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Using TFTP to Download Firmware to an IPX, IGX, or BPX

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Updated: Apr 30, 2009



Firmware may be downloaded to an IPX, IGX, or BPX using TFTP on a Sun (UNIX) workstation or the Hewlett-Packard OpenView (HP OV) StrataCom Utilities.



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Components Used

UNIX workstation, IGX or BPX

If you want to TFTP firmware to a BPX or IGX from a PC, refer to Using TFTP on a PC to Download WAN Switch Software and Firmware

Download the Firmware

This section describes how to prepare and download firmware to an IPX, IGX, or BPX.

Prepare for the Download

Perform these steps to prepare for the firmware download:

  1. On the UNIX workstation, verify the firmware is uncompressed, and note the directory where the firmware is located.

    unix-server% ls <-----use the "ls" command to verify the files are there

    ABU.000 ABU.001 ABU.002 ABU.003 ABU.004 ABU.004 ABU.006 ABU.007 ABU.008 ABU.009 ABU.010 ABU.011 ABU.012 ABU.013 ABU.014 ABU.015 ABU.016 ABU.017 ABU.018 ABU.img ab09.000 ab09.img

    unix-server% pwd <-----Use the "pwd" command to get the directory path


  2. On the IPX, IGX, or BPX, use the cnffwswinit command to configure the IP address of the UNIX workstation that you are using to download firmware to the switch.

    igx1       TN    Cisco       IGX 8410  9.3.42    May  27 2004 10:52 GMT 
    Last Command: cnffwswinit

    Verify that both Ping and Telnet connectivity exists between the TFTP server and the switch.

    Note: Enabling the cnfdlparm 8 and cnffunc 6 commands is not a requirement when using the TFTP method.

Download the Firmware using TFTP Enabled Unix Workstation

Complete these steps to download the firmware using a TFTP-enabled UNIX workstation:

  1. Create a firmware request file named dnld.fw, which specifies these parameters on the UNIX workstation:

    • Tftp_Request— used by the IGX or BPX to create the tftp request back to the workstation

    • IP—The IP address of the UNIX workstation

    • PathName—The path that contains the images

    • CardName—The card type to be upgraded

    • RevNum—The revision of the firmware being loaded

    • FileName—Optional; use this field if you want to specify the exact file.

      Note: This is sometimes needed when the filename has a mixture of upper and lowercase characters, or is oddly named. The switch first looks for a file with the same name as the "RevNum.img" in all lowercase, then it tries all uppercase on its own, but it never tries anything else. If you see that your ".img" file is named something other than the RevNum, then you need to use this field.

      Note: You must not enter the ".img". The switch does that on its own.

    Below is an example dnld.fw file. This example uses these parameters:

    • IP address of UNIX workstation =

    • IP address of IGX =

    • Directory path where code is located on UNIX workstation = /usr/users/svplus/images/ipxbpx

    • Name of card to be upgraded = UXM

    • Revision of firmware being upgraded to = ABU Must be uppercase

    • The firmware file name = ABU ---Because my ".img" file is named ABU.img. In this case, I did not need to add this optional field. It is only added here for completeness.

    The bold type must be written exactly as it appears here. The rest is dependent on your specific setup, and most likely is different than what is displayed here.

    unix-server% more dnld.fw
    ! --- The more command displays the file contents.

    Note:  If you create this file on a PC using Microsoft Word, or something similar, it imbeds odd characters that cause the TFTP to fail. If possible, create it on the UNIX workstation.

  2. Transfer the dnld.fw file to the target switch (using TFTP). In the example below, you first start the TFTP session to the IP address of your IGX or BPX with the tftp ip-address command. Second, you put the TFTP session into binary mode (using the bin command), and finally, you transfer the dnld.fw file to the switch by using the put dnld.fw command. This is an example:

    unix-server% tftp
    tftp> bin
    tftp> put dnld.fw
    tftp> quit

    Use the dsplog command to verify the firmware was found on the UNIX server, and that is was downloaded.

    Note: In the example below, ABU was found.

    igx1       TN    Cisco           IGX 8410  9.3.42    May  28 2004 16:50 GMT 
    Most recent log entries (most recent at top)          (events 3-1 of 3)
    Class  Description                                             Date     Time    
    Info   TFTP Client 0: IP  ABU found                05/28/04 16:46:53
    Info   getfwrev UXM ABU  initiated from            05/28/04 16:46:37
    Info   Log Cleared                                             05/28/04 16:44:13
    Last Command: dsplog

    You can use the dspfwrev and dspdnld commands to monitor the download after it has been found. Notice the Status.

    igx1       TN    Cisco           IGX 8410  9.3.42    May  28 2004 16:48 GMT 
    Firmware        Size        Status              
    UXM-A.B.U       1211 K      Getting from igx1-05a SV
    File            Address     Length      CRC           Burn Address
    0               BFC10000    10000       B1E0D546
    1               BFC20000    10000       8A6C6711
    2               BFC30000    10000       388F246F
    3               BFC40000    10000       E60443FB
    4               BFC50000    10000       4FC19030
    5               BFC60000    10000       BE3BEE06
    6               BFC70000    10000       860ADAC7
    7               BFC80000    10000       073758AB
    8               BFC90000    10000       221C8E81
    9               BFCA0000    10000       41BB69AF
    This Command: dspfwrev

    Each set of numbers represent one of the firmware files that are being downloaded to the switch. If you watch the output of this screen, you see each set of number increament until the file is transferred. When each individual file transfer is complete, the numbers appear in "reverse video".

    igx1       TN    Cisco           IGX 8410  9.3.42    May  28 2004 16:48 GMT 
    dl_dest:  Active CC                    dl_source: SV  SV
    dl_type:  Firmware                     dl_image:  Firmware
    pathname: /usr/users/svplus/images/ipxbpx
    filename: ABU
    BFC20000  BFC30000  BFC40000  BFC50000  BFC60000  BFC70000  BFC80000  BFC83E00
    BFC90000  BFCA0000  BFCB0000  BFCC0000  BFCD0000  BFCE0000  BFCF0000  BFD00000
    BFD10000  BFD20000  BFD30000
    Last Command: dspdnld

    You can also use the snoop host tftp_host_name port 69 command to monitor the download at the UNIX workstation. However, usually you need root access to the workstation.

  3. When the status displayed by using the dspfwrev command shows complete, the switch is ready to burn the firmware onto the card.

    igx1       TN    Cisco           IGX 8410  9.3.42    May  28 2004 17:02 GMT 
    Firmware        Size        Status              
    UXM-A.B.U       1211 K      Complete
    File            Address     Length      CRC           Burn Address
    0               BFC10000    10000       B1E0D546
    1               BFC20000    10000       8A6C6711
    2               BFC30000    10000       388F246F
    3               BFC40000    10000       E60443FB
    4               BFC50000    10000       4FC19030
    5               BFC60000    10000       BE3BEE06
    6               BFC70000    10000       860ADAC7
    7               BFC80000    10000       073758AB
    8               BFC90000    10000       221C8E81
    9               BFCA0000    10000       41BB69AF
    Last Command: dspfwrev

    Use the burnfwrev rev-number slot-number command to burn the firmware onto the card. For details, refer to the document Upgrading Firmware for Non-Control Cards.

Download Firmware Using HP OpenView StrataCom Utilities

Complete these steps, from the main HP OV window, to download the firmware using HP OV StrataCom Utilities:

  1. Select the OV StrataCom topology submap.

  2. Select the node from the submap.

  3. Select the StrataCom/Image Download from the drop down list box.

  4. Select the image to download in the pop-up window.

  5. Click Download.

    HP OV now creates a TFTP request file and transfers it to the node. The node requests the image from the location specified in the request file. The advantage of using this method is that the pop-up window referred to in Step 4 above shows only images valid for the type of switch you are using. The disadvantage is that a large number of downloads require multiple iterations because there is no way to select multiple switches for one download. If downloads for this type of card are not supported, the pop-up window download never shows the status as complete.

TFTP Error Codes

You may encounter these errors during the TFTP download process:

  • Error code 4: Illegal TFTP operation mode

    A field error (typo) is in the TFTP request file, or the transfer mode is set to ASCII. Change transfer mode to BIN.

  • Error code 72: SW revision change going on

    A switch software download is in progress. You have to wait until the software download has completed.

  • Error code 75: Invalid Revision number Rev does not match card type

    The card specified in the CardName field in the dnld.fw file is not valid. This field is case sensitive, and it must be uppercase. Any lowercase letters give this error code as well.

  • Error code 78: Card does not support FW Download
  • Error code 79: Download Space Not FREE

    A configuration image is present in the switch's RAM. Use the savecnf clear command to clear the configuration image.

  • Error code 80: SV+ not authorized to initiate FW/SW dnld

    The IP address entered with the cnffwswinit command does not match the IP address of the UNIX workstation you are using. Verify the IP address you entered in the cnffwswinit command.

  • Transfer timed out

    The specified IP address is not reachable, or another firmware download is in progress.

  • Invalid String

    The dnld.fw file is in DOS or Windows format on separate lines, or there are field names that are not typed correctly.

  • File too large

    The dnld.fw file is probably corrupted, or in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF).

  • File not found

    Check the server root and PathName configuration. The image file (.img) must have a lowercase extension.

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Updated: Apr 30, 2009
Document ID: 15031