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Cisco Unity Connection 2.x: Turning Off Timestamp Announcement after Message Playback Fails

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Updated: Jan 08, 2009



With Cisco Unity Connection 2.x , when you try to turn off the timestamp announcement after message playback, it results in the the timestamp being announced before and after every message.

This document discusses how to troubleshoot this issue.



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  • Unity Connection 2.x versions


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By default, Cisco Unity Connection 2.x announces the time/date after each message is played back during the TUI conversation when checking the voicemail from a phone. You can change the default to announce the time/date before each message plays back. For this, go to Conversation > Message Review in the Cisco Unity Bulk Edit Tool, and turn on Announce Time Before Playing Each Message.

After doing this, the timestamp is announced for both before each message and after each message. This can be annoying to the user. In the previous version of Cisco Unity Connection 1.2, turning on the Announce Time Before Playing Each Message automatically turned off the timestamp after each message. Therefore, you would only have the announcement before or after. Unity Connection 2.x does not port this functionality.

Note: This issue is also documented in Cisco bug ID CSCsr12433 (registered customers only) , and this is fixed in Cisco Unity Connection 7.0(1).


The only way to fix this is to run a script in the CLI to turn off the Announce Time After Playing Each Message when the default of AFTER is changed to BEFORE.

In the CLI of Unity Connection 2.x, run this script to turn off the after message time/date announcement:

run cuc dbquery unitydirdb update tbl_usersubscriber set saytimestampafter=0

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Updated: Jan 08, 2009
Document ID: 107565