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Jabber for Windows Active Video Call Bandwidth Identification

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Updated: Aug 09, 2013

Contributed by Dilnasheen Muhammad, Cisco TAC Engineer.



This document describes how to identify bandwidth information when you make video calls via Cisco Jabber for Windows, which helps identify bandwidth issues with video calls.

Find Bandwidth of an Active Cisco Jabber for Windows Video Call

Complete these stesp in order to find the bandwidth of an active video call in Cisco Jabber for Windows:

  1. The bandwidth allocated for a video call with Cisco Jabber is determined from the Problem report that is delivered after the call has been completed.
    2012-08-06 08:24:47,056 INFO [0x00001290] [cpvesrcmainSessionGroupImpl.cpp
    1031)] [cpve] [media::rtp::SessionGroupImpl::updateCurrentTransmissionBitRates
    - Video Bandwidth allocated:520000, sessionGroup=0x0a5a2500

    2012-08-06 08:25:05,898 DEBUG [0x00001458] [cpvesrcmainCPVERenderer.cpp(54)]
    [cpve] [media::rtp::CPVERendererFactory::create] - media_type=video

    2012-08-06 08:25:05,913 INFO [0x00001290] [cpvesrcmainSessionImpl.cpp(415)]
    [cpve] [media::rtp::SessionImpl::startMediaReceive] - Returning true :
    start media receive

    2012-08-06 08:25:05,913 INFO [0x00001290] [rcmediacpveCpveAudioProvider.cpp
    (949)] [csf.ecc] [ecc::CpveAudioProvider::onRxState] - Audio RxState: Group:
    3 Stream: 9
    State: MediaState::STARTED

    2012-08-06 08:25:05,913 DEBUG [0x00001290] [srcBandwidthHelper.cpp(60)]
    [csf.ecc-wrapper] [getInitialBandwidth] - BandwidthHelper::
    getInitialBandwidth.Mac address 00..18..F8..EC..6C..4DCall number 81384791
    bandWidth Value 520

    2012-08-06 08:25:05,913 DEBUG [0x00001290] [srcBandwidthHelper.cpp(71)]
    [csf.ecc-wrapper] [getInitialBandwidth] - BandwidthHelper::getInitialBandwidth.
    Setting the Initial Bandwidth to 520

    2012-08-06 08:25:05,913 DEBUG [0x00001290] [ftphonewrapperCC_SIPCCService.cpp
    (1999)] [csf.ecc] [ecc::CC_SIPCCService::getStartingTxBandwidth] - Got bandwidth
    value of 520 kbps from client
  2. A lab recreation determined that Jabber does not show bandwidth consumption when a call is active (on screen). However, once a test call is made, the logs show what bandwidth the client has.

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Updated: Aug 09, 2013
Document ID: 116336