Cisco Aironet 3700 Series

AP Radio Reset Codes

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Updated: Jun 30, 2014

Contributed by Aaron Leonard and Surendra BG, Cisco TAC Engineers.



This document describes Radio Reset Codes for the Access Point (AP). The radio reset code can be seen from the AP Command Line with these commands: show controller dot11radio 0 or show controller dot11radio 1.

At the end of the output,  you see the radio reset code and this helps you to identify the reason for the radio reset.

Here is an example:

AP#show controllers dot11Radio 0 | i reset
Driver TX blocks: in use 0, high 0, at reset 0, fail 0 drop 0
Last radio reset code: 37
Radio resets - total:8 retries:0 failed:0

AP#show controllers dot11Radio 1 | i reset
Driver TX blocks: in use 0, high 0, at reset 0, fail 0 drop 0
Last radio reset code: 37
Radio resets - total:8 retries:0 failed:0
radio reset code: xx

Here is the list of Radio Reset codes and the corresponding definition

Radio Reset Codes

28RADIO_RC_RF_MONThe radio is going into or out of monitor mode.
29RADIO_RC_RF_MON_PROMThe radio is going into or out of promiscuous monitor mode.
30RADIO_RC_TRACERadio debug tracing is being turned on or off.
31RADIO_RC_PCI_RESETHardware radio reset.
32RADIO_RC_ANT_ALIGNStart radio in special mode for directional antenna alignment.
33RADIO_RC_DFS_NON_ROOTDynamic Frequency Selection reset for non-root radio.
34RADIO_RC_DFS_NO_CHANDynamic Frequency Selection reset due to no channels available.
35RADIO_RC_DFSDynamic Frequency Selection channel change.
36RADIO_RC_DFS_CHAN_WAITDynamic Frequency Selection reset waiting for available channel.
37RADIO_RC_IDB_RESETRadio interface reset.
38RADIO_RC_IOS_RELOADRadio reset prior to IOS software reload.
39RADIO_RC_IOS_IP_ADR_CHGRadio reset due to IOS IP address change.
40RADIO_RC_REFLASHRadio reset prior to reflashing the radio.
41RADIO_RC_CCK_TXCCK transmit on dual antennas enable or disable.
42RADIO_RC_WMEEnable or disable of World Mode IE.
43RADIO_RC_FCC_TST_STOPStop FCC compliance testing mode.
44RADIO_RC_FCC_TSTStart FCC compliance testing mode.
45RADIO_RC_CAR_BUSY_TSTCarrier busy test.
46RADIO_RC_DRIVER_CHKReset if radio becomes disabled.
47RADIO_RC_COMP_MODEFCC test mode interface reset.
48RADIO_RC_CONFIGRadio reset due to configuration change.
49RADIO_RC_MESH_BACKHAULClear mesh backhaul.
50RADIO_RC_MESH_LISTENSet as mesh listener.
51RADIO_RC_RST_TX_COMPReset on transmit completion.
52RADIO_RC_DFER_MCASTReset on completion of defered multicast packets.
53RADIO_RC_IDB_ENABLERadio interface has been enabled.
54RADIO_RC_IDB_SHUTDOWNRadio interface has been shutdown.
55RADIO_RC_DOT11_GO_DNIOS software interface is going down.
56RADIO_RC_ETHER_GO_DNIOS ethernet link is going down.
57RADIO_RC_IF_GO_UPIOS software interface is coming up.
58RADIO_RC_UPLINK_CLNT_DNUplink client is going away.
59RADIO_RC_UPLINK_CLNT_UPUplink client is coming up.
60RADIO_RC_SET_CONFIGRadio configuration change.
61RADIO_RC_UPD_PHON_SUPSymbol phone extension support has been enabled or disabled.
62RADIO_RC_SET_CHANNELRadio channel set.
63RADIO_RC_HANDLE_UAUniversal Access is disabled.
64RADIO_RC_RLDP_STARTRogue Location Discovery Protocol start.
65RADIO_RC_RLDP_STOPRogue Location Discovery Protocol stop.
66RADIO_RC_DFS_DEBUGDynamic Frequency Selection debug mode.
67RADIO_RC_HOSTNAME_CHGHostname change after association.
68RADIO_RC_CMD_ROUTINERadio interface reset from command routines.
69RADIO_RC_EXIT_LOW_PWRRadio is exiting inline CDP low power mode holddown.
Updated: Jun 30, 2014
Document ID: 117869