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Software Error 364

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Updated: Feb 02, 2007



This document explains software error 364. This error can occur on the IPX, IGX, or BPX switches.



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Software Error 364

Software error (swerr) 364 is logged when a connection is routed off a trunk and the connection load units are removed from the trunk. This results in a negative value. The error is the result of an incorrect loading view on the node that logged it.

The swerr Data field indicates the node and trunk with which it does not agree, as this example shows:

No.  Type    Number      Data(Hex)  PC(Hex)    PROC   SwRev   Date      Time

1.   Error   364         080E0001   3004D17A   TRNS   9.3.45  08/18/03  21:51:06
                               01 = number of conns.
                             00   = local domain (01 = GTWY_DOMAIN)
                           0E     = trunk number
                         08       = node number

Issue the dspload command for the trunk on both the node that logged the error and the node in conflict to show the load inconsistency.

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Updated: Feb 02, 2007
Document ID: 10794