Cisco Wide Area Application Engine 7326 Hardware Installation Guide
Appendix A - Hardware Specifications
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Wide Area Application Engine 7326 Hardware Specifications

Table Of Contents

Wide Area Application Engine 7326 Hardware Specifications

Appliance Specifications

Adapter Specifications

Wide Area Application Engine 7326 Hardware Specifications

This appendix provides hardware specifications for the WAE-7326 appliance and the optional Cisco WAE inline network adapter. It contains the following sections:

Appliance Specifications

Adapter Specifications

Appliance Specifications

Table A-1 provides a summary of the features and specifications of the Wide Area Application Engine (WAE) 7326.

Table A-1 WAE 7326 Features and Specification 



2 3.2-GHz Nocona processors

1 MB Level 2 cache

800-MHz front-side bus (FSB)

Note Use the Configuration/Setup utility program to determine the type and speed of the microprocessors.


Minimum: 512 MB

Maximum: 16 GB

Type: 2-way interleaved PC3200, ECC DDR II SDRAM, registered DIMMs only

Sizes: 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, or 2 GB

Drives standard


Expansion bays

6 hot-swap, 3.5-inch disk drive bays

1 5.25-inch (13.34-cm) bay (CD-ROM drive installed)

Hot-swap Fans

Minimum: 6

Maximum: 12—Provide redundant cooling

Hot-swap Power supplies

625 watts (100-240 V AC)

Minimum: 1

Maximum: 2—Provide redundant power

Expansion slots

2 PCI-X non-hot-pluggable 133-MHz/64-bit

2 PCI-X non-hot-pluggable 100-MHz/64-bit (low profile)


Height: 3.36 in. (85.4 mm)

Depth: 27.64 in. (702.0 mm)

Width: 17.5 in. (443.6 mm)


Weight: 46.5 lb (21.09 kg) to 64 lb (29.03 kg) depending upon configuration

Integrated functions

Baseboard management controller

Two Broadcom 10/100/1000 Ethernet controllers (dual-port design) with Wake on LAN® support

One serial port

One external and one internal Ultra320 SCSI port (dual-channel controller with integrated RAID)

Note The baseboard management controller is also known as the service processor.

Electrical Input

Sine wave input (50 - 60 Hz) required

Input voltage range automatically selected

Input voltage low range:

Minimum: 100 V AC

Maximum: 137 V AC

Input voltage high range:

Minimum: 200 V AC

Maximum: 240 V AC

Input kilovolt-amperes (kVA) approximately:

Minimum: 0.36 kVA

Maximum: 0.83 kVA


Air temperature:

Server on: 50 to 95×F (10 to 35×C); altitude: 0 to 2133 m (6998.0 ft)

Server off: 50× to 109.4×F (10× to 43×C); maximum altitude: 2133 m (6998.0 ft)


Server on: 8% to 80%

Server off: 8% to 80%

1 Acoustical noise emissions

Declared sound power, idle: 6.6 bel2

Declared sound power, operating: 6.6 bel

3 Heat Output

Minimum configuration: 1230 Btu4 (360 watts)

Maximum configuration: 2840 Btu (830 watts)

1 These levels were measured in controlled acoustical environments according to the procedures specified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) S12.10 and ISO 7779 and are reported in accordance with ISO 9296. Actual sound-pressure levels in a given location might exceed the average values stated because of room reflections and other nearby noise sources. The declared sound-power levels indicate an upper limit, below which a large number of computers will operate.

2 In acoustics, logarithm of the ratio of a quantity to a reference quantity of the same kind is called a level. The base of the logarithm (always ten, unless otherwise specified), the reference quantity, and the kind of level shall be specified.bel is a unit of level when the base of the logarithm is ten, and the quantities concerned are proportional to power.

3 Power consumption and heat output vary depending on the number and type of optional features installed, and the power-management optional features in use.

4 British Thermal Unit

Adapter Specifications

Table A-2 describes the Fibre Channel adapter specifications.

Table A-2 Fibre Channel Adapter Specifications

Fibre Channel adapter

Bus type: Fiber-optic media (shortwave 50-micron)

Bus transfer rate: 2 gigabits per second (Gbps) maximum at half duplex and 4 Gbps at full duplex

Protocols: Supports FCP1 -SCSI protocol

1 FCP = Fibre Channel Protocol

Table A-3 describes the inline network adapter technical and general specifications.

Note The minimum software release required for the inline network adapter is WAAS 4.0.7.

Table A-3 Inline Network Adapter Specifications 

Copper Gigabit Ethernet Specifications

IEEE standard

Gigabit Ethernet, 1000BASE-T

Fast Ethernet, 100BASE-T

Ethernet, 10BASE-T

Full duplex and half duplex

Supports both half-duplex and full-duplex operation in all operating speeds


Autonegotiates between full-duplex and half-duplex operations and between 1000-Mbps, 100-Mbps, and 10-Mbps speeds

Data transfer rate

1000-Mbps, 100-Mbps, and 10-Mbps speeds per port in half-duplex mode

2000-Mbps, 200-Mbps, and 20-Mbps speeds per port in full-duplex mode

General Technical Specifications

Interface standard

PCI v2.2 32/64 bit, 33/66 MHz

PCI-X v1.0 32/64 bit, 66/100/133 MHz


6.6 in. x 4.2 in. (167.64 mm x 106.68 mm)

PCI connector

Universal 64-bit connector

PCI voltage

+12V (minimum 11.4V, maximum 12.6V)

+3.3V (minimum 3.0V, maximum 3.6V)


6.18 oz (175 grams)

Operating humidity

0 to 90 percent, noncondensing

Operating temperature

32o to -122o F (0o to 50o C)

Storage temperature

-4o to -149o F (-20o to -65o C)