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Special File Access (SFA) Download FAQ

Cisco - Special File Access (SFA) Download FAQ

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Updated: Sep 03, 2006



The document is an FAQ for the Special File Access (SFA) tool. The SFA tool is used to download files that have been published with Special File Publish (SFP). The SFP tool allows internal Cisco employees to publish temporary files to (CDC) and make them accessible to customers by providing a unique code that is associated with their user ID. Once the image is published, an e-mail is sent to the address that is in the customers CDC profile. This e-mail contains a code and a link to download the software. Each code is valid for seventy-two hours.

This FAQ focuses on the downloading aspect of the SFA tool.

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Q. What does it mean when the tool gives an error similar to Our records indicate that your userid '<userid>' is not permitted to download this publication using the code submitted?

A. If the code was provided prior to the completion of the file publish, you can receive this error. But, if you have already received the e-mail with the code, it is possible that they were added as a CC instead of an ID that has access to download the software. Users that are added as CC cannot download the files therefore it is possible that this userid has not been authorized to receive access to the software with this code. If this has happened to you, contact the publisher of the file and notify them that you do not have access to the software.

Q. What happens if I provided my userid but cannot remember my password?

A. The SFA tool requires that all its users have a (CDC) userid. When a file is published it must be associated to an existing CDC userid. If you have forgot your password, send an e-mail to in order to get your password reset.

Q. Why do I get an Internal Server Error during an attempt to download Software?

A. If the software is an Encryption Software image, you can have Non English characters in the profile under the name or address or city field. Change these to a English characters. If the Internal Server Error still persists, open a case. For more information on Crypto issues, refer to the Crypto FAQ.

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Updated: Sep 03, 2006
Document ID: 107612