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Cisco MPI350 (Mini-PCI)

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Updated: Sep 08, 2004



This document answers frequently asked questions about the Cisco Mini-Peripheral Component Interconnect 350 (MPI350).

Q. What is the Cisco MPI350?

A. The Cisco 350 Series Mini-PCI (MPI350) Client Adapter is an embedded 802.11b client radio for laptops and other devices. It provides 100mW transmit power and is fully compliant with the advanced features of the Cisco Aironet 350 Series, 1100 Series, and 1200 Series families of products. Based on direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) technology operating in the 2.4 GHz ISM band, the Cisco Aironet MPI350 client adapter, it is Wi-Fi certified, and complies with the IEEE 802.11b standard, ensuring interoperability with other compliant wireless LAN (WLAN) products.

Q. Who manufactures the Cisco MPI350?

A. Cisco has licensed the manufacturing rights to Ambit Microsystems. Ambit has been involved with Cisco in recent years as a Contract Manufacturer (CM) and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) partner.

Q. Who can sell the Cisco MPI350?

A. Cisco has licensed the exclusive sales rights to Ambit Microsystems.

Q. What is the price of the Cisco MPI350?

A. Ambit is responsible for pricing the Cisco MPI350.

Q. Will the Cisco MPI350 appear on a Cisco price list?

A. No, the Cisco MPI350 will not appear on a Cisco price list since Cisco will not be selling this product.

Q. Who can buy the Cisco MPI350?

A. Because the Cisco MPI350 is an embedded adapter, issues such as regulatory approvals and laptop warranty prevent it from being sold to anyone besides PC and device OEMs. This product is not available to the aftermarket (post factory embedded), whether via Ambit directly or through distributors or Cisco resellers.

Q. Why is the Cisco MPI350 not available for aftermarket sales?

A. The Cisco MPI350 cannot be sold as an aftermarket adapter because:

  • Regulatory certification is based on the MPI350 being coupled with a particular antenna. Although modular regulatory approvals are available, they only apply to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), who is responsible for embedding similar antennas in different devices. Modular regulatory approval does not eliminate the restriction on aftermarket sales since the end user might embed the adapter in devices with unapproved antennas.

  • Although the MPI350 is based on the standard Mini-PCI Type IIIA form factor, there are nevertheless variations in how an OEM embeds the adapter, including how the adapter is secured in the device, how diversity is implemented (on-radio vs. off-radio), and whether external LEDs or a radio off switch is supported.

  • Potential warranty issues preventing an enduser from embedding the MPI350 in a laptop or other device.

Q. Is the Cisco MPI350 available as an aftermarket (post factory embedded) upgrade on existing laptops?

A. The Cisco MPI350 is not generally available as an aftermarket adapter; however, individual PC and device OEMs may decide to offer the Cisco MPI350 as an aftermarket upgrade specifically in their wireless-ready devices. At this point, only IBM is offering such an aftermarket upgrade for certain IBM wireless-ready laptops. Your customer should contact their PC and device OEM for specific information.

Q. What support and hardware warranty are provided with the Cisco MPI350?

A. PC and device OEMs define the support and hardware warranty offerings for the Cisco MPI350 embedded in their laptops and devices. Cisco does not provide support or hardware warranty for the Cisco MPI350.

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Updated: Sep 08, 2004
Document ID: 44521