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Supervisor Cannot Barge-in/Intercept the Agent Call Due to DNP Matching Symptoms

Document ID: 116163

Updated: Jun 28, 2013

Contributed by Ping Qiu, Cisco TAC Engineer.



This document describes how to address situations where the supervisor is not able to barge-in or intercept the agent call.


Sometimes, when the supervisor clicks the Barge-in or Intercept buttons, nothing happens. This occurs because the agent extension makes a conference call request to the supervisor extension through the Intelligent Contact Manager (ICM) Computer Telephony Integration Object Server /Computer Telephony Integration Server processes when the supervisor initiates the barge-in. However, the Cisco CallManager Peripheral Interface Manager (PIM) generates a "New Call Request" based on the Dialed Number Plan (DNP) matching. This behavior causes the ICM Router to deny the call with the reason "1011."

19:06:37:604 PG1A-pim1 Trace: CSTA ROUTE REQUEST, 
RequestPostRoute: by PIM for the DNP SENT TO OPC
                CallID            = 2130706591 
                DeviceID = 3673  DeviceType = Static

                RoutingCrossRefID = 65693
                CurrentRoute      = ????
                CallingDevice     = 3673
                RequestType       = 51
                AG                =
                CustomerID        = -1
                PreferredASTID    = -1
19:06:37:606 PG1A-pim1 Trace: ProcessCSTARouteEnd:
crossRefID=65693  ERROR-1011


The issue occurs with ICM versions that have DNP configured. In order to solve this problem, remove the DNP configuration that matches the supervisor's extension(s).

Updated: Jun 28, 2013
Document ID: 116163