Cisco Secure Access Control Server Solution Engine

Password Recovery Procedure for the Cisco Secure ACS Solution Engine

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Updated: Jun 14, 2006



This document describes how to recover lost administrator credentials on the Cisco Secure Access Control Server Solution Engine (ACS SE). The procedure illustrated in this document is based on Cisco ACS SE version 3.2.1.



Readers of this document should be aware of these conditions.

  • Before you begin the procedure, ensure that you have a successful console connection to the ACS SE. Refer to the section in Installing and Configuring the Cisco Secure ACS Appliance for more information.

  • You must have the ACS SE Recovery CD in order to perform this procedure. In order to obtain a recovery CD, you need to contact Cisco TAC.


Refer to the Cisco Technical Tips Conventions for more information on document conventions.

Step-by-Step Procedure

Complete these steps to reset the administrator account.

  1. Insert the ACS SE Recovery CD into the CD-ROM drive.

  2. Reboot the ACS SE.

  3. When the recovery menu appears, type 1 to reset the administrator account.

    Cisco Secure ACS:
    Appliance Management Software:
    Acs Appliance Recovery Options
    [1] Reset administrator account
    [2] Restore hard disk image from CD
    [3] Exit and reboot
    Enter menu item number: 1
  4. Type y and press Enter when prompted to confirm your selection.

    The administrative account will be reset to the default name
    and password. Press 'Y' or 'y' to confirm, any other key to cancel: y
  5. Remove the Recovery CD and press Enter to reboot the ACS SE when prompted.

    The administrative account has been reset successfully.
    Please remove this recovery CD from the drive,
    then hit RETURN to restart the system:
  6. When the ACS SE reboots, log in with username Administrator and password setup.

    Note: These credentials are case sensitive.

    Cisco Secure ACS:
    Appliance Management Software:
    Appliance Base Image:
    Status: Appliance is functioning properly
    The ACS Appliance has not been configured.
    Logon as 'Administrator' with password 'setup' to configure appliance.
    login: Administrator
  7. Type a new username and password for the ACS SE when prompted.

    You do not see the password on the screen as you type it.

    Note: The new password must not contain the administrator account name, must contain a minimum of six characters, and must include a mix of at least three character types (numerals, special characters, upper case letters, and lowercase letters). Each of these examples is acceptable:

    • 1PaSsWoRd

    • *password44

    • Pass*word

    Enter new account name: Administrator
    Enter new password:
    Enter new password again:
    Password is set successfully.
    Administrator name is set to Administrator.

BIOS Password

You are prompted for the BIOS password in the recovery process. The BIOS passwords for the various Cisco Secure ACS Solution Engine Platform (ACS SE) appliance are as shown:

ACS SE Platform Password
Cisco 1111 acs1111
Cisco 1112 acs1112
Cisco 1113 acs1113

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Updated: Jun 14, 2006
Document ID: 45421