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How do you use different credentials for authentication than the ones that are being used for logging into the Windows Domain?

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Updated: Jul 15, 2014

Contributed by Jakob Dohrmann and Siddharth Rajpathak, Cisco TAC Engineers.



How do you use specific user credentials for authentication on a machine configured for SSO?


S-Series set up for SSO. A user is working on a machine that is logged in the Windows domain but wants to use other credentials to authenticate against the WSA.

Example would be a guest PC with limited access that is used by an employee which normally has more permissions.


I have an account that I would like to use for browsing but I can not enter them as the machine that I am working on does SSO with the proxy. In the logs I see the username the machine I am working on is logged into the Windows Domain with. I'd like to see my own name here.

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If your current workstation is logged into the Windows Domain with certain credentials, those credentials will be sent over to the Cisco Web Security appliance when SSO is configured correctly.

A workaround is to start the browser as another user. Right-click on the link (browser symbol in the task bar, on the desktop or in the start menu) will give you the option 'Run as...'

Here you can then put in different credentials that then will be used to authenticate and logged in the accesslogs of the WSA appliance.

Updated: Jul 15, 2014
Document ID: 117946