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General Firmware Download Information for the IPX, IGX, and BPX

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Updated: Apr 17, 2009



Firmware images reside in the same location of the control card memory as configuration images. Control cards include the Network Processor Module (NPM) and the BPX Controller Card (BCC). Control cards can not accommodate both firmware and configuration images simultaneously. An error message is displayed after the getfwrev card-type firmware-revision nodename command is used if the control card location is already being used by another firmware image or a saved configuration image. The Configuration Image Present error message is displayed for a preexisting configuration image.



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Verify That Memory Is Ready for a Firmware Image

Use the dspfwrev command to verify whether the memory location is available to store a firmware image. The status field of the screen indicates if another firmware or configuration image is present.

Clear a Configuration Image from Memory

Complete these steps to clear a configuration from control card memory:

  1. Verify that the image is not required.

  2. Use the savecnf clear command.

Clear a Firmware Image from Memory

Complete these steps to clear a firmware image from control card memory:

  1. Verify that the image is not required.

  2. Use the getfwrev card-type 0.0 nodename command.

    Note: Do not use the asterisk (*) wildcard in place of the node name. The wildcard modifies the command to apply to all switches (IPXs, IGXs, and BPXs) in your network—use with extreme care.

Firmware Download Errors

A firmware download may be unsuccessful and software error 2113 may be logged when you use the dspswlog command. This occurs when one of the files that is part of the firmware image is corrupted. A corrupted image can occur when it is unsuccessfully downloaded to a StrataView (Cisco WAN Manager) machine or to a file server before an attempt is made to download the image to a node. Complete these steps to check the extensions of the files in the image to determine if the image contains a corrupted file:

  1. Log into the system where the files are stored and go to the appropriate directory. For example, they may be stored on a StrataView (Cisco WAN Manager) in the /usr/users/svplus/images/ipxbpx directory.

  2. For UNIX environments, use the ls -l command to get a detailed listing of the files. The last file in every firmware image should have the .img extension.

  3. Use the validate_image /filepath/filename.img command in an xterm window on the StrataView Plus or Cisco WAN Manager workstation to check firmware images for corruption. For example, use the validate_image /usr/users/svplus/images/ipxbpx/abe.img command to validate the firmware image for the UXM A.B.E. The cyclical redundancy check (CRC) verification is displayed on-screen for each file in the image.

  4. If you suspect an image is corrupted, reload it to the StrataView (Cisco WAN Manager) or server, and try to download to the node again.

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Updated: Apr 17, 2009
Document ID: 10759