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CSM Version 4.3 FAQ: Common Installation Problems

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Updated: Jun 20, 2013

Contributed by Cisco TAC Engineers.



This document describes common installation problems encountered with Cisco Security Manager Version 4.3 (CSM 4.3). While this document focuses on CSM 4.3, it is possible that the same problems and solutions apply to other versions as well.

Q. Is it possible to install both CSM and the Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS) on one system?

A. It is recommended that you do not. The coexistence of CSM and ACS on the same server is not supported.

Q. Why is the system unacceptably slow when you use a VMware setup?

A. Systems with one allocated CPU have been found to have unacceptable performance for some system activities. Ensure that there are two or more CPUs that run CSM connected to the virtual machine.

Q. Why does installation stop and display a Monitoring Center for Performance
(MCP)/ Resource Manager Essentials (RME) error when you upgrade from a previous version of CSM to Version 4.3 or later?

A. MCP and RME are not used in Common Services Version 4.0, which is introduced in CSM 4.3. Uninstall the MCP/RME components to continue with the installation.

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Updated: Jun 20, 2013
Document ID: 116186