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Unity Connection Single Inbox Messages are Not Logged by the Microsoft Exchange Journal Feature

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Updated: Jan 03, 2014

Contributed by Scott Hills, Cisco TAC Engineer.



This document describes the problem encountered where Microsoft Exchange does not journal messages that are Exchanged Web Services (EWS) when synced from Cisco Unity Connection, and offers solutions to the problem.


Single Inbox messages are not logged by the Exchange Journal feature when synched from Cisco Unity Connection.

Solution 1

Here is a suggested workaround. Create a separate mailbox on Exchange in order to accept messages from Unity Connection that must be logged by the Journal feature. Next, set up accounts to additional relay the messages to this mailbox. This relay allows messages to be Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP)-delivered, which categorizes them as the type of message that is allowed to journal.

    1. Create a specific mailbox on Exchange in order to accept a separate copy of the Exchange message.

    2. Configure Unity Connection with a Smarthost address. On the Unity Connection Admin webpage, navigate to System Settings > SMTP Configuration > Smart Host. Enter the Exchange IP address or the hostname that accepts and relays messages from Unity Connection.

    3. Navigate to each user, choose Message Actions, and configure the relay. Navigate to User > <specific user> > Edit > Message Actions > Voicemail, and choose Accept and Relay the Message. In the Relay Address field, enter the Exchange Journal mailbox that you created.

Note: It is possible to bulk edit multiple users Message Actions feature without the need to access each users mailbox.

The users still receive the messages that EWS synced to their mailbox by the Single Inbox feature, and the Message Actions SMTP-deliver the message to the mailbox you have created.

Note: The Journal feature issue with Single Inbox messages is related to it being synced by EWS. The message does not flow through the normal delivery queues on Exchange, and thus it does not journal. Therefore, the problem is not with Unity Connection.

Solution 2

The only other workaround, which also follows the previous steps, is to create a secondary mailbox on Exchange for each user. Then, you must configure the Message Actions feature in order to relay to the secondary mailbox for each user. This is necessary because you cannot conduct EWS Syncronization (Single Inbox) and SMTP Relay to the same Exchange mailbox.

Contact Microsoft for more information on how to set Exchange to journal EWS-synced messages.

Updated: Jan 03, 2014
Document ID: 117117