Cisco WebEx Meetings Server Administration Guide Release 2.0
Testing the System
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Testing the System

Testing the System

About System Testing

Most of the system test are accomplished by using the CWMS system, for example by Using the Meetings Test and Using the System Resource Test.

When testing an upgraded system, you can keep the original system until you have finished testing the upgraded system (but because they share some parameters, such as IP addresses, you cannot power on both systems at the same time). Once you are satisfied with the results of the upgraded system tests, you can remove (forever) the original system. Be sure your upgraded system is running when removing the original system. This prevents accidental removal of the base virtual machine disk (VMDK) file that must be accessed by the upgraded system.

Some of the recommended tests to run on the system are.

  • Add, edit, activate, and deactivate users. (See Managing Users.)

  • Schedule and hold a meeting.

  • Reschedule an existing meeting.

  • Delete a series of scheduled meetings.

  • Add and open a meeting attachment from the meeting invitation.

  • Record a meeting and play back the recording.

The system can also be tested by:

Using the Meetings Test


    Step 1   Sign in to the Administration site.
    Step 2   Select Support > Meetings Test.
    Step 3   Select Next.

    Your system runs a meetings test, verifying its ability to schedule, start, and join a meeting. The results of the test appear within a few minutes.

    Using the System Resource Test


      Step 1   Sign in to the Administration site.
      Step 2   Select Turn On Maintenance Mode > Continue.
      Step 3   Select Support > System Resource Test.
      Step 4   Select Next.
      The results of the test are posted for the following:
      • CPU, memory, network, and storage for each host on your system

      • Internal and external connectivity checks for your site and administration URLs

      Step 5   Select Turn Off Maintenance Mode > Continue.

      Your system restarts when you turn off maintenance mode. You can sign back into the Administration site after the restart is complete.