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Cisco WebEx Social Release Notes, Release 3.0 SR2

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Cisco WebEx Social Release Notes, Release 3.0 SR2

Table Of Contents

Cisco WebEx Social Release Notes, Release 3.0 SR2



What's New in Cisco WebEx Social

What's New in Release 3.0

What's New in Release 3.0 SR1

What's New in Release 3.0 SR2

Important Notes

Installation and Upgrade Notes

Related Documentation and Training Videos


Using the Bug Toolkit

Known Defects

Resolved Defects

Cisco WebEx Social Release Notes, Release 3.0 SR2

Revised August 31, 2012

These release notes provide important information for Cisco WebEx Social 3.0 SR2 build


These release notes include topics:


What's New in Cisco WebEx Social

Important Notes

Installation and Upgrade Notes

Related Documentation and Training Videos



Cisco WebEx Social is a collaboration platform that enables content creation, real-time communications, and other collaborations in a personalized manner. Cisco WebEx Social 3.0 is a major release that offers variety of enhancements including infrastructure hardening, a completely redesigned user interface, email and MicroSoft Office integrations, a rich set of APIs, an SDK developer program, video calling, and more. These enhancements are designed to significantly improve user experience and drive user adoption by engaging users where they work.

What's New in Cisco WebEx Social

The following sections describe major new features and functions in the Cisco WebEx Social 3.0 release:

What's New in Release 3.0

What's New in Release 3.0 SR1

What's New in Release 3.0 SR2

What's New in Release 3.0

This Cisco WebEx Social release represents the next generation Cisco WebEx Social platform. Major new features and functions in this release include the following:

Redesigned user interface—A redesigned user interface provides a simplified and intuitive experience for all users, regardless of their Cisco WebEx Social role.

Calendaring and WebEx enhancements—User Exchange and WebEx calendars are integrated with Cisco WebEx Social personal calendar, the user calendar is available on every Cisco WebEx Social page, and meetings can be started, joined, or viewed from a personal calendar.

E-mail integration and notification enhancements—Bidirectional e-mail integration simplifies communication and automatic notifications of important events keep users informed.

Video call capability—Support for high-definition and high-fidelity browser-based video calls on a variety of devices.

Jabber click-to-chat—Click to launch a Jabber chat session.

MicroSoft Office integration—Publish directly to Cisco WebEx Social from Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint through the WebEx Social for Office plugin. (This feature is available to selected customers. Contact your Cisco representative for more information.)

Worker role—This new role improves system performance and user interaction by handling asynchronous and background processing tasks and interacting with various other roles.

Improved security certificate management—Upload certificates using the Director.

Unified access password—Configure a single password and designate components that can be accessed with this password.

New System Health page—The Health window in the Director displays the health status of various services that run on each Cisco WebEx Social node.

System Statistics—The new Stats window in the Director lets you to view statistics and metrics for various Cisco WebEx Social components.

System Metrics—The new WebEx Social Metrics window in the Portal drawer lets you view information and generate reports about the use of Cisco WebEx Social.

SDK additions—Includes Cisco WebEx social API enhancements (new and OpenSearch-compliant operations, and new document library and document folder operations), OpenSocial gadget implementation enhancements, and Cisco Developer Network enhancements.

What's New in Release 3.0 SR1

Major new updates in Cisco WebEx Social 3.0 SR1 include the following:

Visual redesign of the Bookmark app.

The Video Call plugin (Cisco Web Communicator plugin) is production quality.

Email plugin allows creating content or replying to posts from within an e-mail client.

During the upgrade to this release, all instances of the no-longer supported Actions portlet are removed automatically. In addition, the message that indicates that this application has been undeployed no longer appears in Cisco WebEx Social.

The search feature now provides the In my communities and the In last visited community boxes that can be used to refine the scope of a search.

What's New in Release 3.0 SR2

Major new updates in Cisco WebEx Social 3.0 SR2 include the following:

Several Community API operations have been added, which allow managing users, users roles, and user groups in communities.

The user indexing process has been separated from the user group add and remove operations. With this enhancement, a user who is a member of a user group has immediate access to a community when that user group is added to the community.

Important Notes

This section describes limitation, restrictions, and other important information that applies to this release of Cisco WebEx Social.

Although the CAS tab appears in the Account Settings > Portal > Settings > Authentication window, Cisco WebEx Social does not support Central Authentication Service (CAS) and the fields in this tab are not used.

This release supports only US English as the display language.

After a fresh installation on an upgrade to this release of Cisco WebEx Social, "ERROR" may appear for some nodes in the Topology window in the Director. To work around this issue, use an SSH client to access the Director, log in as the admin user, and enter sudo puppetrun FQDN, where FQDN is the fully-qualified domain name of the server that shows "ERROR." For more information, use the Bug Toolkit to access the defect number CSCub12237 (see the "Using the Bug Toolkit" section).

A WebEx Instant Meeting may not start when the Cisco WebEx Social system is experiencing a heavy load. For more information, use the Bug Toolkit to access the defect number CSCua77088 (see the "Using the Bug Toolkit" section).

When using Show & Share release 5.3 with Cisco WebEx Social, do not install Show & Share patch1.

If SSO is enabled in Cisco WebEx Social, a user must enter a chat password to use OCS.

Installation and Upgrade Notes

This section provides important information that you should review before you install or upgrade Cisco WebEx Social.

When you perform the procedure in the "Installing Cisco WebEx Social 3.0" section in Cisco WebEx Social Installation and Upgrade Guide, Release 3.0, do not configure settings in the Notifier area in the Configuration window of the Director when you configure settings as described in Step 4 of that procedure.

Related Documentation and Training Videos

The following Cisco WebEx Social documents are available at

Cisco WebEx Social Administration Guide, Release 3.0

Cisco WebEx Social Installation and Upgrade Guide, Release 3.0

Cisco WebEx Social Server: Getting Started Guide, Release 3.0

Cisco WebEx Social API Reference Guide, Release 3.0

Cisco WebEx Social Troubleshooting Guide, Release 3.0

Cisco WebEx Social Disaster Recovery Using Snapshots, Release 3.0

Cisco WebEx Social Compatibility Guide

Open Source Used In Cisco WebEx Social 3.0

Cisco WebEx Social training videos are available at


This section includes these topics:

Using the Bug Toolkit

Known Defects

Resolved Defects

Using the Bug Toolkit

You can use the Bug Toolkit to find information about defects for the this release, including a description of the issues and available workarounds. The Bug Toolkit lists open and resolved defects.

To use the Bug Toolkit, follow these steps:


Step 1 To access the Bug Toolkit, go to

Step 2 Log in with your user ID and password.

Step 3 To look for information about a specific problem, enter the bug ID number in the Search for bug ID field, then click Go.

Step 4 To look for information if you do not know the bug ID number:

a. Choose Collaboration from the Select Product Category menu.

b. Choose Cisco WebEx Social from the Select Product menu.

c. Choose the version number from the Software Version menu.

d. Under Advanced Options, choose Use default settings or Use custom settings. The default settings search for severity 1, 2 and 3 bugs, open and fixed bugs, and only bugs containing bug details. Use the custom settings to change the severity and status parameters, or to search for keywords within the bug headline and description.

Known Defects

Table 1 lists known defects in this release.

Note Because defect status continually changes, be aware that Table 1 reflects a snapshot of the defects at the time that the release notes were compiled.

Table 1 Known Defects 



Users with 2000+ contacts unable to save edits to their posts


Cannot get WebEx Social RSS feeds from a WebEx Social blog


Navigating to a community with many user groups is slow


CSS added to post appears in raw format in mail notification


CUPS presence is failing, chat works fine


Exchange URL will not be correct if exchange server name is longer


Access/save DefinePermissions link in User Roles is very slow (45+ minutes)


SSO integration locks out AD account if Notifier SSO not enabled


Search (within posts, blogs) results not sorted by relevance and date


No indication for incoming call during chat settings save


My View import: Admin is not able to import lar files


Cannot start WebEx instant meeting under heavy load


Compliance officer is able to see Edit button in case of reported micropost at full view page


LDAP attributes are not seen from users setting pages


Blogs: Previous activities disappear with refresh when we add a comment/reply or edit a blog


Video stream does not start if user has selected not to share video automatically


Chat dialog does not look good if a call is initiated before the plugin is completely loaded


No or very low audio on MAC


Auto reject does not work when the user is on another call


HTML reply to a post is converted to plain text when sent from OWA 2003


No warning message or something that will warn the user he does not have a web cam


In chat window, video call controls not keyboard accessible


Community Email dialogue: Needs horizontal scroll


Content Misuse: Previous profile picture is getting updated while uploading new pic


Cannot create or update tags with special characters


Video call: No warning message shown to both the users when one tries to log out when a call is placed


Video call: call window disappears if hovered outside the window


Video call not terminated after going to voice mail


Video call issue: web cam light on even after ending the call (call did not end)


Search in Community Categories simply returns all communities


Q A: Editing a question that is in answered state (? followed by tick)


Q A: After unmarking one of the answered responses back to normal response


User sometimes does not receives notification that the other side closes


OpenAPI returns incorrect timestamp for all/my post, search results


OCS: When disconnecting from Internet, user is still available


[Decoupled chat] Desktop chat client is not launched when click on user in My Contacts barlet


Strange symbols in the beginning of a plain text file attached to an incoming message


Ending call from chat dialog does not work properly if the user has desk phone device


Cannot switch to DeskPhone mode


Wrong default devices are listed in user Call and Conversation dialog


Some icons are missing in editor window of blog in community


Device phone lines are not shown in Call Settings until the user save


User is able to type and send messages while end conversation alert is displayed


HTML code /XSS is executed in push share post notifications when it is added as personal note


Setting property does not pick Extension Mobility as default WebDialer


Upgrading from 3.0 to 3.0 SR1—migration does not kick in

Resolved Defects

Table 2 lists resolved defects in this release.

Table 2 Resolved Defects 



Incorrect response for the wrong API request when deleting a community


Profile images and company logos are broken links in notification e-mails


Visual Voice Mail stopped working after Kerberos SSO


OpenAPI returns contentState: MARK_FOR-DELETE for deleted


Empty reply from Thunderbird includes the template


IE7 New post multiple styling issues


View post: Add padding/gap between the last replied comment and the next