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Cisco WebEx Social Release Notes, Release 3.4.2

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Table of Contents

Cisco WebEx Social Release Notes , Release 3.4.2



What’s New in Cisco WebEx Social

For Administrators

For Users


Important Notes

Related Documentation and Training Videos


Using the Bug Search Tool

Known Defects

Resolved Defects

Cisco WebEx Social Release Notes ,
Release 3.4.2

Revised: Feb 27, 2014

These release notes provide important information for Cisco WebEx Social 3.4.2 build


Cisco WebEx Social is a collaboration platform that enables content creation, real-time communications, and other collaborations in a personalized manner.

What’s New in Cisco WebEx Social

This section lists new features and functions in Cisco WebEx Social 3.4.2 and is organized as follows:

For Administrators

The new features and the changes in this release concerning the Cisco WebEx Social administrator include the following:

  • Improved performance of RabbitMQ event handling.
  • New advanced portal property community.calendar.event.bccsize allows you to set the batch size for sending email notifications about community calendar events.
  • Apache Tomcat has been updated to release 6.0.37.
  • Updates and enhancements to the Cisco WebEx Social API. New features include:

The Update Permissions for a Post operation now returns an error when trying to share a post with a community that hasn’t gone Live (or Draft Community).

The performance of the Get Information about Comments for a Post operation has been significantly improved.

Support for shortened Ted Talks video URLs.

The DeltaMetrics resource has been updated to include the mutualFollowsAdded, returningUser, uniqueLogins, userFollowsAded, and userFollowsRemoved fields, and the TotalMetrics resource has been updated to include the averageCommunityMembershipsPerUser and averageConnectionsPerUser fields.

The Update a Community operation has been updated to support changing the type of a community from Hidden to Restricted or from Restricted to Open.

New Quick Search operation allows you to search quickly for users, user groups, communities, or tags.

Auto completion prioritizes My Connections, My Communities, and My Groups.

Short @mention tags are expanded with additional information such as Contact Card details.

Update to Get Information about Users Assigned to a Community (Alternate Method) operation has been updated to support a member_type value of @directowners, and the filter special query parameter has been added.

Updates to migrate existing blog entries to Cisco WebEx Social posts and to set the createDate to the date of the blog.

Updates to various operations and resources, and a new Remote resource, to support EXTERNAL post types.

The operations for creating and removing a follow relationship have been updated to allow an administrator to perform these operations on behalf of other users.

  • A new module “showtech” has been added that allows you to download system information (errors, node states, properties, and parameters) from Director > System > Health > Download Logs.
  • The Partial Re-indexing page (Account Settings > Server > Server Administration) has been simplified and the number of indexible items has been added for each category.
  • A tool to track the progress of re-indexing has been added. Go to Account Settings > Server > Server Administration > Re-indexing Status to start using it.
  • The ability to export Cisco WebEx Social data for migration purposes has been added. Go to Account Settings > Server > Server Administration > Data Export to start using it.
  • The settings page at Account Settings > Server > Server Administration > Mail has been obsoleted. Cisco WebEx Social features that previously relied on these setting now rely on the Director settings in Application > Integration > Email Configuration. Mail tab settings that are not found in the Email Configuration section are no longer supported.
  • MSI installer support for the Lotus Notes plug-in.
  • New, improved indexing makes rebuilding indexes quicker and less resource-intensive.
  • Support for Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.2.
  • Support for Cisco Jabber for Mac 9.2.1
  • Video calls are available even when the Web Chat & Presence feature has been disabled.
  • Log messages relating to Metrics has their own trace group called Metrics.
  • ActiveMQ has been completely replaced with RabbitMQ.
  • @mention activity generation can be turned off and on with a Control Panel setting: Settings > Portal > WebEx Social Functionality > Mention.
  • Two additional services can be configured to use the Master Account feature: Cisco WebEx and Call Plug-in (audio and video calls).

For Users

New features and changes pertaining to the Cisco WebEx Social user include the following:

  • Improvements to file uploads to posts, including:

Commenting on the post does not interrupt the upload

The upload’s end does not interrupt started comments

A confirmation is required when you try to navigate away from a Cisco WebEx Social post overview page with an active upload

When an upload is active in edit post view, the Preview button is disabled

  • The ability to upload multiple files to the Library in one go has been added—the Document tab allows you to select multiple files for upload.
  • @mentioning a user is possible in the post body, post comments, and replies to post comments both when viewing a post and in the Activity Stream.
  • Discussion activities and Calendar events in the Activity Stream provide more details and are easier to perceive visually.
  • Localization support has been added to the email notifications about Community Calendar events.
  • Active phone calls (with or without video) are available across all open browser tabs containing Cisco WebEx Social. Closing a tab does not disconnect the call unless this is the last open tab.
  • A system has been implemented that notifies users when a post is being edited simultaneously and prevents them from saving a post when a new version has been committed while they were editing.
  • The Watch List provides an option to mark all unread items as read.
  • Users can Like comments.
  • URLs entered as plain text appear clickable automatically after the post is saved.
  • The Streams application adds an icon for quicker identification of the visibility (Public, Restricted) of posts and updates.
  • Availability state “Not available/Not on chat” has been renamed to “Available by phone only” to match other Cisco products.
  • A new predefined contact list in My Contacts allows you to share with your direct reports more quickly and easily.
  • When in the post editor, you can request the browser context menu instead of the editor JavaScript-based context menu by holding Ctrl and right-clicking.
  • The Master Account feature has been extended to cover two additional services: Cisco WebEx and Cisco Call Plug-in (audio and video calls).
  • Email notifications are sent about @mentions in all types of updates and comments to them, as well as all types of posts and comments to them.
  • Community calendar invitations are sent out as iCalendar invitations and appear on your Outlook or Lotus Notes calendar as well as your Calendar application in Cisco WebEx Social.
  • The Community Calendar application has been redesigned for better user experience.


  • Section “Creating a Custom Profile Page Template” has been removed from the Cisco WebEx Social Administration Guide due to this feature no longer being supported.
  • Cisco WebEx Social API Reference Guide has been updated as follows:

Added the resource field to the description of the Permission resource in the “Resources” chapter

Added the “Add a User to a User Group” section in the “User Group Resource Operations” chapter

The following operations have been updated to state that the startIndex query parameter for paginating return results is not supported (correcting previous incorrect statements): “Get Information about User Groups to which a User Belongs” and “Get Information about all User Groups”.

Important Notes

This section describes limitation, restrictions, and other important information that applies to this release of Cisco WebEx Social.

  • To take full advantage of the security improvements that come with Cisco WebEx Social release 3.4.2, Cisco recommends that you change your Unified Access Password using the Director after you have finished upgrading to Cisco WebEx Social release 3.4.2.
  • Although the CAS tab appears in the Account Settings > Portal > Settings > Authentication window, Cisco WebEx Social does not support Central Authentication Service (CAS) and the fields in this tab are not used.
  • When using Show & Share release 5.3 with Cisco WebEx Social, do not install Show & Share patch1.
  • If SSO is enabled in your network, make sure that the Enable SSO box in the Notifier area of the Configuration window in the Director is checked. This configuration ensures that user accounts are not locked if a password lockout policy is configured in your Active Directory.
  • Using the ext3 file system on your NFS server can limit the number of library documents and post attachments that Cisco WebEx Social can store. For more information, use the Bug Toolkit to access the defect number CSCtk55146 (see the “Using the Bug Search Tool” section).

Related Documentation and Training Videos

The following Cisco WebEx Social documents are available at .

  • Cisco WebEx Social Administration Guide, Release 3.4.2
  • Cisco WebEx Social Installation and Upgrade Guide, Release 3.4.2
  • Cisco WebEx Social Server: Getting Started Guide, Release 3.4.2
  • Cisco WebEx Social Frequently Asked Questions, Release 3.4.2
  • Cisco WebEx Social API Reference Guide , Release 3.4.2
  • Cisco WebEx Social Director API Reference Guide, Release 3.4.2
  • Cisco WebEx Social Backup and Restore Guide, Release 3.3, 3.4, and 3.4.2
  • Open Source Used In Cisco WebEx Social 3.4.2
  • Cisco WebEx Social Compatibility Guide
  • Exporting Data from Cisco WebEx Social

Cisco WebEx Social training videos are available at .


This section includes these topics:

Note Because defect status continually changes, be aware that the information in the following sections reflects a snapshot of the defects at the time that the release notes were compiled

Using the Bug Search Tool

Note Bug Search Tool is the successor to the Bug Toolkit.

You can use the Bug Search Tool to find information about defects for this release, including a description of the problems and available workarounds. The Bug Search Tool lists both open and resolved defects.

To use the Bug Search Tool, follow these steps:


Step 1 To access the Bug Search Tool, go to

Step 2 Log in with your user ID and password.

Step 3 To look for information about a specific problem, enter the bug ID number in the Search For field, then press Enter .

Step 4 To look for information if you do not know the bug ID number, enter keywords that search for text matches in the following sections of a bug:

  • headline/title
  • release note text
  • product
  • known affected releases/ known fixed releases


For more information about the Bug Search Tool, click Help on the main Bug Search Tool page:

Known Defects

Table 1 lists known defects in this release.


Table 1 Known Defects



[Decoupled chat] Desktop chat client is not launched when clicking on user


“Perform sync just once” causes LDAPsync from not running


Post with long title overlaps with the next layout


[Chrome] Cannot play Voicemail mesasge via Computer on Chrome

Resolved Defects

Table 2 lists resolved defects in this release.


Table 2 Resolved Defects



LDAP Authentication Attribute Sync


Editing the first post of a discussion resets created time


Address line: Error logsAddress line 3 has a limit of 75 characters


Linux Kernel drm_mode_dirtyfb_ioctl() Local DoS Vulnerability


Linux Kernel USB Interface Local Information Disclosure Vulnerability


Post Attachments are not searchable with the edited title


User sometimes does not receive notification that the other side closes


[zh-tw] - Untranslation - error message in OpenSocial portlet


Glibc contains multiple vulnerabilities


Admin password with special characters in OVF properties sets it to null


CO has resolution option edited even when content is unchanged


Adding to hashtag in micropost does not recognize appended text as hashtag


Can’t remove a post from WL if it's been manually hidden


OCS Kerberos configuration lost after upgrade.


The RabbitMQ Admin Console cannot be used


Import search filter in control panel authentication tab not used


WxS Office Plugin makes 2 requests per second when 500 status returned


RabbitMQ logs not available on Director node


User is not deactivated in WXS after recreating LDAP agreement


Enabling of the permission field under Permission in Discussion category


Presence not updated when switching preferred client


cisco_user account for RDBMS can not contain special characters


User continues to see updates to watchlist after post is unshared


RSS portlet does not work when proxy setting has empty exceptions list


DirSync Failure due to very long Preferred name for some users


tag search using tag:xxx does not work in discussions portlet


3.3 schema migration: see error logs in upgrading Twitter password


WxS 3.3 Schema Migration: error logs in upgrading CMIS contact password


Remove the field “CMIS Settings” from the Portal's Account Settings page


Incorrect keyboard behavior in webs sign-in view


WebEx Social is saving last set user presence and tries to set it upon relogin


Do not Disturb shown instead of Offline


Disclose hidden community when post is turned to public


Activity stream will not get updated


Browse My Connection dropdown does not fit window when sharing a wiki


Date of last status update incorrect in WebEx Social hover card


Importing community LAR fails


Chat proxy config not appearing in portal.conf when notifier is absent


No proper error message when using '+' in community name during creation


cancel video upload does not end the upload process


Unable to select a folder from the “upload to” field


WxS Discussion tab not highlighted when the user creates new discussion


IE Compatibility Mode makes Director Web Page unusable


Post author’s name set to community creator for draft community


blog post in restricted community should not allow public viewing option


After an Admin deletes a Post, they are taken to the Communities list


Monit script check fails because NFS mount points appear unwritable


Insecure Object Reference


Integrity Check Failed Errors on 3.1SR3


version pop-up does not close after navigating to user’s profile


CSS style vulnerability in text editor


Media query in CSS breaks content


Post content stripped out by editor in html mode


Full sync marks users inactive due to memcached errors


Mobile client—fetching members list in community times out


Bookmark portlet: sorting is not working for entries


IE8: Save on Display Settings page is not working


Infosys-help: Can comment a post after being unshared


UI request to start WebEx meeting loops endlessly


Unchecking all checkboxes in display settings page should throw error


Suggestions not updated after applying Similar to you portlet setting


After adding My Direct Reports, My Direct Reports changes to My


Export minor tab is not visible


Cannot sort on Name and description in Favorite Communities


Searching community in last visited community returns multiple result


XSS: HTML in opensocial settings


The verb field is missing for reply to a blog activity


“Is typing” notification keeps showing when user offline


Jabber as Preferred Client in WxS dials EM phone


Error is logged in appserver.log when already synced user logs in


NPE when Local admin Enables / Disables ‘Login Time User Sync’


Can’t save About tab when email contains apostrophe


WebEx Social cannot “View full size in new tab” when searching


Request membership denied


Recommendation & Metrics mapreduce temp collections should be cleaned up


File still available for download after deleting post it was attached to


Backup script fails to write to backup NFS location


If multiple users access the same post,comment, add activity fails


Download button for Cisco Call Plug-in isn’t working


LDAP password showing in clear text in log file


Discussion title removes everything before colon sign


LAR import fails if layoutID duplication exist


Comments lost if tab closed before saving


Unable to create link to new post from a public post


Micropost breaklines displayed improperly in Activities/Watchlist


Content publisher portlet not allowed in narrow column


URLs in Microposts get broken in Activities/Watchlist


[Bookmarks] Links field can contain only 75 characters


Community > Library > Posts subpage when hidden shows blank page


postmapping and postversion tables not in sync for a post


MyView page load time is slow during end of MapReduce job


User can delete a folder without having permissions over its content


MaxWarmingSearchers Exceeded err shouldn't raise QuadStateManager alert


Post opens one version before the latest


Notifications number next to Post button does not automatically update


Community wizard validates names correctly only when lower case is used


Adding an existing member to a Community gives error


Bookmarks portlet column sorting redirects to My View


Bookmarks portlet Add Subfolder button disappears


Webex Social 3.3 - Sort by date doesn’t work


Create community wizard limits community name to 35 characters


Bookmarks portlet 'Go Back' from My Entries does not return to Folder tab


Enable MXE check box is not getting saved if checked


Page focus is taken away from user action on certain apps


Barlet contact list is not updated when following list changes


Outbound Discussion notifications are not always with complete content


dirsync fails to deactivate user because of invalid followid