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Unity Connection IMAP Client Cannot Download New Messages

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Updated: Sep 13, 2013

Contributed by Scott Hills, Cisco TAC Engineer.



This document describes how to solve the issue when Outlook is unable to make Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) connections. Unity Connection allows you to use an IMAP client to connect to Unity Connection to view and check messages. Occasionally, there can be issues with this process.


Outlook has been able to in the past to make IMAP connections to Unity Connection and view voicemail messages. This no longer works for some users, but works for others.


The issue may not be with Unity Connection, which can be deceptive since some users do not have issues. In order to troubleshoot the issue, try one of these methods:

Method 1: Enable Traces

  1. Log in to CUC Serviceability.
  2. Choose Trace > Micro Trace.
  3. Choose Publisher Server.
  4. Under Micro Trace, enable each of these and click Save after each:
    • CML (all levels)
    • CsMalUmss (all levels)
    • CuImapSvr (all levels)
    • MTA (all levels)
    • SMTP (all levels)

Method 2: Reproduce the Issue

In order to reproduce this issue, locate a user who experiences this problem, and leave a voicemail for the user.

Method 3: Collect Logs from Real-Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT)

  1. Log in in to RTMT and go to the Log Central.
  2. Choose these options:
    • Connection Conversation Manager (diag_CuCsMgr_*.uc)
    • Connection Notifier (diag_CuNotifier_*.uc)
    • Connection Tomcat Application (diag_Tomcat_*.uc)
    • Connection IMAP Server (diag_CuImapSvr_*.uc)
    • Connection Message Transfer Agent (diag_MTA_*.uc)
    • Connection SMTP Server (diag_SMTP_*.uc)

In general, if the message shows on the phone, then the most useful trace to review is the Connection IMAP Server file. Search for a line similar to the below example to locate a log on attempt:

14:09:01.441 |2029,ClientSocket-40,,CuImapSvr,15,Request: u56i LOGIN "test1" ******

Note: In place of 'test1', look for a user alias that is in Unity Connection.

Review the file and look for any syntax as in this example. It is suggested to search for "Invalid tag error encountered during IMAP processing".

14:18:49.233 |17214,ClientSocket-40,,CuImapSvr,15,Response: * BAD Protocol Error: Invalid Tag
14:18:49.233 |17214,ClientSocket-40,,CuImapSvr,10,Session Run failed for client
ClientSocket-40 [0x80046B0F; Uis_E_INVALID_TAG; Invalid tag error encountered during IMAP processing.]

Note: This indicates the IMAP client has sent some unexpected Tag in the IMAP request that is not supported.

In order to address the issue, it is recommeded to delete the IMAP configuration on the IMAP client. Restart the IMAP client, and then build the IMAP clients configuration to the Unity Connection again. This step has fixed the problem in some cases.

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Updated: Sep 13, 2013
Document ID: 116487