Cisco Web Security Appliance

WSA FAQ: How do I verify which category a URL belongs to and submit a change request?

Document ID: 117930

Updated: Jul 14, 2014

Contributed by Khoa Nguyen and Jeff Richmond, Cisco TAC Engineers.



Certain URLs are un-categorized or are in the wrong category.

How to submit a category change request.

The Cisco support portal can be used to verify which categories a URL belongs to, as well as submit requests to change the category a URL currently belongs to.

The Cisco Web Usage Controls support portal can be found by clicking here.

NOTE: This will require logging in with your CCO credentials

Cisco Web Usage Controls:


1.  Select the Lookup or Submit URLs tab
2. Enter the URL of the resource in question (up to 100 URLs can be entered at a time)
3.  Select a Product and Version that used in the appliance. Different ASyncOS version may get diffrerent results (AsyncOS 7.5 and later uses a newer category set).
4. Select the LOOKUP button.
5.  Check the boxes next to the URLs to assign a category correction
6.  Click the "SELECT ONE" drop down menu to choose the category
7.  Select the SUBMIT button.
8.  You can later check the Status on Submitted URLs tab for updates. 


Updated: Jul 14, 2014
Document ID: 117930