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Unable to Download BPX or IGX Card Firmware (getfwrev) from Cisco WAN Manager

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Updated: Nov 22, 2006



This document describes why you are unable to download BPX or IGX card firmware (getfwrev command) from a Cisco WAN Manager and a fix to enable the download.



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The network_id Field

If the "network_id field" within is greater than 15, the getfwrev command does not download from the Cisco WAN Manager workstation. In this case, the dspdnld command shows the firmware version as unavailable.

This is fixed in SV_Rel7.2.5.Patch1.tar, which is available through from Cisco Technical Support. With this patch installed, the "network_id" can be set to a maximum value of 254.

An example is 0|Network1|sanfran|19200|0|7|3|0|30|256. The first field, containing 0, is the "network_id".

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Updated: Nov 22, 2006
Document ID: 10787