Cisco ATM Interface Processors

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Specifications Overview

Series: Cisco Interface Processors
Release Date: Pre-1999
End-of-Sale Date: 28-JAN-2000 Details
End-of-Support Date: 28-JAN-2005 Details
Platform Capability: Interfaces: OC3c/STM1 SONET/SDHSinglemode; Intermediate Reach; OC3c/STM1 SONET/SDH Multinode; DS3; E3; Connections: PVCs or SVCs (ATM Forum UNI 3.0/3.1); Service Classes: UBR – Unspecified Bit Rate; VBR – Variable Bit RateTM; Up to 8 programmable VC rate queues with traffic shipping; Adaption: AAL5; AAL3/4; LAN Interconnect: LANE (LEC; LES; BUS; LECS); RFC1483; RFC1577
Special Features: Protocols Routed Over ATM: IP; DECnet; IPX; AppleTalk; Banyan; VINES

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