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Configuring the Night Time AA on SPA9000

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Updated: Dec 12, 2008



How do I configure Night time Auto Attendant on SPA9000?
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Q. How do I configure Night time Auto Attendant on SPA9000?


This article will show you how to configure the Night time Auto Attendant (AA) on SPA9000.�

Configuring the Night Time AA on SPA9000

Step 1:
Create a night time Auto-Attendant (AA) by following the Auto-Attendant Quick Install Guide.

Step 2:
Access the SPA9000's web-based setup page. For instructions, click�here.

Step 3:
When the web-based setup page appears, click Admin Login then advanced.

Step 4:
Click Voice then SIP.

Step 5:
Change Day Time to desired preferred time of the user where:

(hh for hours, mm for minutes, and ss for seconds)

Forexample,start=9:0:0;end=17:0:0 means the start time is 9 AM and the end time is 5 PM. The other hours (5 PM to 9 AM) are considered nighttime hours.

Step 6:


Step 7:
Click Line 1 then look for Contact list and enter "aa"

Step 8:


Step 9:
Click Regional.

Step 10:
Change the Time Zone to GMT +08:00 (this is equal to Philippine time). IP phones will automatically reboot and obtain the same time zone.

Step 11:
Click Info.

Step 12:
Check the Current AA.

Step 13:


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Updated: Dec 12, 2008
Document ID: 108815