX: Syntactiv error in regular expression <x>.
SLB-REGEX: Parse error in regular expression <x>.

Explanation    These are the syntax error-checking messages for the URL, cookie, or header regular expression matching.

Recommended Action    Check the input matching strings.

Error Message    CSM_SLB-4-INVALIDID Module [dec] invalid ID 
CSM_SLB-4-DUPLICATEID Module [dec] duplicate ID

Explanation    These are error-checking messages between two modules when one module is calling another module.

Recommended Action    Check errors at the CLI level, which should prevent these errors from appearing.

Error Message    CSM_SLB-4-PROBECONFIG Module [dec] probe configuration error

Explanation    The CSM does not have enough memory to support the specified probe configuration.

Recommended Action    Remove some of the probes from the server farm.

Error Message    CSM_SLB-4-REGEXMEM Module [dec] regular expression memory error
SLB-LCSC: Error detected while downloading URL configuration for vserver %s.
SLB-LCSC: Error detected while downloading COOKIE policy map for vserver <x>.
SLB-LCSC: Error detected while downloading COOKIE <x> for vserver <x>.
SLB-LCSC: There was an error downloading the configuration to hardware
SLB-LCSC: due to insufficient memory. Use the 'show ip slb memory' SLB-LCSC: command to gather information about memory usage.

Explanation    These errors may occur if you configured complex URL, cookie, or header matching expressions. The CSM has a limited amount of space to compute the matching strings. Currently, the limit of 10 keywords (for example, "name*") are allowed per virtual server.

Recommended Action    Combine (or remove) the expression strings to work around this problem.

Error Message    CSM_SLB-4-TOPOLOGY Module [dec] warning

Explanation    The CSM is detecting a "bridge loop" in the network.

Recommended Action    Check the bridging device and the bridge-mode configurations of multiple CSMs located in the network.

Error Message    CSM_SLB-4-VERWILDCARD Received CSM-SLB module version wildcard on slot 

Explanation    The CSM sends this message when you enter a debug command on the CSM console to work around the image version mismatch condition described in the previous error message.

Recommended Action    This error is a debug condition only.

Error Message    SLB-DIAG: WatchDog task not responding. 
SLB-DIAG: Fatal Diagnostic Error %x, Info %x.
SLB-DIAG: Diagnostic Warning %x, Info %x.

Explanation    Various diagnostic problems were encountered during the board boot procedure.

Recommended Action    Check for a CSM hardware failure or corrupted software in the Flash memory.

Error Message    SLB-FT: Heartbeat intervals are not identical between ft pair.
SLB-FT: heartbeat interval is identical again
SLB-FT: The configurations are not identical between the members of the fault tolerant pair.

Explanation    These errors occur as a result of a misconfiguration between two redundant CSM modules.

Recommended Action    Check the fault-tolerant configuration attributes and the real server and server farm configurations.

Error Message    SLB-FT: Standby is not monitoring active now. 

Explanation    This problem is the result of a version mismatch of the fault-tolerance protocol between two versions of the CSM. The standby CSM stays as standby and does not take over as active if the primary CSM fails. The CSM does not support hitless (HA) upgrades in this situation.

Recommended Action    Make sure that the fault-tolerance protocol versions match.