Cisco uBR10000 Series Universal Broadband Routers

Cisco Performance Routing Engine 5 - Quick Start Guide

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Table Of Contents

Installing the PRE5

Quick Start Guide

Installing the PRE5

Before you begin installing the PRE5, you must install the foam gaskets on the LCD display panel of the Cisco uBR10012 router to meet the EMI requirements. Read the instructions in the Installing the Foam Gaskets for PRE5 section in the PRE5 Hardware Installation Guide document at:

1. Ensure that the ejector levers of the PRE5 are at a fully-open position.

2. Grasp the PRE5 and position it in the slot.

3. Keep the ejector levers of the PRE5 at the fully-open position, without exerting excessive force. Then slide the PRE5 into the slot, slowly.

4. Slide the PRE5 into the slot until the ends of both ejector levers touch the front panel surface of the chassis. Then, pivot both the ejector levers toward each other to firmly seat the PRE5 in the backplane.

5. Using a #2 Phillips screw driver, tighten the top and bottom captive screws to secure the PRE5.