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Unity Connection FAQ: How do I reset a PIMG/TIMG to the factory defaults?

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Updated: Dec 16, 2013

Contributed by Scott Hills and Timothy Tesluk, Cisco TAC Engineers.



This document describes how to reset a PBX IP Media Gateway (PIMG)/T1 Media Gateway (TIMG) to the factory defaults.

How do I reset a PIMG/TIMG to the factory defaults?

At times you might find it necessary to reset a PIMG/TIMG to the factory defaults. One reason could be you received a replacement PIMG and the default IP address does not seem to allow you into the unit.

The process to reset the gateway is shown here. These steps were taken from the Dialogics process and the link to the actual documentation on the Dialogics website is listed in the Related Information section of this document.

In order to reset a gateway to the factory defaults with the serial port, complete these steps:

  1. Connect with HyperTerminal on a Windows PC. If your Unity Connection has 2 COM ports, use the second port in order to complete this procedure.

  2. The baud rate of the COM ports are listed below. Remember, if you have 2 COM ports on your unit use the second port.

    Baud Rate = 38400
    Stop Bits = 1
    Data Bits = 8
    Parity = None
    Flow Control = None

    Baud Rate = 115200
    Stop Bits = 1
    Data Bots = 8
    Parity = None
    Flow Control = None

  3. Connect to the gateway via the serial port with a null modem cable. Press Enter until the PIMG> prompt appears.

  4. At the prompt, enter reset and press Enter.

  5. When you are asked to validate your request, enter yes or no and press Enter. You must type the whole word 'yes' otherwise the reset will not be performed.

The settings in your gateway are now reset to the factory defaults. After the reset, the gateway IP address is, the username is admin and the password is IpodAdmin (case sensitive!). You can restart your gateway at this point and reconfigure it as needed.

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Updated: Dec 16, 2013
Document ID: 116978