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CUIC 8.5: Unable to Export the Reports to Excel

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Updated: Sep 27, 2012



With Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC) Reporting Application 8.5, when you export the CUIC reports to Microsoft Excel, it fails with the Unable to download ReportManager.htm from x.x.x.x. error message. This document discusses how to troubleshoot this issue.



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Components Used

The information in this document is based on the Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC) 8.5.

The information in this document was created from the devices in a specific lab environment. All of the devices used in this document started with a cleared (default) configuration. If your network is live, make sure that you understand the potential impact of any command.


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When you try to export the CUIC reports to Microsoft Excel with these steps, the export fails with one of these error messages.

  • Unable to download ReportManager.htm from x.x.x.x.

  • Internet explorer cannot download gridview.htmx from x.x.x.x.

  1. Login to CUIC 8.5(2) with Internet Explorer and use https login.

  2. Choose a report, right-click on it and choose the Export option.

  3. Click the Save button in the popup window.

Note: Same operation over Internet Explorer works if the login protocol is http and not https.


Use this solution in order to solve the problem.

Solution 1

This issue is documented by Cisco bug ID CSCtq42407 (registered customers only) . As a workaround, complete these steps:

  1. Login with http protocol and export the report as XML. Or, use the firefox browser, and use either https and http. If these alternatives do not work for you, then complete these steps:

    1. Choose Start > Run > regedit in order to open registry editor.

    2. Locate the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings

    3. Choose Edit > New > DWORD value, enter the name for the new DWORD as BypassSSLNoCacheCheck, and enter the value of the DWORD as 00000001.

    4. Close the registry editor and restart the Internet Explorer.

  2. Now, try to export the report as an excel sheet through HTTPS.

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Updated: Sep 27, 2012
Document ID: 113192