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ROMMON Release Notes for Supervisor Engine 7-E on the Cisco RF Gateway 10

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Table of Contents

ROMMON Release Notes for Supervisor Engine 7-E on the Cisco RF Gateway 10

ROMMON Image Overview


Cisco Bug Search


Guidelines for Upgrading the ROMMON

Choosing a ROMMON image for Supervisor Engine 7-E

Upgrading the Supervisor Engine ROMMON

Related Documentation

Obtaining Documentation and Submitting a Service Request

ROMMON Release Notes for Supervisor Engine 7-E on the Cisco RF Gateway 10

OL-28030-03, April 1, 2015

This document describes how to download the new ROMMON image from and then upgrade the ROMMON on the Cisco RF Gateway 10 (RFGW-10) Universal Edge Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (EQAM) platform.

We recommend that you refer to the latest ROMMON image.

This document consists of the following:

ROMMON Image Overview

This ROMMON image consists of a new ROMMON software image and a new FPGA image. Both are installed by following the ROMMON upgrade procedure listed below. These images are only accepted on the Cisco RFGW-10 Supervisor Engine 7-E.


Cisco Bug Search

Cisco Bug Search Tool (BST), the online successor to Bug Toolkit, is designed to improve effectiveness in network risk management and device troubleshooting. You can search for bugs based on product, release, and keyword, and aggregates key data such as bug details, product, and version. For more details on the tool, see the help page located at


Resolved Caveats for Cisco ROMMON Release 15.0(1r)SQ1



Sg11 rommon:Usb is not detecting in sg11 rommon mode

Open Caveats for Cisco ROMMON Release 15.0(1r)SQ1



date command incorrect in rommon

Open Caveats for Cisco ROMMON Release 15.0(1r)SQ




On the first attempt, ROMMON for Cisco RFGW-10 Supervisor Engine 7-E fails to "dir usb0".


This issue occurs under normal conditions.


There is no workaround.

Guidelines for Upgrading the ROMMON

Ensure that you run one of the following releases on the Supervisor engine 7-E for using the new version of Cisco DS-384 line card (with P4080 CPU revision 3):

  • Cisco IOS-XE Release 3.3.1SQ or later releases
  • Cisco IOS-XE Release 3.2.3SQ or later releases

Note If the Supervisor engine 7-E is running a release earlier than the above releases, the new version of the Cisco DS-384 line card (with P4080 CPU revision 3) does not downgrade and hence, does not work.

Choosing a ROMMON image for Supervisor Engine 7-E

Table 1 provides the list of ROMMON software releases supported in various Cisco IOS Releases for the RFGW-10, along with the ROMMON image filename. To upgrade the Supervisor Engine, download the appropriate Cisco ROMMON release from using the below information.

Table 1 Supported Cisco ROMMON Software Releases

ROMMON Software Release
ROMMON Image Filename
Release Date
Supported Cisco IOS Release on RFGW-10

Cisco ROMMON 15.0(1r)SQ(315)


October 2012

Cisco IOS Release 15.0(2)SQA

Cisco ROMMON 15.0(1r)SQ1(316)


April 2015

Cisco IOS Release 15.0(2)SQA

Upgrading the Supervisor Engine ROMMON

Caution To avoid actions that might make your system unable to boot, read this entire section before starting the upgrade.

Follow this procedure to upgrade your Supervisor engine ROMMON:

Step 1 Directly connect a serial cable to the console port of the Supervisor engine.

Note This section assumes that the console baud rate is set to 9600 (default). If you want to use a different baud rate, change the configuration register value for your switch.

Step 2 Download the RFGW-10 ROMMON image, RFGW10-e-ios-rfgwufw-150-1r-SQ1, from, and place it on a TFTP server in a directory that is accessible from the Supervisor that is upgraded

The ROMMON image, RRFGW10-e-ios-rfgwufw-150-1r-SQ1, is available at the same location from which you download Cisco RFGW-10 system images on

Step 3 Use the dir bootflash: command to ensure that sufficient space exists in Flash memory to store the ROMMON upgrade image.

If you are using a CompactFlash card, replace bootflash: with slot0:

Step 4 Download the RFGW10-e-ios-rfgwufw-150-1r-SQ1 program into Flash memory using the
copy tftp command.

The following example shows how to download the PROM upgrade image RFGW10-e-ios-rfgwufw-150-1r-SQ1 from the remote host to bootflash:

Switch# copy tftp: bootflash:
Switch# copy tftp bootflash:
Address or name of remote host []?
Source filename []? RFGW10-e-ios-rfgwufw-150-1r-SQ1
Destination filename [RFGW10-e-ios-rfgwufw-150-1r-SQ1]?
Accessing tftp://
Loading RFGW10-e-ios-rfgwufw-150-1r-SQ1 from (via TenGigabitEthernet2/3): !!!!!!
[OK - 1296588 bytes]
1296588 bytes copied in 6.696 secs (193636 bytes/sec)

Step 5 On a dual-Supervisor system, copy the same ROMMON image to the standby Supervisor engine with the
copy bootflash: RFGW10-e-ios-rfgwufw-150-1r-SQ1 slavebootflash command.

Step 6 Enter the reload command to reset the switch, press Ctrl-C to stop the boot process, then re-enter ROMMON mode.

The following example shows the output after a reset into ROMMON:

Switch# reload
Proceed with reload? [confirm]
03:57:16:%SYS-5-RELOAD:Reload requested
Rom Monitor Program Version 12.1(12r)EW
.(output truncated)
Established physical link 1Gb Full Duplex
Network layer connectivity may take a few seconds
rommon 1 >

Step 7 Run the PROM upgrade program by entering this command:
boot bootflash:RFGW10-e-ios-rfgwufw-150-1r-SQ1

The following example shows the output from a successful upgrade, followed by a system reset:

rommon 1 >b bootflash:RFGW10-e-ios-rfgwufw-150-1r-SQ1
loading image
* *
* Rom Monitor Upgrade Utility For WS-X45-SUP7-E System *
* *
* Copyright (c) 2008-2011 by Cisco Systems, Inc. *
* All rights reserved. *
* *
Upgrading image... DO NOT RESET the system
unless instructed or upgrade will fail !!!
Image Name : Cat4K_Mpc8572_Rommon_2MB
Image size : 2097152 bytes
Uncompressing image.....
Cat4K_Mpc8572_Rommon_2MB: Digitally Signed Development Software with key version A
erasing... ********************************
writing... ********************************
reading... verifying... Done!
System will now reset itself and reboot within few seconds

Step 8 Check the upgraded version in rommon prompt:

rommon 1 >version
Primary Rom Monitor Version 15.0(1r)SQ1(316)
Compiled Tue 14-Apr-15 05:33 by vasanbal-rfgw_k10_rommon
Supervisor: RFGW-X45-SUP7-E Chassis: WS-CABLE_RFGW
CPU Rev: 2.1, Board Rev: 8, Board Type: 101
CPLD Joe Rev: 50.0x2643.0x5956 Installed memory: 2048 MBytes

Step 9 Boot the Cisco IOS software image. This may happen automatically if the system is configured to auto-boot.

Step 10 On a redundant system, hook up a console to the now-standby Supervisor engine. After the system achieves an SSO state, repeat steps 6-9.

Step 11 Use the show version command to verify that you have upgraded the ROMMON:

switch# show version | i ROM
ROM: 15.0(1r)SQ1(316)

Step 12 Use the delete command on the active Supervisor to delete the PROM upgrade program from bootflash.

The following example shows how to delete RFGW10-e-ios-rfgwufw-150-1r-SQ1 image from bootflash:

Switch# delete bootflash:RFGW10-e-ios-rfgwufw-150-1r-SQ1

Step 13 On a redundant system, also delete the upgrade file from the standby Supervisor engine.

Switch# delete slavebootflash:RFGW10-e-ios-rfgwufw-150-1r-SQ1

The ROMMON has now been upgraded.

Obtaining Documentation and Submitting a Service Request

For information on obtaining documentation, using the Cisco Bug Search Tool (BST), submitting a service request, and gathering additional information, see What’s New in Cisco Product Documentation at:

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