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WAN Switching Software Upgrade Roadmap

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Updated: Oct 04, 2005



This document describes the roadmap of the WAN switching software upgrade process. The illustrations and table here show the baseline WAN switching software upgrade paths, as well as the various other supported upgrade paths.



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Baseline Upgrade Paths

This illustration shows the baseline, or typical, WAN switching software upgrade paths. The baseline paths represent the typical switch software upgrade process.


All Supported Upgrade Paths

This illustration shows all of the various supported WAN switching software upgrade paths. Switch software versions shown in this illustration include releases not shown in the baseline, or the typical upgrade path diagram.


WAN Switching Software Upgrade Combinations

This table contains additional details of all possible WAN switching software upgrade combinations.

From To
7.4.x 8.5.x
8.1.5x (8.1.1x) 8.2.0x
8.1.5x (8.1.1x) 8.4.x
8.1.7x (8.1.2x) 8.2.0x
8.1.7x 8.2.3x
8.1.7x (8.1.2x) 8.4.x
8.2.0x 8.2.3x
8.2.0x 8.4.x
8.2.3x 8.2.5x/8.2.6x
8.2.5x/8.2.6x 8.5.x
8.2.5x/8.2.6x 9.1.x
8.4.x 8.5.x
8.4.x 9.1.x
8.5.x 9.1.x
9.1.x 9.2.x
9.2.x 9.3.x

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Updated: Oct 04, 2005
Document ID: 15035