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Unity Connection: Unable to Use Cisco Personal Communication Assistant (CPCA) to Listen to Messages


The Cisco Personal Communications Assistant (PCA) is the portal that provides access to the Cisco Unity Connection web tools for users to manage messages and personal preferences in Cisco Unity Connection. This document describes how to troubleshoot issues that occur when you use Cisco Personal Communication Assistant (CPCA) to listen to messages.



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Components Used

The information in this document is based on the Cisco Unity Connection 7.x.

The information in this document was created from the devices in a specific lab environment. All of the devices used in this document started with a cleared (default) configuration. If your network is live, make sure that you understand the potential impact of any command.


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Client PC Hangs for Approximately 10-30 Seconds When You Use Quickplay


When you launch the Cisco Unity Inbox and select the Quickplay application in order to play a voice message, a dialog box appears with this error message:

Quickplay is preparing the recording for playback, please wait. Buffering/Loading recording.

The voice message plays, but the error message continues to display on the screen for approximately 30 seconds. During this time, your PC hangs. Once the error message dialog box closes, you can use your PC normally.

This issue seems to occur only under these conditions:

  • When you log in to the ciscopca/Unity Inbox

  • When you use the Quickplay application first the time after you log in

After the issues occurs for the first, any further usage of Quickplay in the Inbox works correctly.

This issue is also documented is Cisco Bug ID CSCte39908 (registered customers only) .


Use one of these solutions in order to resolve the issue:

  • In order to use the Quickplay application, uninstall your current version of Java Runtime Environment, and install version Java Runtime Environment version is one of the JRE versions that seems to work well with the Quickplay application.

  • Do not use the Quickplay application. Instead, click the From field in order to launch Media Master and listen to the message.

Unable to Use Quickplay to Listen to Messages in Deleted Items


You log into ciscopca, select Unity Inbox, and click View Deleted Items. In Deleted Items, you click Quickplay speaker for the desired message, but the message is not played.

The issue is documented in Cisco Bug ID CSCte36779 (registered customers only) .


As a workaround for this issue, click the From field to play the message with Media Master.

Error When Accessing the Cisco PCA in order to Listen to Voicemail Messages


When trying to access the Cisco PCA in order to listen to voicemail messages, this error message is received:

Could not Create a phone playback session. 
The reported error is: E_INVALID_PHONE_NUMBER


This can happen due to a Java issue. You might need to upgrade Java to the latest version.

PCA not able to find page


You are experiencing issues going to the ciscopca webpage using the DNS entry. Further, you would like to provide access to the customer’s users to web inbox using a name and not an IP address.


Complete these steps in order to set up the DNS servers on UC and resolve this problem:

  1. Log in to Unity Connection through the admin CLI.

  2. Issue the set network dns primary command.

    Note: You will receive a warning stating that this will invalidate your license. Choose yes in order to proceed.

  3. Reboot the server in order for the change take effect.

  4. After the server reboots, issue the show status command in order to verify whether or not the License MAC address did in fact change.

    Note: If the MAC address changed, open a new case with the Licensing team and have them re-host your license file to use the new MAC address. Then, install the new license file and test your new settings.

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