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UCS Central Technical Support Log Bundle Collection Methods

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Updated: Jun 04, 2013

Contributed by Padmanabhan, Cisco TAC Engineer.



This document describes how to collect a technical support log bundle for the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Central product.

Method 1: Graphical User Interface

Follow these instructions in order to collect a technical support log bundle for the UCS with a graphical user interface.

  1. Open a web browser and enter the UCS central IP address or the fully qualified domain name.
  2. From the Administration menu, choose Diagnostics > Tech Support Files.
  3. Click the Create and  Download Tech Support file.

  4. Click the All radio button.

  5. When prompted, click Download Now in order to download the file to the local system.

Method 2: Command-line Interface

In order to collect and export the technical support bundle, open a Secure Shell (SSH) to UCS central and complete these steps:

  1. In order to switch to the local management context, enter the connect local-mgmt command.
    ucs-central# connect local-mgmt
  2. Execute this configuration in order to collect the technical support bundle.
    ucs-central(local-mgmt)# show tech-support detail
    Initiating tech-support information on ucs-central.localdomain
    All tech-support tasks are completed.

    The detailed technical support information is located in this folder location: volatile:///20130420070352_ucs-central.localdomain_techsupport_UCSCENTRAL_ALL.tgz

  3. Copy the technical support file out of UCS Central to another system.
    ucs-central(local-mgmt)# copy volatile:/<file-name> <destination>
    ftp: URI of destination file

    scp: URI of destination file
    sftp: URI of destination file
    tftp: URI of destination file

    The file collected through either Method #1 or #2 can be uploaded toTAC Service Request.

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Updated: Jun 04, 2013
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