Cisco 5700 Series Wireless LAN Controllers

Converged Access Controllers 5760/3850/3650 MAC Address Entry for NMSP

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Updated: Mar 06, 2014

Contributed by Surendra BG, Cisco TAC Engineer.



This document describes the procedure to add the Location Based Service - Self Signed Certificate (LBS-SSC) and the MAC address of the Mobility Services Engine (MSE) on Next Generation Wiring Closet (NGWC) Converged Access Controllers 5760/3850/3650 Wireless LAN Controllers (WLCs).

Add the MAC Address and the SSC

This section shows the commands that are used to add the MAC address and the SSC to the Converged Access Wireless LAN Controllers.

  1. Enter the cmdshell command in the MSE CLI in order to go to the CMD prompt on the MSE. Then enter the show server-auth-info command in order to obtain the SSC hash and the MAC address, which need to be added on the WLCs.
    [root@nms-mse3355-b ~] # cmdshell
    cmd> show server-auth-info
    invoke command: com.aes.server.cli.CmdGetServerAuthInfo
    AesLog queue high mark: 50000
    AesLog queue low mark: 500
    ----------------Server Auth Info----------------
    MAC Address: 5c:f3:fc:e8:06:943:04
    Key Hash: 29FADAE1392AE51C90942E813139DF53D5EAE1EF
    Certificate Type: SSC>
  2. Copy the MAC address and key hash. Enter these commands in order to apply them to the Converged Access Wireless LAN Controllers.
    username 5cf3fce80694
    username 5cf3fce80694 aaa attribute list NMSP

    aaa attribute list NMSP
    attribute type password
Updated: Mar 06, 2014
Document ID: 117477