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Cisco Agent Desktop Phone Books Frequently Asked Questions

Cisco - Cisco Agent Desktop Phone Books Frequently Asked Questions

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Updated: Jul 17, 2006



This document provides answers to some common questions about the Cisco Agent Desktop Global Phone Book.

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Q. Is there a method to mass import records into the Global Phone Book so all agents have access to it?

A. There is no method to enter entries into the Global Phone Book in bulk.

Q. Where is the Global Phone Book stored?

A. The Global Phone Book is stored in the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) database. The path is Spanlink Communications > Company > (LCC name) > Phone Book.

Q. How does the Global Phone Book synchronize? (A side and B side in IPCC Enterprise or HA NODES in IPCC Express)

A. Directory Services take care of synchronizing databases.

Q. Which log can you collect to troubleshoot issues?

A. Logs can be collected for normal logs and debug traces (set to the DEBUG level) from Cisco Agent Desktop and Cisco Desktop Agent applications.

Q. Where and what in the configuration needs to be checked?

A. Cisco Desktop Agent allows the administrator to edit the Global Phone Book. The agent cannot edit the Global Phone Book. In turn, the agents can edit the Employee Phone Book, but the administrator cannot. There are also check boxes on the page that do not allow the Phone Books for agent use completely, and do not allow the use of Employee Phone Books by agents, if desired.

Q. Is there an easier method to administer the Global Phone Book under Cisco Desktop Administrator?

A. Currently, there is no method you can use to edit the Global Phone Books other than simple manual entry.

Q. Does the Global Phone Book run from the database?

A. In earlier versions, Cisco Agent Desktop loaded the Global Phone Book from LDAP each time the dial pad was launched. Current versions load the Global Phone Books once and store it in memory to avoid delays.

Q. Can the Global Phone Book be linked back into the Cisco CallManager Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) user list? For example, Corporate Directory on the IP phones?

A. No.

Q. How can you make the Global Phone Book in Cisco Agent Desktop available while Cisco Agent Desktop agent is on the Integrated Contact Distribution (ICD) extension?

A. Cisco Agent Desktop Global Phone Book is available through the transfer and conference dialogs.

Q. Is there a finite number of listings for the Global Phone Books for a team?

A. Size is only limited by memory available to Cisco Agent Destkop.

Q. Can a team Global Phone Book be locked down so only that specific team can view the contents?

A. No.

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Updated: Jul 17, 2006
Document ID: 70337