Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series/7600 Series WebVPN Services Module

Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series/7600 Series WebVPN Services Module
Specifications Overview

Series: Cisco Services Modules
Status: Orderable How to Buy
Release Date: 01-JUN-2005
End-of-Sale Date: None Announced
End-of-Support Date: None Announced
Visio Stencil (14 MB .zip file)
Configuration and Management: Console CLI; HTTP; HTTPS; Telnet; Secure Shell (SSH)
Network Access Control: IP address; Differentiated Services Code Point/Type of Service (DSCP/ToS); TCP/UDP port; per-user; per-group
Protocols: SSL 3.0 and 3.1; TLS 1.0
Virtualization: Ability to divide into multiple contexts; with each context as a complete logical representation of the WebVPN Services Module; complete with separate policies and configuration
Scalability: Up to 8000 users; Up to 300 Mbps; Up to 64 SSL VPN virtual contexts and 64 gateways; Up to 4 modules in a chassis
Redundancy and Load Sharing: Stateless failover; Cisco IOS Software server-load balancing (SLB) and Content Switching Module integration within the chassis; Active/Active failover
User Authentication: RADIUS; Windows NT; Active Directory; UNIX NIS; Group-based access control using Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS)
Browser Support: Netscape; Internet Explorer; Firefox
End-System Integrity (Cisco Secure Desktop integration): Antivirus check; Personal firewall check; Seeks to minimize risk of temporary and downloaded files and cookies from remaining on system
Syslog Support: Console display; external server; internal buffer
Application Support: Web access; file services; e-mail; Telnet; file transfer; legacy applications; specialized applications
VRF-Aware: VRF mapping; Single-IP model (URL-based or login-name-based); Multiple-IP model; Per-VRF AAA server; Per-VRF DNS server; Per-VRF gateway; Per-VRF number of users

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