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Cisco WebEx Social Release Notes, Release 3.1 SR2

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Cisco WebEx Social Release Notes, Release 3.1 SR2

Table Of Contents

Cisco WebEx Social Release Notes,
Release 3.1 SR2



What's New in Cisco WebEx Social

What's New in Release 3.1

What's New in Release 3.1 SR1

What's New in Release 3.1 SR2

Important Notes

Installation and Upgrade Notes

Related Documentation and Training Videos


Using the Bug Toolkit

Known Defects

Resolved Defects

Cisco WebEx Social Release Notes,
Release 3.1 SR2

R evised January 14, 2013

These release notes provide important information for Cisco WebEx Social 3.1 SR2 build


These release notes include topics:


What's New in Cisco WebEx Social

Important Notes

Installation and Upgrade Notes

Related Documentation and Training Videos



Cisco WebEx Social is a collaboration platform that enables content creation, real-time communications, and other collaborations in a personalized manner.

What's New in Cisco WebEx Social

The following sections describe major new features and functions in the Cisco WebEx Social 3.1 release:

What's New in Release 3.1

What's New in Release 3.1 SR1

What's New in Release 3.1 SR2

What's New in Release 3.1

Major new updates in Cisco WebEx Social 3.1 include the following:

Added localization support for 13 languages.

Support for picture in picture in video calls

Support for SharePoint 2010

New set of collaboration APIs

Upgrade of the post editor (CKEditor) to version 3.6.4

Ability for a user to unsubscribe from individual posts and no longer receive e-mail notifications that regard the posts

Displays the recurrence pattern (time information) for a series of recurring meetings

Allows users to view and download meeting attachments from the Details page for a meeting

Visually identifies exceptions from other instances of meetings in a series of recurring meetings

Ability to create a post in My Library by using e-mail and to share the post with other people

Ability to prevent a community owner from binding a discussion category to a mailing list

Ability to disable outbound e-mail notification to mailing lists

Mobile pages for Administrators, which provide options for configuring extensibility and branding functionality (reserved for future use)

What's New in Release 3.1 SR1

Cisco WebEx Social 3.1 SR1 fixes various issues.

What's New in Release 3.1 SR2

Major new updates in Cisco WebEx Social 3.1 SR2 include the following:

A user must now provide login credentials (username and password) to use the Visual Voice Mail portlet

The Visual Voice Mail portlet now automatically selects the appropriate voice messaging server so a user no longer needs to manually select the server

Improvements to the speed of the Call plug-in registration process

Various bug fixes

Important Notes

This section describes limitation, restrictions, and other important information that applies to this release of Cisco WebEx Social.

Although the CAS tab appears in the Account Settings > Portal > Settings > Authentication window, Cisco WebEx Social does not support Central Authentication Service (CAS) and the fields in this tab are not used.

When using Show & Share release 5.3 with Cisco WebEx Social, do not install Show & Share patch1.

If SSO is enabled in your network, make sure that the Enable SSO box in the Notifier area of the Configuration window in the Director is checked. This configuration ensures that user accounts are not locked if a password lockout policy is configured in your Active Directory.

In some cases, the auto-generated e-mail aliases for Communities and Discussion Forum Categories are not generated when upgrading from Quad 2.5(2) to Cisco WebEx Social. To work around this issue, contact the Cisco Technical Assistance Center TAC to obtain an updated migration script. For more information, use the Bug Toolkit to access the defect number CSCuc00380 (see the "Using the Bug Toolkit" section).

Preventing community owners from binding discussion categories to mailing lists—In earlier releases of Cisco WebEx Social, community owners and community administrators were allowed to bind discussion categories to mailing lists by default. In release 3.1, this feature can be enabled or disabled by using the following property. Set this property to true to disable the mailing list binding feature for community owners and community administrators. This way, only the Cisco WebEx Social Administrator is able to create discussion category to mailing list bindings.


For information about how to set advanced portal properties, see the "Advanced Portal Properties" section in Cisco WebEx Social Administration Guide.

Disabling outbound email notifications to mailing lists—By default, Cisco WebEx Social sends email notifications to mailing lists each time a new discussion is created in the category. You can enable or disable this feature by using the following property. Set this property to false to disable the outbound notifications for all communities in Cisco WebEx Social.

For information about how to set advanced portal properties, see the "Advanced Portal Properties" section in the Cisco WebEx Social Administration Guide.

Beginning with Cisco WebEx Social 3.1 SR2, a configuration page appears the first time that a user clicks the Sign-in button to access voice messages via the Visual Voice Mail portlet. On this page, the user must enter the log in credentials that are required to access voice messages. The system saves this information so it is not required for subsequent sign-ins to the Visual Voice Mail portlet.

Installation and Upgrade Notes

This section provides important information that you should review before you install or upgrade Cisco WebEx Social.

When you perform the procedure in the "Installing Cisco WebEx Social 3.1" section in Cisco WebEx Social Installation and Upgrade Guide, Release 3.1, do not configure settings in the Notifier area in the Configuration window of the Director when you configure settings as described in Step 4 of that procedure.

Related Documentation and Training Videos

The following Cisco WebEx Social documents are available at

Cisco WebEx Social Administration Guide, Release 3.1

Cisco WebEx Social Installation and Upgrade Guide, Release 3.1

Cisco WebEx Social Server: Getting Started Guide, Release 3.1

Cisco WebEx Social API Reference Guide, Release 3.1

Cisco WebEx Social Troubleshooting Guide, Release 3.0

Cisco WebEx Social Frequently Asked Questions, Release 3.1

Cisco WebEx Social Disaster Recovery Using Snapshots, Release 3.0

Cisco WebEx Social Compatibility Guide, Release 3.1

Open Source Used In Cisco WebEx Social 3.1

Cisco WebEx Social training videos are available at


This section includes these topics:

Using the Bug Toolkit

Known Defects

Resolved Defects

Using the Bug Toolkit

You can use the Bug Toolkit to find information about defects for the this release, including a description of the issues and available workarounds. The Bug Toolkit lists open and resolved defects.

To use the Bug Toolkit, follow these steps:


Step 1 To access the Bug Toolkit, go to

Step 2 Log in with your user ID and password.

Step 3 To look for information about a specific problem, enter the bug ID number in the Search for bug ID field, then click Go.

Step 4 To look for information if you do not know the bug ID number:

a. Choose Collaboration from the Select Product Category menu.

b. Choose Cisco WebEx Social from the Select Product menu.

c. Choose the version number from the Software Version menu.

d. Under Advanced Options, choose Use default settings or Use custom settings. The default settings search for severity 1, 2 and 3 bugs, open and fixed bugs, and only bugs containing bug details. Use the custom settings to change the severity and status parameters, or to search for keywords within the bug headline and description.

Known Defects

Table 1 lists known defects in this release.

Note Because defect status continually changes, be aware that Table 1 reflects a snapshot of the defects at the time that the release notes were compiled.

Table 1 Known Defects 



Users with 2000+ contacts unable to save edits to their posts


Navigating to community with many user groups is slow


CSS added to post appears in raw format in mail notification


CUPS presence is failing, chat works fine


Unfollowing the user does not remove user from contact group in ShareWith


Access/save DefinePermissions link in User Roles is very slow (45+ minutes)


SSO integration locks out AD account if Notifier SSO not enabled


Setting log level from remote node does not kick in


search (within posts, blogs) results not sorted by relevance and date


Corporate proxy configuration needs to be applied to httpd


Setting property does not pick Extension Mobility as default webdialer


LDAP authentication failing


Webex Social 3.0—Browser session manual timeout configuration does not work


Community email portlet does not have valid email address


QUAD 2.5—Login Issue if @ sign available in screen name


Configuring Web Dialer setting under common config throws an error in IE


Need to document support policy for cameras and headsets with WxS


Emails sometimes not delivered to subscribers replying to discussion


Notifications received even when you do not have post permissions


Browser Back Event to stop page navigation


Improper automatic truncation of English community names


Not able to add applications on my view page with admin login


Getting error while sharing a post with multiple users and communities


\"Go Live\" no response after create a community. js error


Edit on MYProfile, throws a JS error


Got 0 applications when clicking \"Application\" in community—JS error


Unshared post still shows in Activity Stream/WatchList and can comment


LDAP Dir Sync fails to import username with apostrophe


Activity lost from user profile page when post edited by compliance officer


Post disappears from user blog after edit by compliance officer


Editor does not support resizing of images in Safari and Chrome


Community list shows incorrect member count


Using Empty Trash feature can cause posts to not show in My Library


Call & conversation settings cannot be opened if chat is not configured


WebEx Social lacks alerting for ActiveMQ degradation


Welcome section is rendered blank in case of non-English locale


Aggregated Calendar incorrect logging location


Hidden communities not showing up in All communities listing


Favorite communities count not correct


WatchList shows unread items even when there are none


Level1 Admin unable to assign user groups to communities


[Email Plugin OL2003] Plugin can t be uninstalled


Level 1 Admin cannot export users under Portal > Users


WebEx Social Email plugin is not supported in Kerberos environment


My account links broken after saving WebEx one-click settings


Remove ability to add profile pages to user groups as Level1 Admin


IFrame portlet not displaying not displaying certain URLS


Voice message is not played using a computer for some browsers


Loss of NFS connectivity causing two master message Queues


Encoding problem in mail notifications


WebEx Social voice mail IE8 Urgent and Private check boxes misaligned


Webex Social 3.1 - IFrame basic authentication does not work in IE


WebEx Social "Upload Document" short tags not displayed correctly in IE8


Portal not handling redirect for SSO authorization when saving comments on a post


IFrame name cannot be renamed


Chat: Scroll bar not appearing in the text area of the chat window in FireFox


Non-alphanumeric characters in user ID cause Web Communicator to crash.


Using special characters in title of doc gives error about file name


Login hook not triggered for IE users


Last TAG on Discussion can't be deleted


Adding to hashtag in micropost does not recognize appended text as hashtag


Post editor misalignment is seen in IE8


Resize oplog for analytics node


Content publisher keeps different copy of the same post for each locale


No input validation when setting mobility OAuth client URL in Director


Visual Voice Mail may lock user account if user enters a bad password

Resolved Defects

Table 2 lists resolved defects in this release.

Table 2 Resolved Defects 



Community Calendar event reminder email shows time in UTC


Subscribing to discussion category does not send email updates


Open API: OAuth 2 authorization does not work


Special characters cause auto complete search exception


Users have their very first micropost on their hover card


EDR portlet: search feature does not work with SharePoint 2010


URLs in IFame are limited to 4 character top level domain


Webex One-click settings save error


WebEx Social voice mail "To" field stuck after a cancel and open a second time


High database CPU usage caused by community members added via user group


WebEx Social voice mail app 'Record' user cannot answer call as focus is on voice mail app


Custom Community templates using LAR with child pages do not work


Kerberos SSO for OCS chat not working in 3.1


Cannot edit expertise tags in IE 7


Supported upgrade paths incorrectly lists 3.0 where it should be 3.1


Mobile client times out with network error when listing communities