Cisco Jabber for Windows

Jabber Displays Incorrect Contact for a Number

Document ID: 116433

Updated: Nov 13, 2013

Contributed by Joshua Hammonds and Scott Hills, Cisco TAC Engineers.



This document describes a method to resolve a common Jabber softphone name resolution issue.


Whan a call is made to a Jabber softphone, the Jabber softphone attempts to look up the number of the incoming call, and then resolve the number to a user name if it can be found.

Sometimes Jabber for Windows displays an incorrect display name for a specific calling number.

In order to resolve names to numbers, Jabber looks at three things in this order to find a resolution:

  1. Local Jabber Cache of Jabber Contacts and Recents
  2. Outlook Contacts
  3. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Directory

The search takes place in a top-down fashion. As soon as a number is resolved to a name, it displays that contact information.

Unfortunately, once there is incorrect information in the local cache, the cache must be deleted. It is most often found that Jabber picks up an Outlook Contact that has incorrect information. However, when this information is used once by Jabber, it is cached and then futher lookups are never done for this number again.


Once the problem is identified, the only solution is to find the Jabber cache of the Jabber client that is displayed incorrectly, and delete the cache.

The cache is stored in a folder called "Jabber" which can be found at this location:

C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\Cisco\Unified Communications\
  1. Exit Jabber and delete the "Jabber" folder.
  2. Restart Jabber.
  3. Before testing, check the Outlook Contact on the PC that showed the incorrect display name for the proper contact information.
  4. If the contact information is valid, then also check LDAP in order to ensure the proper contact information for the users involved in the call.
Updated: Nov 13, 2013
Document ID: 116433