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Cisco Unity Subscriber Receives "Account Locked Out" Error

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Updated: May 01, 2009



When an attempt is made to access the Cisco Unity System Administrator, Status Monitor, or Cisco PCA pages, the subscriber receives an error that says the account is locked. This document discusses how to troubleshoot this issue.



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Problem: "Your account is locked out" Error Appears When You Try to Access Voicemail

With Cisco Unity 4.0, the Your account is locked out error message appears when an attempt is made to access voicemail. In this case, the administrator has to manually unlock the account on the SA page.


This issue can happen in some cases where the account lockout policy is disabled on Cisco Unity Administrator. Instead of setting the account lockout policy to No account lockout, you can use the default Account lockout and increase the number of allowed invalid attempts.

Another reason for the subscribers to be locked out of Cisco Unity is the use of Shared Lines in Cisco CallManager. If the Message Waiting Lamp Policy on these lines is set to Use System Policy, it turns on the MWI lamp when a message is received. When the shared line receives a message, a user can press the Messages button in order to go to the voicemail and by mistake enter their own voicemail PIN instead of the PIN of the shared line, which is what Cisco Unity expects. Thus, the wrong PIN can be entered by a user several times and can lock out a subscriber even though the real subscriber did not even call voicemail.

Problem: "Access denied - Your account is currently locked" Error

A Cisco Unity subscriber receives the Access denied - Your account is currently locked error message when an attempt is made to access the Cisco Unity System Administrator, Status Monitor, or Cisco PCA. However, the Cisco Unity GUI access status is marked as Unlocked, which means the Locked box is unchecked, when the Account page for the subscriber is viewed in the Cisco Unity System Administrator. It must be marked as Locked, which allows the Administrator to uncheck the box to enable the account again.

Solution 1

This problem does not impact the ability to access the Cisco Unity GUI interfaces if the subscriber account is locked, it only impacts the account status displayed in the Cisco Unity System Administrator.

In order to unlock an account in this state, complete these steps:

  1. Check the Locked checkbox next to Cisco Unity GUI access status, and click Save.

  2. Remove the check mark and click Save again.

    The subscriber account is now unlocked and access is allowed to the Cisco Unity System Administrator, Status Monitor, and Cisco PCA with the correct password.

Solution 2

When a subscriber encounters the Access Denied - Your Account is currently locked. Contact your Cisco Unity Administrator for assistance error message, it is possible that the subscriber exceeded the allowed number of failed logon attempts. The limit is set on the System > Authentication page in the Cisco Unity Administrator. The subscriber either forgot his or her credentials, or an unauthorized user attempted to gain access.

Refer to Error Message: "Access Denied - Your Account Is Currently Locked. Contact Your Cisco Unity Administrator for Assistance" in order to determine the source of the problem and correct it.

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Updated: May 01, 2009
Document ID: 110275