Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series SSL Services Module

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Specifications Overview

Series: Cisco Services Modules
Product ID:
  • WS-SVC-SSL-1
  • WS-SVC-SSL-1-K9
  • WS-SVC-SSL-1-K9-RF
  • WS-SVC-SSL-1-K9=
Release Date: 27-AUG-2002
End-of-Sale Date: 29-OCT-2009 Details
End-of-Support Date: 30-OCT-2014 Details
Visio Stencil (14 MB .zip file)
Scalability: Up to four SSL modules in the same Catalyst 6500
System Capacity and Performance: 2500 connection setups/sec per module—10K per chassis; 60K concurrent client connections—240K per chassis; 300 Mbps bulk rate encryption—1.2 Gbps per chassis; 256 key pairs; 256 key certificates; Up to 2K key sizes—256 proxy servers
Integration with Server Load Balancing: Tightly integrated in the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Switch with the CSM

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