Cisco Catalyst 4224 Access Gateway Switch

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Specifications Overview

Series: Cisco Catalyst 4200 Series Switches
Product ID:
  • C4224V-8FXS-SLOT1
  • C4224V-8FXS-SLOT2
  • C4224V-8FXS-SLOT3
  • WS-C4224-8FXS-NFR=
  • WS-C4224V-8FXO
  • WS-C4224V-8FXO=
  • WS-C4224V-8FXS
  • WS-C4224V-8FXS-RF
  • WS-C4224V-8FXS=
Release Date: Pre-1999
Onboard LAN Ports: 24 10BaseT/100BaseTX
Power Supply: 240 W -12V/-48V AC-DC supply; optional RPS 300 redundant power supply
Processor Type/Performance: MPC8260; 35000 pps and 64 byte Layer 3; 3.3-Mpps Layer 2 switch
Console and Management Port: 1 console port (up to 115.2 kbps); one 10/100BaseT management port
Onboard FXS Ports: 8 (RJ-21 connector)

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