Cisco Web Security Appliance

Specify Interface for Authentication Traffic on the Web Security Appliance

Document ID: 118278

Updated: Aug 12, 2014

Contributed by Anuritha Konjety and Jai Koolwal, Cisco TAC Engineers.



How do you configure the Cisco Web Security Appliance to use a specific interface for authentication traffic?


AsyncOS 7.x and later.


By default, the Cisco WSA will always use the Management interface for routing authentication traffic.


We can change this behavior by configuring a static route in the routing table and then specify the appropriate interface we want to use for routing.

  1. Under the GUI >Network> Routes.
  2. Click Add Route.
  3. Under Destination, specify the Active Directory server IP address.
  4. Under the gateway section, specify the appropriate Interface gateway.
  5. Submit and commit the changes.
Updated: Aug 12, 2014
Document ID: 118278